Barnard Trophy 10K, Sutton Macclesfield 2nd July 2022

Roy Gunnett reports:

[Dave and Pat Evans are in the very last days of their June Long Distance Walking Challenge and we look forward to hearing of their exploits!]

Barnard Trophy 10k @ Macclesfield 2nd July 2022

Adrian leads the way

A field of 8 walkers took part in the Barnard Trophy 10k race at Macclesfield.

The picturesque course in the beautiful Cheshire countryside was made even more pleasant for the walkers by the weather being warm with sunny spells.

The 8 walkers comprised 6 Lancashire Walking Club members and 2 very welcome guest walkers, namely David Hoben from Surrey Walking Club and John Gordon from Dudley and Stourbridge.

The walkers were split into 2 groups – Adrian Edwards and Tony Bell being in the fast group and the remainder in the other. Adrian and Tony started 4 minutes behind the others.

Tony in full stride

Adrian walked powerfully throughout to win the scratch race. Tony Bell also walked a strong race behind him.

John Gordon [Dudley & Stourbridge] – a welcome guest
David Hoben [Surrey WC] – very welcome too

John Gordon headed the rest of the field from the gun and gradually pulled away from the others who kept fairly close together.  Phil McCullagh put in his usual storming ‘negative split’ second half.

Phll ‘Negative Split’ McCullagh
A determined Sailash chased by Joe

Huge thanks must go to Eric Horwill, Glyn Jones, Martin Payne and Tony Malone for their help in Timekeeping, Marshalling etc. 

Thanks again to Roy for organising and racing

As usual, Marshall and Kath Barnard put on a magnificent spread of food and tea – greatly appreciated by all.

Tony Bell won the Barnard Trophy for being the first Lancashire walker in the handicap and was presented with the trophy by Marshall.

Scratch Race

  1. Adrian Edwards 65.00 (21.32,42.55)
  2. Tony Bell 67.39 (22.49,45.49)
  3. John Gordon 71.15 (23.28,47.16)
  4. Phil McCullough 73.10 (24.48, 49.02)
  5. Roy Gunnett 74.00 (24.07,48.52)
  6. Joe Hardy 74.15 (24.24, 49.08)
  7. Sailash Shah 75.25 (24.15, 49.33)
  8. David Hoben 75.32 (24.32, 49.35)

Handicap Race

1 John Gordon 58.15. (Guest)
2 Tony Bell 60.39 *
3 Joe Hardy 61.30
4 Roy Gunnett 62.30
5 David Hoben 62.32 (Guest)
6 Phil McCullough 63.10
7 Sailash Shah 64.25
8 Adrian Edwards 65.00

Tony with the Barnard Trophy

* Tony Bell first Lancashire Walking Club member in handicap.

Thanks to Martin Payne for the photos. Always very useful and welcome.

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