Albert Rigby 10km Sutton Macclesfield, October 2nd, 2021

The Albert Rigby Trophy race is to go ahead as normal on Sarurday. October 2nd, starting at 1.30 p.m. from the Sutton Ex-Servicemen’s Club. Refreshments will be provided.

The Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Hollins Lane

As usual it would be really helpful if you could let Dave Evans or Tony Taylor know if you are coming and in what capacity. For instance the Sutton course needs a number of marshalls. You cooperation is much appreciated.

I’ve been searching for a photo of Albert Rigby without success. However I hope you will indulge me posting an image of the start of a LWC 8 miles race held in May, 1938 from, I think, the club headquarters in West Didsbury.

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4 Responses to Albert Rigby 10km Sutton Macclesfield, October 2nd, 2021

  1. Steve Uttley says:

    Interesting photo Tony. Thanks for posting. It seems to have ‘Southport 8 miles race 21/5/38’ written in the bottom left hand corner. It could be ‘Southpark’ I suppose but the background looks a bit like Southport.

  2. Tony Taylor says:

    Steve, Many thanks for your correction. I need new reading glasses. I suspect the start is on Lord Street, Southport. Frustratingly I can’t correct on the original post as I’m having trouble with the editor. Bes as ever.

  3. david lamb says:

    Is that Dick Smith on the right. Used to go to Crossens near Southport, for a Race with my dad George in the fifties and early sixties.

    • Steve Uttley says:

      Do you mean no. 20? It certainly looks like Dick, including the hairstyle. If so I estimate that he must have been in his late 20s in this photo, taken in 1938. Interesting to hear that there was still an event in Southport in the early 60s. It would have been a busy holdiay spot in those days, though many fewer cars on the road in those days of course.

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