Our Essex friends look forward to Ron Wallwork’s 80th!

In advance of our own memories of Ron Wallwork on the eve of his 80th birthday it is revealing to post this tribute paid to him by Dave Ainsworth. It is to be found in the Essex Walker and illustrates the length and width of Ron’s enduring contribution to our sport. He is much loved and respected. Thanks Dave.


Coming up soon is yet another milestone birthday, this time for “good egg” Ron Wallwork MBE as he’ll celebrate his 80th on Wednesday 26th May.  Ron’s been an active athletics participant since the 1950s, when becoming a double-champion on the same afternoon at the Lancashire County AA Track & Field Championships.  First of all he won his County Junior discus title, then broke the tape in the County junior walk. We’re fortunate he decided to stick with race walking as opposed to the discus circle!  Back in 1959 Ron was 3rd in the AAA Junior Mile at Watford clocking 7:13.4 in a race won by Southend’s Peter Marlow in 7.05.4 with clubmate Alec Banyard 4th in 7:36.8.  A year later at Hurlingham Ron won in 6.59.1 with Peter 2nd in 7:03.2. The next 3 positions were filled by Maurice Fullager (Surrey AC), Alec Banyard & Dave Delaney (London Vidarians) who respectively were timed at 7:28.3, 7:32.1 & 7:44.0.  The aforementioned medals were won as a Bolton United Harrier.  Also in 1960 Ron won our Race Walking Association (RWA) Youths 5 Miles’ Championship at Mitcham, so claiming the ‘SidneySchofield Shield‘ in 39.02, this time on the programme as a Lancashire Walking Club member. 

A young Ron racing in 1958

Of course Ron’s most famous victory was when winning the inaugural 20 Miles’ Walk in Jamaica at the 1966 British Empire and Commonwealth Games (note its title in such times) in 2:44.42.8 leading home Ray Middleton, Norman Read and Don Thompson who recorded 2:45.19.0, 2:46.28.2 & 2:46.30.0 respectively in high heat. The following year Ron won an RWA National Championship double, at 10 Miles in his home town of Bolton with 75.06 on the stopwatch and at Ewell in the 20K in 97.21.  1970 saw him back in British Commonwealth Games (now called) action at Edinburgh where he made a determined bid, in poor weather, to retain his title by making a worthy attempt to keep up with pacemaking Australian duo Noel Freeman and Bob Gardiner who were to cross the line 2:33.33 & 2:35.55 claiming gold & silver medals respectively. Three well-known names filled 3rd/4th/5th positions : Bill Sutherland bronze in 2:37.24 – Scotland’s first athletics medal of those Games), Bob Dobson (2:39.55 who’d led them out of Meadowbank Stadium on his International debut) and Ron, 5th in 2:40.10.

Another of Ron’s major moments came on July 3rd at Blackburn’s sodden track in blustery conditions when he set a new UK 2 hours record of 16 miles 315 yards – which was to be a long standing achievement.  He beat the previous record of 15 miles 1,556 yards (set by the late Ken Matthews) by a large margin of 519 yards.   2nd/3rd that day were fellow Lancastrians Tony Taylor (Lancs WC 14.755) & Eric Crompton (Leyland Motors 13.765).  Acknowledgement is given to Tony for his wonderful and detailed account as published in the Race Walking Record (September ’71 edition) which is well worth fishing out of your the attic for a full read or go to https://lancswalkingclub.com/2016/09/06/45-years-on-celebrating-ron-wallworks-uk-2-hour-record/

Ron wins 1967 National 10 miles in Bolton

Ron was an Olympic trialist in 1968 and was one of those under consideration by selectors in the “smoke filled room” come 1972.  He was equally content to appear on both roads and tracks and supported all our National Championships and many ‘Classic’ and open races – such as the Bradford 50K, Leicester Mercury and all the famous London 7 Opens during times when so many “big names” were always there on race days. He’s on the esteemed list of those who’ve recorded the fastest times in the very long running, but sadly now defunct London Postal Region Open 9K yacht handicap races at hilly Blackheath Park – his qualifying performance was in a midweek race in the colours Essex Police (one of his previous Clubs). 

To list all his successes would indeed take up much space. Needless to say he’s worn International vests on many occasions, and was appointed Team Manager for a long distance International event at Bar-le-Duc. He’s also Suffolk County AA Honorary Walking Secretary.  On his list of achievements is staging successful National Championships for seniors and veterans/masters.  When the Northern Area held a wonderful Diamond Jubilee Celebration in Bolton – they asked Ron to be their guest-of-honour for that weekend, which proved a wise choice.   Ron has also served as a Race Walking Association Vice President.

Ron successfully completed the 1992 Leicester WC 100 Miles on a tough Hungarton Course in 22:26.07 becoming Centurion No.893.  Fellow Moulton villager and Lancashire Walking Club member Ian Garmston completed the distance, in 23:16.24, to become Centurion No. 899 – they’d spent many hours training together in preparation for their arduous task.  This was a race that, you could say, took 2 months – as it started in July and finished in August (31 July/1 August). it was also that race which saw Richard & Sandra Brown cross the line together, holding hands, for a 18:50.29 victory.  Recorders gave it to Sandra who’d led all the way.  The other lady finisher was London Vidarian Jill Green who qualified as Centurion 898 in 23:13.59.  Jill has a major milestone birthday coming up later this year – in October, though we’ll mention no more without her permission.

