Barnard Trophy 10K, Sutton Macclesfield 2nd July 2022

Roy Gunnett reports:

[Dave and Pat Evans are in the very last days of their June Long Distance Walking Challenge and we look forward to hearing of their exploits!]

Barnard Trophy 10k @ Macclesfield 2nd July 2022

Adrian leads the way

A field of 8 walkers took part in the Barnard Trophy 10k race at Macclesfield.

The picturesque course in the beautiful Cheshire countryside was made even more pleasant for the walkers by the weather being warm with sunny spells.

The 8 walkers comprised 6 Lancashire Walking Club members and 2 very welcome guest walkers, namely David Hoben from Surrey Walking Club and John Gordon from Dudley and Stourbridge.

The walkers were split into 2 groups – Adrian Edwards and Tony Bell being in the fast group and the remainder in the other. Adrian and Tony started 4 minutes behind the others.

Tony in full stride

Adrian walked powerfully throughout to win the scratch race. Tony Bell also walked a strong race behind him.

John Gordon [Dudley & Stourbridge] – a welcome guest
David Hoben [Surrey WC] – very welcome too

John Gordon headed the rest of the field from the gun and gradually pulled away from the others who kept fairly close together.  Phil McCullagh put in his usual storming ‘negative split’ second half.

Phll ‘Negative Split’ McCullagh
A determined Sailash chased by Joe

Huge thanks must go to Eric Horwill, Glyn Jones, Martin Payne and Tony Malone for their help in Timekeeping, Marshalling etc. 

Thanks again to Roy for organising and racing

As usual, Marshall and Kath Barnard put on a magnificent spread of food and tea – greatly appreciated by all.

Tony Bell won the Barnard Trophy for being the first Lancashire walker in the handicap and was presented with the trophy by Marshall.

Scratch Race

  1. Adrian Edwards 65.00 (21.32,42.55)
  2. Tony Bell 67.39 (22.49,45.49)
  3. John Gordon 71.15 (23.28,47.16)
  4. Phil McCullough 73.10 (24.48, 49.02)
  5. Roy Gunnett 74.00 (24.07,48.52)
  6. Joe Hardy 74.15 (24.24, 49.08)
  7. Sailash Shah 75.25 (24.15, 49.33)
  8. David Hoben 75.32 (24.32, 49.35)

Handicap Race

1 John Gordon 58.15. (Guest)
2 Tony Bell 60.39 *
3 Joe Hardy 61.30
4 Roy Gunnett 62.30
5 David Hoben 62.32 (Guest)
6 Phil McCullough 63.10
7 Sailash Shah 64.25
8 Adrian Edwards 65.00

Tony with the Barnard Trophy

* Tony Bell first Lancashire Walking Club member in handicap.

Thanks to Martin Payne for the photos. Always very useful and welcome.

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Marion Fawkes – outstanding services to and performances in race walking recognised

Peter Fawkes writes:

You may well know that Marion is currently President of Yorkshire Walking Club as well as being a life member of that Club and North Shields Poly.  Marion’s name was put forward by the Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport (for outstanding services and performances to women’s race walking) to attend a Queens’ Garden Party event just before Covid hit and of course, it was cancelled.  We thought that was the end of it but in May, she received another invite and we attended a Garden Party on 25th May 2022. It’s taken over 40 years to be recognised but good all the same. 

Indeed and so say of all of us at the Lancashire Walking Club. Heartfelt congratulations!

Marion in her pomp winning the European Economic Community Championship


1979 IAAF World Race Walking Cup, September 29-30, Eschborn, FDR

Women 5,000 metres [held for the first time]

  1. Marion Fawkes GB 22:51 [World Best]
  2. Carol Tyson GB 22:59
  3. Thorill Gylder Norway 23:08


Great Britain 85 pts
Sweden 74 pts
Norway 69 pts

See this in our series of Reminiscences


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Roy Gunnett reports:

The Dick and Zena Smith 10 & 5k Trophy races took place at the Bury Track a week later than originally planned. The event was initially scheduled for June 4th – however, the lack of numbers resulting from the Queen’s Jubilee necessitated a postponement.

