Catching up yet again with results and news


In catching up we must first send our very best wishes to Fred Pearce, the heart and soul of the club, who is battling against illness. We are all looking forward to seeing him back at the helm in the very near future.

FRED informal

Our Fred, rather informally attired in truth!


Tony Bell and Sailash Shah represented the club.


1  0:58:47 Bill McFadden Scotia RWC (Guest) V55 M   2 01:01:39 Martin Fisher Redcar RWC V55 M 3 01:02:18  Ray Robinson Redcar RWC V40 M   01:02:22 Graham Jackson Yorkshire RWC V45 M   01:02:50 Colin Scott Yorkshire RWC V55 M 6 01:03:22 Dennis Jackson Yorkshire RWC V70 M  7  01:05:56 Tony Bell Lancashire WC V45 M  8 01:07:48 Neil Armitage Yorkshire RWC V55 M  9 01:10:54 Sailash Shah Lancashire WC V50 M 10 01:12:47 Atmaram Dahal Yorkshire RWC V55 M  11 01:13:01 Gerard McConnell Scotia RWC (Guest) V55 M  12 01:16:01 Dave Jones Redcar RWC V65 M  13 01:18:20 Mark Byrne Redcar RWC V55 M 14  01:23:00 Mary Thompson (Fitmums & Friends) V40 

Fred Pearce Senior Memorial Relay 2x5k, 28th July 2018 @ Simister

Roy Gunnett reports:

It was the 23rd anniversary of this unique and popular event.
The race was held on the usual ‘out & back’ course from Lady Wilton Hall, Simister to Heaton Park.
The weather was squally – the competitors had to contend with strong winds and heavy downpours of rain, particularly on the second leg.
It was good to welcome three guests from other clubs in this race.
The battle for the team prize was closely contested – good handicapping resulted in the first 5 teams coming in within just over a minute of each other.
Tony Bell put in a powerful final leg to secure the team win for himself and Ian Hilditch.


Tony Bell leads Martin Fisher in the Ken Munro 10 miles, 2016

Martin Fisher won the scratch race.

1 Martin Fisher Redcar WC M55 28:41 75.3
2 Tony Malone Lancs WC M65 28:48 84.26
3 Adrian Edwards Lancs WC M55 28:52 74.82
4 Tony Bell Lancs WC M55 29:17 73.1
5 Greg Smith Lancs WC M65 31:31 75.82
6 John Crahan Lancs WC M65 33:19 74.27
7 Steve Sargent Lancs WC M70 33:30 75.7
8 Sailash Shah Lancs WC M50 33:45 62.33
9 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 33:48 78:01
10 Dan Maskell Surrey WC M70 33:57 73:78
11 Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC M70 34:37 76:17
12 Ian Hilditch Lancs WC M75 35:45 76:92
13 Pat Evans Lady Lancs WC W65 36:07 74:74
14 Ian Vaughan Lancs WC M65 36:17 65:13
15 Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M70 36:17 69:89

The final column above is the age-graded performance as a percentage.


Goodwin Cup 10k at Chorley – 18th August 2018


The race was held over the usual hilly 2 lap course on a heavy/sultry day. The weather took its toll on the competitors with nearly all posting slower times than normal.
Adrian Edwards took an early lead which he maintained to the end thereby winning the scratch race. The rest of the field quickly became strung out and it remained this way throughout the race.
Adrian also won the handicap and therefore the Goodwin Cup.
Louise and Eric provided the facilities, refreshments etc. and everyone participating was extremely grateful for this.

1 Adrian Edwards Lancashire WC M55 60:26
2 Joe Hardy Lancashire WC M70 69:42
3 Sailash Shah Lancashire WC M50 71:03
4 Ian Hilditch Lancashire WC M75 72:32
5 Roy Gunnett Lancashire WC M70 75:24
6 John Crahan Lancashire WC M65 78:46
7 Andrea Lennon Lady Lancashire WC W75 87:25
1 Pat Evans Lady Lancashire WC W65 41:06
2 John Payn Lancashire WC M85 43:20


  1. Jonathan Hobbs Ashford AC 4:43:35
  2. Dale Farquhar Manx AC 5:37:46
  3. Adrian Edwards LWC 5:39:38


I think this is the fifth successive year in which Adrian has finished in the medals. Congratulations indeed.