Ron became a key organiser, with well supported 10K events at Newmarket’s Rowley Mile racecourse (allowed us use of the Jockeys’ weighting room for changing) before it moved to nearby Moulton village and later on was reduced to 5 miles. Large fields assembled, including on occasions, overseas touring race walkers of note.  As fields began falling in number, Ron’s annual Moulton kept its success going to become the South’s best supported domestic race for year-after-year.  So many wanted to make a journey to the delightful Suffolk countryside for traditional Saturday afternoon race walking on the Queen’s highway.  A feature was always Ron’s desire to book a personage of note to be our Starter and make presentations.  Two great epic distance events stand out : The 2000 ‘Captain Barclay Millenniunm Challenge’ (4 races in one : 50 miles/100 kilometres/100 miles/1000 furlongs – to those unfamiliar with the turf it’s 125 miles).  In additional was an allcomers’ 10K race + a mass fun walk for the town’s local folk on Sunday morning, in which protagonists of the horse racing game turned out.  Before the action had been a memorable evening reception at Newmarket Town hall attended by the Mayor and Town’s MP.  In 2009 Ron promoted the ‘Captain Barclay Bicentenary Challenge’ which saw famous jockey Richard Dunwoody MBE emulate Captain Barclay’s feat of 1,000 miles in 1,000 hours. The day after this wonderful achievement, which was attended by so many Essex Walker readers during its 42 days’ duration as well as rich Middle East racehorse owners and also Honeysuckle Weeks (Private Sam the driver in Foyle’s War) a 100 miles race commenced at the Rowley Mile.  Among finishers were Canvey Islander Steve Kemp (now Centurions’ Social Secretary) who, at the stroke of midnight celebrated his birthday – as supporters put up banners and held a surprise birthday party as he completed another circuit just after midnight. Steve got there is 23:21.20 to claim number C1075.  Another notable was Ilford’s Micky Sutton who became C1078 in 23:45.18 – for while racing was also on show in London, as a nude model in top photographer Rankin’s London exhibition.  After Richard Dunwoody’s triumph Ron organised an annual social walk and reunion, followed by lunch at the 4* Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa, which had been the centre of operations for this successful project.  Ron had much involvement with The Centurions, serving on their Committee and producing the “Wallwork Report” which recommended reducing such races to every other year (as opposed to annually).   We now have a situation where it will be 3 successive years without a 100 miles race on the UK mainland, though matters are somewhat beyond our control on that aspect of athletics.

Ron had horse racing industry connections as he managed Newmarket’s New Astley Club in the town centre, which is a welfare organisation for those in the racing game. It became a centre for race walking functions and after our races, visits were organised to local “yards” where trainers would give hot tips straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth.  When Ron retired the horse racing community staged a special race in his honour at a packed evening meeting : “The Thank You Ron Wallwork Stakes“.

We must praise Ron for taking over from visionary Martin Oliver as Enfield Walking League top man, as it’s gone from strength to strength with it’s friendly ‘B’ race shorter distance format. Let’s face it, race walking in the South would be nearly extinct but for races at Donkey Lane, Lee Valley and Moulton village. Ron is assisted by long serving committed helpers. Twice when Ron submitted RWA AGM resolutions to extend his successful format to most other races, it certainly boosted attendance figures! – yet another feather in Ron’s cap.  Our athletics discipline is a family affair and wife Joan and their family are among our keenest supporters.
Yes he’s 80 and still contributes to our chosen athletics discipline in many ways, including participating in ‘virtual’ races (now how the Enfield League keeps going in these uncertain times). 

If wanting to send birthday greetings, he resides at : “Woodview”, 35A Newmarket Road, Moulton, NEWMARKET. Suffolk.  CB8 8QP.   ronc893moulton@gmail.com

Dave Ainsworth

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Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy 7 Miles – Chorley, May 5, 2021

Dave Crompton at the 2012 0lympics in the company of Ron Wallwork and Sean Pender. Ta to Ron for unearhing the photo

We are grateful to Dave Evans for this prompt and informative report, not forgetting to thank Greg Smith for the atmospheric images.

Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy 7 Miles – Chorley, May 5, 2021

The first “live” race of 2021 for the club was accompanied by inclement weather which initially affected the walkers but by the time the race was over it was warm and beginning to brighten.

Typical spring weather in Chorley?

A field of 10 aspirants and at least half a dozen of Dave’s relatives toed the starting line with the lesser mortals allowed to set off in advance of the cavalry charge.  To ensure the safety of the individual walkers the yacht handicap principle was applied although the handicapper decided to tailor the “starts” to keep the actual adjustments a secret.