Six walkers lined up for the start of the 10k race and 1 for the 5k (Greg Smith). The walkers were very ably assisted by Eric Horwill as Timekeeper and Sailash Shah, Irene Pike and Martin Payne as lap recorders.

Thanks as ever to our band of officials

Both Dave and Pat Evans could not attend the race as they are participating in a ’30 days x approximately 20 miles a day’ Civil Service challenge. More news to follow.

The promised BBC weather forecast of dry sunny weather did not fully materialise. The first third of the race was in light rain – the remainder was warm and overcast with occasional sunny spells. 

The tightly packed peleton

All the 10k walkers for the first 5k stuck together and went through the 5k mark in 35m 56secs.

Tony on his second-half surge

A lap later Tony Bell broke away from the ‘peloton’ and walked strongly all the way to a scratch victory – with a second-half negative split time. 

Ian about to overtake Roy

Shortly after Tony’s breakaway Roy Gunnett also drew away from the others. However this was short-lived and Ian Hilditch overtook Roy and then, towards the end of the race, he was also overtaken by Phil McCullough. 

Phil passes Roy on his way to taking the trophy

Phil McCullough won the handicap race and was presented with the Dick Smith trophy.

Try taking it off me!!
The organisers, Eric and Roy

A special thank you to Eric Horwill must be made as without his help in timekeeping etc it would have been very difficult to manage this race.


10 kilometres

  1. Tony Bell            68m 28secs
  2. Ian Hilditch         70m 21secs
  3. Phil McCullough 71m 39secs
  4. Roy Gunnett.      72m 15secs
  5. Steven Wilde.     73m 17secs
  6. Joe Hardy.          73m 53secs
Steven Wilde

5 kilometres

1. Greg Smith.         35m 41secs

Greg Smith

Handicap Race

  1. Phil McCullough 58m 09secs
  2. Steven Wilde.     59m 47secs
  3. Ian Hilditch         60m 51secs
  4. Greg Smith.        60m 52secs [using a formula based on 5k time]
  5. Tony Bell             61m 28secs
  6. Joe Hardy.           61m 53secs
  7. Roy Gunnett.       62m 45secs

Thanks to Greg Smith and Martin Payne for the photos Much appreciated.


A couple of results you might find of interest – thanks to Dave Ainsworth

The first is of the classic Moulton 5 miles organised by the Lancashire Walking Club legend, Ron Wallwork

A photo of Steve Uttley, Ron and myself taken in 2021 at Moulton
2022 Enfield Race Walking League
21st Anniversary Moulton Five11th June 
1George WilkinsonEnfield H ACSM36.55
2Steve UttleyIlford ACM6548.34
3Dave WalshEnfield H ACM6049.00
4Mike GeorgeVets ACM5050.45
5John ArthurIlford ACM6052.01
6Simon MorganIlford ACM5053.26
7John Borgars ©Loughton ACM7553.44
8Mark CulshawBelgrave HM5556.22
9Tony WilkinsonunattachedM6059.48
10Dave HobenSurrey WCM6561.30
11Chris Flint ©Surrey WCM7561.34
12Paul FirmageRyston RM6564.00
13Paul ForshawF.E.RunnersM6571.52
14Chris WarnerMoulton WM6572.45   
15David Ainsworth ©Ilford ACM7078.44

1Melanie PeddleLoughton ACW5045.32
2Jacqueline BensonAshford ACSW46.37
3Emma DyosIlford ACW4547.42
4Maureen NoelBelgrave HW5552.54
5Fiona BishopEnfield H ACW6054.11
6Sue BarnettEnfield H ACW7054.35
7Alison WilsonunattatchedW5555.20
8Diana BravermanEnfield H ACW7061.22
9Phyllis PopeMoulton WSW65.33
10Elizabeth EdgellMoulton WSW72.45
11Viv HoughtonunattachedW7072.45
12Shaeda ArthurIlford ACW6086.51

The second is of the British Masters 3,000 metres walk track championship

British Masters Track & Field Championships 


11 June 2022 

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Urgent News: D&Z Smith Track Races postponed to June 11th

As a significant number of people are unavailable this coming Saturday, the Dick and Zena Smith races will now be held a week later on June 11th. Thanks to Roy’s good offices, the Bury Athletic Club has been understanding and generous in shifting the date without penalty.