One Hour Challenge Track Race @ Bury 8th September 2018

Roy Gunnett reports:

There was a turnout of 11 walkers for this race (9 men and 2 women), this included the welcome entry of 3 guest walkers.

Throughout the whole race, there was steady rain.

Tony Taylor, over from Crete, and Martin Fisher together took an early lead. Both Tony and Martin were in recovery mode for this race – Tony recovering from an injury caused by his horse treading on his foot and Martin recovering from his recent 100mile race in the IOM. Tony gradually pulled away from Martin and went on to win the race. Martin came second.

There was a close battle for 3rd, 4th and 5th places. For most of the race Joe Hardy, Russ Jackson and Dan Maskell walked round together and it was only at the end the 3 split with Dan taking 3rd followed by Joe then Russ.

After the race Tony was presented with the Lambert trophy.


Dave Evans deserves more than a handshake for his valuable work whilst Fred is absent

The running of an hour track race necessitates a heavy workload on officials and all the walkers were greatly indebted and thankful for the excellent support provided by the helpers.

1 Tony Taylor Lancs WC M70 9905
2 Martin Fisher Redcar RWC M55 9890
3 Dan Maskell Surrey WC M70 8869
4 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 8856
5 Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC M70 8852
6 Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M70 8694
7 John Crahan Lancs WC M65 8630
8 Sailash Shah Lancs WC M50 8381
9 John Payn Lancs WC M85 7471
10 Andrea Lennon Lady Lancs WC W75 7267
5K Challenge Time
1 Pat Evans Lady Lancs WC W65 38:28.2

It is fitting to pay tribute to Martin Fisher’s achievement in finishing his 29th 100 miles in this country a couple of weeks ago in the Isle of Man. Huge respect from all of us.

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Manx Centurions 100 Miles Track Walk, August 18/19

As a way of kicking myself up the posterior and because it’s a smashing piece of writing, which deserves an audience beyond Facebook, here is Trevor McDermot’s report on last weekend’s 100 miles on the Isle of Man. One excuse in terms of a Lancashire connection is that Manx walkers always raced in the colours of Lancashire in Inter-Counties events.Plus a special mention for Martin Fisher, who often supports our club races. Can you believe, he completed a record 29th 100 miles inside the 24 hours? Huge respect.


And they’re off , but not off the ground


The demonstration of guts and determination from the competitors last weekend was an honour to witness.

All One Hundred Mile events are occasions, way more than just mere races, and suitably for this a Civic Reception had taken place the night before in Douglas Town Hall, where top notch speeches from the Mayor and Eric Horwill framed the stage more than adequately for the various players to play their parts.

Conditions at noon the following day were blustery if not quite damp following the summer’s heatwave. Officials bustled about on official business, tents, gazebos were erected and the usual acquaintances re-made along the sidelines. Staff at the NSC were most helpful, opening gates where required and finding facilities and rooms for us to use.

The belatedly arrival of Chris Maddocks and family (after travel problems) meant that we had expert commentary for voluble Dot to hand over to.

We were handing out the usual rounds of hot and cold drinks, sponges, fruit, nuts, jelly babies, marshmallows, mars bars, jaffa cakes, crisps, chocolate, sugary and savoury snacks, bespoke sandwiches and later a popular tureen of vegetable soup courtesy of Michael George.

An eerie and silent twilight occurred during Saturday evening when the flags completely stopped fluttering, and lulled as if to gather strength for the violence that was about to hit. A mist crept in and nestled itself snugly in and around the stadium, while under half-floodlights the ever-circling walkers began to feel the strain of their labours.

Then ‘KC’ aka Karen Chiarello flashed through 100km in 11.48 (just think about that, rather impressive a mid-race split for a W50, non ?) . . . almost signalling that Storm Ernesto could now arrive.

Are all storms named after Olympic 20km Champions ?   . . . .

What followed was a torrent of almost biblical proportions for six hours, when due to drainage problems on the NSC track the Referees were seriously considering using the 2nd lane. The walkers continued regardless and there was no longer any need for sponging.

