Enormous thanks to Roy Gunnett and Dave Evans for pulling together this roster of Blackpool victors. As for the photo of Bobby Bridge found by David Lamb to be seen below. It shows allegedly Bobby passing through Chorley on his way to Blackpool on July 1st, 1928. However, this does not tally with the fact that the 1928 race was held on October 6th and that Bobby lost a leg in a motor-bike accident in 1926!! More detective work is clearly required. In the meantime, I couldn’t resist putting up the wonderful image!

Donato Pavesi, winner in 1922 following his victory in the 1921 London-Brighton – found by Ron Wallwork in Brian Ficken’s archives
Joe Hopkins, the club’s single winner in 1926
Hughie Neilson
John Paddick and Guy Goodair – both winners
John Eddershaw
Ken Harding – 5x winner
Martin Fisher – 4x winner of the Manchester-Blackpool race; 3x the 50 miles track race
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8 Responses to MANCHESTER – BLACKPOOL WINNERS 1908 – 2008

  1. Peter Fawkes says:

    Looking at the list of winners, John Paddick should be listed in the 3 time winners!

  2. Joyce Harasimiuk says:

    No females?

  3. Tony Taylor says:

    Joyce – good question as to whether a First ‘Ladies’ trophy was included. Will pursue.

  4. David Lamb says:

    I see that R. Wallwork won in 1921 and J. Hopkins won in 1926. I didn’t know thew were so OLD!!

  5. Greg Smith says:

    The list of winners takes us through to 2006. My recollection is that there were races in 2007 and 2008 also — in 2008 the race was won by Ray Pitts. Was that the final Blackpool?

  6. Peter Marlow says:

    What has happened to Andy Trigg
    1991 winner? Superb stylist and future International Walker?
    Peter Marlow

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