However, looking on the bright side, you’ve time to fit in a couple of fast sessions before hitting the track!!

And just for interest and nostalgia, whilst searching for photos to display at my birthday concert I came across the image below, which is disintegrating. In a couple of weeks with assistance, I’ll add names. Pretty sure the year is 1969.

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Dick and Zena Smith 10k and 5k Track Races, June 4 at Bury

Our next races will see us contesting the Dick and Zena Smith trophies at the Bury AC Track on Saturday, June 4th, starting at 1.00 p.m.

Dick Smith is number 11 in this photo with John Grocott [17] to the fore. followed by George Lamb [26], Dick Ditchfield [14], Fred Pearce Snr [19], and Ted Sharp [42] close behind. Many thanks to David Lamb – not sure of the year.

As Dave and Pat Evans are unable to attend it would be really helpful if you could let Dave know in advance if you will be there and in what capacity. Lap scorers will be needed! Roy Gunnett will be the day’s Master of Ceremonies, for which many thanks.

Contact Dave at

Bury Athletics Club, Market St, Bury BL9 9FX


Somewhat wearily I have to report that I won’t make it back – all the more frustrating it being my 75th birthday on June 3rd. At the very least I would have fetched some sparkling wine, some bottles of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord and, of course, the pies! As it is we’re celebrating here on Crete by way of a concert in our garden. Find the invitation below and if by a miracle you can accept, let me know. I’d be well chuffed!

Marilyn’s painting of the entrance to our garden



A boy soprano in 1957
Up and coming race walker 1969

You are cordially invited to celebrate and/or commiserate with me on my grudging arrival at the grand old age of 75. Well over half a century ago I dreamt of the demise of capitalism, the creation of an authentically democratic society. Today that vision seems far, far away as many seem to be sleepwalking into an authoritarian dystopia.

On a picket line 1979
Speaking in support of JENGbA – Fighting Injustice, Wigan 2015

Yet ordinary life goes on with all its personal highs and lows. Hence I will cease being a curmudgeon and look forward to a delightful early evening of jazz performed by the wondrous Maria Manousakis and the brilliant Hot Club De Grece.

Maria and the Hot Club

On arrival at around 6ish canapes will be served, together with wine as befits our status as middle-class pensioners in exile. If we’d been in Wigan it would have been real ale and pies but you can’t have everything. The concert will kick off at 6.30 after which you will be thrown out to do as you please! No presents but, if you so wish, a bucket donation to Medical Aid for Palestinians gratefully accepted.






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Great turnout at Dave Crompton’s Memorial Race

To my chagrin I didn’t make it – a combination of flight cancellations and family illness. Apologies were also proffered by Tony Bell and Chris Harvey. It’s lovely to see all the usual faces, together with very welcome presence of Christine Pearce and my opposition in our youth from the 1960s, David Lamb.

As ever Dave Evans reports:

A larger than expected field turned out at today’s race in memory of one of the club’s most stylish walkers and to complement this show of affection for a friend lost the weather was very kind.

Unlike other club events, it was decided to start everyone at the same time which produced some interesting results with quite a few aspirants having a chance to “medal”. The opening mile saw Adrian Edwards in full command ticking through in 10 mins 22 seconds having negotiated the real roller coaster of the opening section of the course. In his wake were Ian Hilditch with an astonishing 10 mins 52 and Sailash Shah in 11 mins 22.  The main pack were not too far behind the leading three with all bar one dipping under 12 mins 23.

Adrian Edwards in command
Ian Hilditch surprising the officials
Sailash Shah- a study in concentration

 Being an out and back course meant some leg sapping ascents but equally leg testing descents. Most club walkers are hardy souls and rise to the challenge of big ups and downs. At the 3 and a half mile point Eric Horwill reminded them of their midway times and it was clear that some of the more genteel starters were beginning to close on their adversaries. Quite a few were destined to record negative splits. Adrian reached halfway in 38 mins 50 seconds and both Eric and I had to rub our eyes when Ian Hilditch came into view only 73 seconds adrift. Glyn Jones was sticking to his task particularly well and seems to be recovering from his recent back problems. In practice, this is not a course to help such a condition but nevertheless, he raced on. Hot on the heels of Glyn was a trio of “youngsters” but as the final results showed they lost time on the homeward stage.