Only two retired during that spell – Erin Taylor-Talcott, well known 50km pioneer, had stopped with hypothermia and valiantly tried to continue, along with popular Frans Leitjens, meanwhile John Constandinou saw out the worst of it carrying an umbrella (although the rain was bouncing harder off the surface) before finally stopping at 300 laps in 18 hours.


Dave Talcott [the eventual winner] with Erin Taylor-Talcott

Have seen Dave Talcott in action before but not moving as well as this, muscling his way through a speedy final 10km, before the welcoming Sunday morning bacon sarnies arrived. I was also impressed by the courage of Paul Jansen (who had led from Richard Gerrard in the early stages) on and the no fuss, quiet attitude of Annic Deman who made 402 laps of a track look as much trouble as an average school run on a weekday morning.

Frank van der Gulik is simply built for long distance walking, here he ticked off another hundred and then casually warmed down with another 20 laps. The Centurion achievement of diabetic Dale Farquhar, with tears of joy from stressed-out Jayne, was worth the entrance fee alone and gave us immense personal delight. Martin Fisher was never in doubt of yet another great performance, we weren’t worried about him at all and neither was Judith.

As for Sandra Brown, who carries her own tea cup (with postcode attached in event of loss). Mere words could never do her justice. The little, ever smiling lady with the massive career numbers . . . she simply arrives, competes and leaves us all stunned once again.

I’ve raised this question before but do we in the walking fraternity – and by that I mean Everybody in Race Walking – kind of, you know and how can I put this . . . take her for granted ?

When you consider that this was her seventh ‘hundred’ in 2018 alone , and she is now approaching her 70th birthday, then it becomes obvious that some kind of official recognition by general press media, UKA, England Athletics, the RWA and anybody else is seriously overdue.

We are fortunate to have been around when she graced the sport.

The evening presentation at Manx Yacht Club was a lovely, warm occasion with race DVD’s handed out to all. And a mention here for the Belgian quintet who had entered, started, finished their Hundreds and then attended all wearing matching centurion shirts.

Massive respect to Graham Young, Martin and Manx Centurions for what they achieved with this event.

To the man whose idea it all was, whose personal contribution may be unmatched by anyone, anywhere, for a (mere) walking race – Mr. Mark Byrne – we are vastly indebted for having the experience.

Ta to Linda McDermot for the photos

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Dave Crompton, Lancashire Walking Club stalwart [1964 – 2018] RIP


Dave C (RWA 50km 3rd Ind)

A proud Dave with his bronze National 50k medal

Louise Whaite writes:

‘ It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that Dave died late last week in St Catherine’s Hospice after a courageous battle with cancer.

The funeral will be held Friday 27th July at 4.30 Charnock crematorium, Preston Road, Charnock Brow, Chorley. PR7 5JP, with refreshments after at Coppull United FC, Springfield Road, Coppull. PR7 5EJ.’
Dave C (Simister)

You can’t get fairer than that!

There’s an old Lancashire compliment, ‘he’s no side to ‘im’, which means the person in question is the salt of the earth, a person without pretension, honest as the day is long, someone you would want very much to be your friend. Blessed with the most engaging smile, as everyone at our club will testify, Dave Crompton had ‘no side’. Born into a race walking family – his dad, Eric was a formidable competitor in the 1970’s and beyond – Dave exuded integrity and commitment, excelling at the longer distances. The highlights of his career came quite recently as in successive years he took the individual bronze medal in the National 50 kilometres, playing a crucial part in our club’s team victories. Although he was very proud too of his performance in the 2012 Isle of Man Parish Walk. Dave symbolised the camaraderie that courses through the veins of our sport. He was the club man par excellence. He will be sorely missed.
We send our deep affection and sincerest condolences to Louise, Eric, Marion and all the family.

Dave [3rd], Roy [4th] and Adrian [1st] celebrate winning the 2015 50 kilometres team

Greg Smith writes:

Like many of us, I’m shocked by this news. Dave really was a stalwart of the Club, someone who was always there and a very consistent and reliable walker. If I could get ahead of Dave I knew that I was getting in good shape!