Glyn Jones with Roy Gunnett in pursuit
Steven Wilde
Phil McCullagh with Joe Hardy in tow
Greg Smith in black

The final 1 mile of the race involves two long climbs and one steep descent and officials are sometimes very surprised when the walkers come into the finish in a different order than that predicted. On this occasion Steven Wilde, a newcomer to the club produced a strong final couple of miles and took 4th place. Pat Evans, now thankfully recovering from a leg problem, completed the 7 with no adverse effects. Andrea Lennon is a remarkable lady and at 80 years of age is able to handle this very hill course with maturity. She always looks very composed and has a ready smile at the finish. Andrea clocked an impressive 104 mins 12. The winner of the handicap was our club secretary Roy Gunnett who squeezed home by 18 seconds from Steve Wilde. Dave Crompton’s partner Louise completed the course with Emma, Dave’s daughter, in a very respectable 111 mins 37 seconds, pretty good going on one of the country’s hilliest courses.

Pat Evans back to fitness
Andrea Lennon defying her age
Bravo to Louise Whaite and Emma Crompton

1. Adrian Edwards 78 mins 37(10 22/38 50/78 37)
2. Ian Hilditch 79 mins 38(10 52/40 03/79 38)
3. Glyn Jones 81 mins 12(11 32/41 08/81 12)
4. Steven Wilde 82 mins 47(11 53/41 47/82 47)
5. Phil McCullagh 83 mins 00(11 56/42 42/83 00)
6. Roy Gunnett 83 mins 29(11 37/41 34/83 29)
7. Sailash Shah 83 mins 47(11 22/41 46/83 47)
8. Joe Hardy 86 mins 47(11 58/43 56/86 47)
9. Pat Evans 88 mins 23(12 23/44 29/88 23)
10. Greg Smith 98 mins 50(12 06/46 42/98 50)
11. Andrea Lennon 104 mins 12(14 27/52 30/104 12)
12. Louise Whaite 111 mins 37(15 47/56 54/111 37)
12. Emma Crompton 111 mins 37(15 47/56 54/111 37)

Handicap results
1. Roy Gunnett 66 mins 59
2. Steven Wilde 67 mins 17
3. Glyn Jones 68 mins 12
4. Phil McCullagh 69 mins 00
5. Ian Hilditch 69 mins 08
6. Sailash Shah 70 mins 47
7. Andrea Lennon 71 mins 12
8. Pat Evans 72 mins 38
9. Joe Hardy 73 mins 47
10. Adrian Edwards 78 mins 37
11. Greg Smith 89 mins 05

Thanks are due to Greg Smith for the opening shots of everyone at the finish and to Martin Payne for the action photos. Very much appreciated.

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Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy 7 miles, Chorley on May 7

All being well we will be in Chorley on Saturday, May 7 racing our hearts out and remembering with great affection, Dave Crompton in the Memorial Trophy event named after him.

Dave, ‘safe as houses’ in the 2 hours walk at Bury 2016

Our new changing facility is to be found at St Peter’s Church Hall on Harpers Lane, PR6 0HP. It is only a stone’s throw from our old stomping ground, the St Peter’s Social Club. Indeed the race will start at 1.00 p.m. at the usual place outside the Social Club.

See the above map and directions to the Church Hall.


Further to our tribute to the late Eric Hall

A photo of a group of those gathered together to honour his memory – thanks to Dave Ainsworth for circulating and to Joan Wallwork for recording the image. From left to right: Dave Ainsworth, Glyn Jones, Amos Seddon, Jon May, Ron Wallwork, Carl Lawton, Gerry O’Doherty (Essex County AA President), Lance Williams & Pam Ficken.

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Macclesfield in the rain – Lol Allen triumphs in the 1951 National 10 miles

As we bemoan the unfortunate cancellation of our recent race at Macclesfield it’s fascinating to recollect the staging of the National 10 miles championships over seventy years ago in the very same town. Roy Gunnett has unearthed this Pathe News gem, which records Lol Allen’s hat-trick of wins, the third achieved in soaking Cheshire weather.

A few observations you might find of interest.

  • The folk in the cinema must have chuckled at the presenter’s comment, ‘there’s only one rule – one foot must be at all times in contact with the ground. Of course, if it’s the same foot you won’t get very far!’
  • Jim Hackwood’s report on the race in the Race Walking Record is so faded it wouldn’t copy but he pays tribute to the organisational prowess of the Sutton Walking Club. So too in those times, it must have been quite difficult to travel to Macclesfield from the Midlands and South on the day of the race.
  • Jim’s report reveals also that Roland Hardy, Lol Allen’s great rival was disqualified at the 6 miles point.
  • On the film, I think the walker at the turning point is Keith French of Sheffield but he does not appear in the results.
  • Twenty years later George Chaplin [Coventry Godiva], who finished 55th. was still stylishly contesting the lead in major races.

From a Lancashire point of view Harold Harwood and George Lamb were our first counters with the wonderfully eccentric Matt Clarke bringing up the rear. in June Matt finished next to last in the Blackpool clocking a time of 11:18:19. This was Matt’s usual position, whatever the distance but it never put him off. To the best of my memory, he raced always in a formal collared shirt! Not to forget that the starting pistol for the championship was in Jack Tempest’s hand.

Chris Bolton gets in touch with this lovely anecdote.

Thanks for the memories, particularly of Matt Clarke.  You and I remember Matt at the back of the field but I believe that as a young man he was quite handy. He once told me of a medley track race he took part in. It was a one-mile run, a one-mile walk and a one-mile bike ride.

After the run, he was very well placed and after the walk he was a long way in the lead. He told me he jumped on the bike for his ride to glory and the pedal fell off. In those days there was a lot of illegal betting at the tracks and Matt had been nobbled!

From a Sutton perspective the stalwart Albert Rigby finished third from last, whilst Don Warren [49th] was at the beginning of his career. His progress was remarkable and in July of the same year he won the Lancashire 2 miles track championship in an excellent 14:27.

Don Warren is the tall handsome figure on the right with his Sutton vest clearly showing.

In the late 1960s Don was very supportive to me, guiding me round my first National 50 kilometres championship in 1968. I repaid him unexpectedly in an emotional National 20 kilometres championships the very next year. Inspired by Ron Wallwork I’d made something of a breakthrough, 2nd to Jake Warhurst in the Northern 10 miles at Sutton of all places, Sadly my dad died in late April just before the National 20 kilometres to be held at Gomersal in Yorkshire. My head was all over the place but it went without saying that the club needed me to toe the starting line. I struggled throughout on a hilly one lap course, dragged along by Guy Goodair for much of the race. As I crossed the line I burst into tears and fell into the arms of Joe Lambert, who was understandably perplexed. Joe, a picture of reserve, desisted from telling me ‘to pull myself together’. An hour later though all seemed worthwhile as it was announced that we had finished second team [Wallwork, Vickers, Taylor, Warren] and now it was Don, who could hardly hold back his tears. He was to be presented with his first ever national medal.

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Unfortunately, we have to inform you that Saturday’s 10 miles race at Sutton has had to be cancelled due to COVID striking the Barnard household. We hope Marshall and Kath are feeling better soon.

Sad to say we won’t be changing, racing and eating at Sutton on Saturday

The next club race will be the Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy 7 miles at Chorley on Saturday, May 7. More details to follow. All being well I will manage to get back from Crete to see everyone.

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Macclesfield Shield  10 miles, April 2nd 

Our next club race in the beautiful surroundings of Sutton will soon be upon us. Unusually, given their dedication to the cause, Dave and Pat Evans will not be able to attend. Never fear Roy Gunnett will have everything under control. Our great friend Marshall Barnard will be opening the club at 12.30 and Roy advises that the start time of the race will revert to 1.30 p.m. It would be really helpful if you could let me know if you are attending, particularly with regard to the catering arrangements.

Beautiful countryside awaits




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