Do you remember his story about the time he finished the Parish Walk? His Dad Eric and Louise went over in the car so they could support him on the course. After 60 miles or so Dave was going through a rough patch and wanted to quit. Eric disagreed, locked the car doors and wouldn’t let him in! Dave was for a number of years the most consistent distance walker in the Club.

{ Louise has got in touch to correct this story somewhat, saying ‘ Greg’s story isn’t quite right. Dave struggled along the way, and it was only with about 6 miles to go his mum was saying let him get in the car, but 1.) I wouldn’t allow it & 2.) Dave wouldn’t have quit so close to the end!}



After a pint, Dave and Greg pose with the National 50k Trophy

Adrian Edwards writes;

I was only thinking a couple of days ago about and would he be fit to come to the relays next week, it would’ve been great to see him; and I know that no matter what he would’ve been smiling; then I get the e-mail telling me he’d passed away. Taken too soon and too young. My thoughts are with Louise, Eric and family.
I wasn’t as good as Dave; I get annoyed when walkers take the mickey and get away with it; Dave would just say ” you just have to think about your own walking, do your best and don’t worry about anyone else”. Dave was always an excellent walker and a lovely guy.

Dave C (Chorley)

Dave with Adrian and Tony Bell at Chorley

Trevor McDermot writes:

On behalf of the members of Yorkshire RWC it is with shock and an abiding sense of loss that we mark the tragic passing of Dave Crompton.

Quiet and unassuming, Dave represented the best in spirit and backbone of our sport to which he was a magnificent credit and enjoyed so much. His departure from our ranks will be keenly felt among his clubmates and many friends at Lancashire Walking Club to whom we offer our sincere condolences.

In the footsteps of father Eric’s career, Dave was always a solid, dependable walker round the usual calendar of club fixtures (and in getting the kettle on when hosting at Chorley). He would also be seen much further afield, always with Louise in support. One would pop into him at venues like London’s Victoria Park for a National 10M, besides all the usual circuits – Coventry, Thornton-le-Clay, Hillingdon, Dunnington, Leicester and at the Isle of Man End to End Walk which he thoroughly loved taking part in.

He will be much missed on our side of the Pennines. Dave was a popular, regular participant and winner at our Winter League events.

Our member Alistair Shand writes – “Devastated to hear this. Dave was just such a good guy and it was thanks to him that I did my first-ever (and about only) sub-60 minutes 10k. It was at Cleckheaton one Winter League. He was alongside me and it was due entirely to his encouragement that I managed to keep going and broke through the barrier. Always remembered “.

A couple of years ago, following the initial diagnosis, Dave and Louise turned up at one of our Soup & Roll races in Cumbria. Typically, he played down the severity of his illness and with a gleam in his eye planned future races while wearing a ‘bag’, expecting (understandably) some difficulty at long distances. It was just something that had to be dealt with, like one of the hills around Bradford or a rainy downpour on the Blackpool Road.

Our hearts and deepest sympathies go to Louise, Mum, Eric, and all family and friends at this sad time.

Respectfully yours,

Trevor McDermot (Secretary)

from all at Yorkshire Race Walking Club

Dave C (Lancs WC 2)

Dave’s infectious smile, laughing at or with Sailash Shah, together with Joe Hardy and Alistair Shand

We will do a further post with more comments and photos. We should never forget our own.

Thanks to Linda McDermot and Greg Smith for the great photos.

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Adrian and Irene take the Dick and Zena Smith Trophies


Roy Gunnett reports:

The previous distance of 20K for the R. Smith Trophy has now been replaced with this 10K track race. The 5K distance for the Z. Smith Trophy remains.

On an overcast and warm day, 16 competitors set off on the Bury Track. These included the welcome entry of 2 guest walkers, Dan Maskell from Surrey WC and Russ Jackson from Yorkshire WC.


Ta to Ian Vaughan for the excellent photo

Adrian Edwards won the scratch race and therefore the R.Smith Trophy. He took the lead from the start and walked powerfully throughout the race, breaking the hour. There was a good battle for second and third places between Greg Smith and Peter Crahan with Greg getting the better towards the end of the race. In addition to gaining second place in the scratch race, Greg also won the handicap.

Irene Pike won the 5K race and the Z.Smith Trophy, carrying on to complete the 10K race.

10 kilometres

1 Adrian Edwards Lancashire WC M55 58.57
2 Greg Smith Lancashire WC M65 64.53
3 Peter Crahan Lancashire WC M65 65.01
4 Dan Maskell Surrey WC M70 67.52
5 Roy Gunnett Lancashire WC M70 68.17
6 Russ Jackson Yorkshire WC M70 68.35
7 Sailash Shah Lancashire WC M50 68.35
8 Joe Hardy Lancashire WC M70 68.58
9 Phil McCullagh Lancashire WC M60 69.32
10 Irene Pike Lady Lancashire WC W65 69.32
11 John Crahan Lancashire WC M65 73.25

5 Kilometres
1 Irene Pike Lady Lancashire WC W65 34.15
2 Pat Evans Lady Lancashire WC W65 38.06
3 Ian Hilditch Lancashire WC M75 38.09
4 John Payn Lancashire WC M80 39.36
5 Andrea Lennon Lady Lancashire WC W75 40.27


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Allen Trophy 7 miles and National 10k results plus notice of the Dick and Zena Smith Track Walks, June 2


Roy Gunnett reports:

The normal race distance of 15 miles was replaced with a 7-mile race. A new ‘out and back’ course was used – with the turnaround point at 3.5 miles out.

On a bright and sunny day, 12 competitors set off on this picturesque but hilly and taxing course at Chorley.



Tony Bell and Greg Smith shared the lead from the start and maintained this to the 4-mile point, Tony then pulled away and won both the scratch race and the handicap.
He was awarded the Allen Trophy for the scratch race win.
There was a general consensus from all involved that this new distance and the course used for the Allen Trophy was a success.

1 Tony Bell Lancs WC M55 73:47
2 Greg Smith Lancs WC M65 76:07
3 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 78:16
4 Sailash Shah Lancs WC M50 78:46
5 Irene Pike Lancs WC W65 79:07
6 Phil McCullagh Lancs WC M60 79:38
7 Steve Sargent Lancs WC M70 80:18
8 Ian Hilditch Lancs WC M75 81:41
9 Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M70 83:00
10 Pat Evans  Lancs WC W65 83:01
11 John Payn Lancs WC M80 95:30
12 Andrea Lennon  Lancs WC W75 100:08


British Athletics/County Athletic Union/Race Walking Association 10km Road Race Walking Championships – Sunday 20th May 2018

Senior Men’s – 10km

1  Luc Legon (U23M) SM Cambridge Harriers Kent 51:19

2  Adam Cowin SM Manx Harriers Lancashire 53:18

3  David Annetts (M50) SM North Herts Road Runners Hertfordshire 58:11

4  Adrian Edwards (M55) SM Lancashire Walking Club G. Manchester 59:59

Anthony Bell (M50) SM Lancashire Walking Club Cheshire DQ, Anthony Malone (M65) SM Lancashire Walking Club Lancashire DQ, Paul Hawkins (M60) SM Stratford-upon-Avon AC Warwickshire DQ. Peter Hannell (M75) SM Surrey Walking Club Surrey DQ, Steve Allen (M60) SM Barnet & District AC Hertfordshire DQ


I must confess to finding this result disconcerting for a number of reasons – the low turnout for a national, the slow winning time for a national, not to mention my confusion about the county affiliation e.g. Greater Manchester or Lancashire? I’m obviously aware that traditionally IOM walkers have always raced in the colours of Lancashire. In the end, Adrian in better form might well have got a bronze. Commiserations re the disqualifications.







Please note – You have the option of doing a 10k race or a 5k race.

Hope as many of you as possible can make this race.

If anybody is unable to race could you please still come and help with Lap scoring etc.

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Roy Gunnett writes:


DATE:                            SATURDAY 28th APRIL 2018


VENUE:                         ST.PETERS CLUB, EAVES LANE, CHORLEY. PR6 0DX

START TIME:                1.30 p.m

and Adrian Edwards draws our attention to the always excellent BMAF 5k at Horwich in June.






(Under UKA, BMAF & RWA “A” Rules)

Sunday 17th JUNE 2018

Sponsored by


5k walk at 10.45 a.m. (including EAMA age-group awards)

3 lap Town Centre course

Changing, showering and presentation at Horwich Leisure Centre

Race Headquarters –Horwich Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Horwich, BL6 5PY


5K ROAD WALK ENTRY FORM (Run has separate entry form)


Surname…………………………… First name……………………………….


………………………………………………………Post Code………………

Telephone…………………………Email: ……………………………………

First Claim Club………………………………………………………………

BMAF Master/Veteran Club………………………

membership no………………..

UKA registration number…………….

Date of Birth………………………Age group M/W (on 17th June)……………


ENTRY FEES:- £ 10 BMAF Affiliated. £ 13 Non BMAF Affiliated. 12 euros for EU.

Please note:- CLOSING DATE for ENTRIES 7th JUNE 2018

Please include a SAE (9″ x 6″) with your entry form & Cheque (payable to BMAF).

                ( No SAE required if you just want a confirmation e-mail.)

Entries to Adrian Edwards, 12 Dean Moor Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport. SK7 5LL.

(Any queries please phone 0161 483 0749 or

Any queries after 7th June please contact Eric Horwill on 01384 273851 or


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John Paddick’s Manchester- Blackpool Memories 1966 : Guinness makes you stronger!

I couldn’t resist asking John if I could pull together into a single post his almost unbelievable memory of his victory in the 1966 Blackpool, previously covered in Guy Goodair’s reminiscences.

The Royal Sutton Coldfield team at the start, all in black leather shoes apart from John.


Fascinating to read Guy Goodair’s account of the 1966 Manchester to Blackpool. I remember it well! It was my first 50 miles and I had no idea what to do. Royal Sutton had persuaded me to enter even though my maximum training distance was 9 miles. Why I agreed to walk I will never know. I will leave my memories of this event another day. It was an epic from start to finish!


Well, here it is! Stayed at the YMCA and was woken very early by walkers getting ready. Did not have breakfast -Too early! Just a cup of black coffee and went to the start with my back-up team of Arthur Wilkins and his son, Andy. Soon we were away and I found myself in the lead. Went through 7 miles in around 57 minutes and was well in front. Arrived at the drink station at Bolton but it was not open – Probably earlier than expected. Now needed the loo! Fortunately, there was one of those downstairs ones in the middle of the road in Bolton so I went down to relieve myself. Found out later they did it down their legs and did not stop. Anyway, coming up from the bowels of the earth I met the leading group who I walked with for around 10 minutes before taking off on my own again.

I did begin to wonder where the back-up team was because I had not seen them at all. So, on I went on my own through half-way and then Chorley. By now I was feeling none too good as I had not had a drink since the cup of coffee at the start. I remember a time check at 50k which was 4 hours 30 something but still no drinks. Where on earth was my attendant? Then I saw Dick Kerr’s works and a bus full of women on a day out to going to Blackpool. They were parked in a lay-by. I got onto the bus and begged a drink. All they had was beer so I had a pint bottle of Guinness which I drank immediately and then took another opened with me. I now felt much worse than before and my legs began to buckle. After the bottles of Guinness and considerably further down the road, I managed to buy a large bottle of pop at a shop near a time check and was told I was 2 miles in front of the second walker. I made the pop last as long as possible and just walked slowly on towards Blackpool.


I had been told that the windmill was 7 miles from the finish and when I got there I found my attendant who had come in a taxi to tell me the car broke down at the start. They gave me a drink and a Woodbine so I sat down and enjoyed both. All of a sudden, one of them shouted, ‘Get up John there is a walker coming’. Of course, you all know, it was Guy Goodair who had easily made up the two mile deficit. It was not long before I was caught but had the idea that I must try to hang on which I did until we arrived at Blackpool Promenade to be subjected to all of the ribald comments from drunks enjoying a bit of fun. The last mile was hard but I remember pulling away from Guy as I was faster over a short distance. Finally, the finish was there and the hot bath welcome.

I have no idea why I agreed to do this race and did not return for another 15 years – The memory was so horrific! The next attempt was also a win but I got lost several times on the way but that is another story.

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