Picturesque but far from easy

 The course is undulating with 7 distinctive “pulls” and most protagonists seem to prefer this to the usual circuit where there are 3 really long climbs.  At the halfway point the first face to show was Ian Hilditch(40 mins 38) with Pat Evans on his tail(40 mins 30). The remaining halfway times were:- Stephen Wilde(44 mins 20), Joe Hardy(42 mins 05), Roy Gunnett(42 mins 30), Sailash Shah(41 mins 40), Phil McCullagh(41 mins 35), Glyn Jones(40 mins 30), Martin Payne(38 mins 05) and Andrea Lennon(52 mins 50).

Far from easy as Sailash heads Roy and Martin

The return trip on the road was kinder to the walkers hence the improvement in times for the second half. The rain eased off as the race progressed and as Andrea crossed the finishing line it was pretty warm.

Andrea finishing in warm weather!!

The final SCRATCH times were as follows:

Martin dodging the showers and cars
  1. Martin Payne 75:58
  2. Ian Hilditch 79:07
  3. Glyn Jones 79:50
  4. Pat Evans 80:13
  5. Phil McCullagh 81:47
  6. Joe Hardy 83:11
  7. Sailash Shah 84:41
  8. Roy Gunnett 86:55
  9. Stephen Wilde 87:22 [Guest]
  10. Andrea Lennon 104:46.

 The HANDICAP produced no surprises and read as follows:

Ian on his way to winning the handicap
  1. Ian Hilditch 71:52
  2. Pat Evans 72:33
  3. Martin Payne 74:43
  4. Glyn Jones 76:35
  5. Joe Hardy 77:56,
  6. Phil McCullagh 78:02
  7. Andrea Lennon 79:26
  8. Sailash Shah 80:26
  9. Roy Gunnett 81:45.

Great to see Phil McCullagh again – solid straight knee on contact

Post race with all sporting masks a brief get together was held in the St Peter’s club . A minutes silence was held to remember Dave and his contribution to the club. Thanks were paid to Roy Gunnett and Tony Taylor for their tremendous support for the club and its members during the lockdown . Eric Crompton, himself a very fine walker in the 70’s, and Louise were thanked for making the venue available and safe. Greg Smith had initially planned to complete the full race but having to do his late morning at Chorley on his own meant he was battling some incessant rain and he decided to complete a slightly lesser distance before helping with the course marshalling. John Crahan, Dan Maskell and Chris Pearce sent their good wishes before the race and it was nice to see John Payn, Alf Short, Chris Harvey and Irene Pike supporting the event.

Sadky our last race from the always welcoming St Peter’s Club

The new facility at Chorley will be the St Peters church hall on Harper’s lane, not very far from the club itself.. As a final comment our next fixture was mentioned and this will be the Dick and Zena 10/5k at the Bury track on June 5th and the audience were asked to support the event either as competitors or lap scorers.

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Virtual League Racing Series – Race 57

The start of a club race on the West Didsbury course – date unknown. All competitors seem to be club members apart from Norman Hopkinson of Sheffield, the tall figure furthest left.

With only 3 races left in the Series we continue to be the dominant force in the Age-Graded team event.Thanks as ever to all our participants. Let’s keep it going through to the final challenge in Week 60.

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 57

1 Lancashire Walking Club (80.98%)

2 Birchfield Harriers (72.29%)
3 Manx Harriers (70.37%)
4 Sarnia Walking Club (69.41%)
5 Quickstep Fitness (64.82%)
6 South West Veterans AC (50.85%)

1 Manx Harriers (37)
2 Lancashire Walking Club (39)
3 Birchfield Harriers (42)
4 Sarnia Walking Club (43)
5 Quickstep Fitness (69)
6 South West Veterans AC (192)

Our team as follows:

Tony Taylor M70 92.81% Lancs WC 10:49.0

Greg Smith M65 79.02% Lancs WC 11:57.0

Roy Gunnett M70 71.12% Lancs WC 14:18.0

Tony Bell M55 65.38% Lancs WC 13:00.0

Martin Payne M60 63.35% Lancs WC 13:49.0

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The April ‘Alf Scorer’ Virtual Club 5 Kilometres

In the last few weeks, helped by Dave Evans, I’ve accessed the Alfred Scorer Collection of over 300 photos covering certainly 30 years of race walking from the 1920s. The CD containing the photos had been passed on by Fred Pearce before his untimely death. Alf was a leading member of our club and a prominent national official, being the 1938/39 President of the Race Walking Association. The collection was donated to the RWA National Archive by his grandson, Barry Scorer in May, 2013.

This said I am conscious that I have scant information with regard to Alf’s biography. The images hint at a fascinating career and suggest that Alf was almost always immaculately attired with trilby in hand. Any information will be gratefully received and incorporated into future posts.

A numberless Alf leading a group with a young Jack Tempest [5] to his left at West Didsbury – see the destination of the single-decker bus
Alf is last in line on the left of the sharply dressed British team marching at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. I’m presuming he was there in an official capacity, perhaps as a team manager.

The April ‘Alf Scorer’ Virtual Club 5 Kilometres

  1. Tony Taylor 27:22
  2. Ray Robinson 29:30 [G]
  3. Greg Smith 32:08
  4. Dave Evans 32:40
  5. Graham Jackson 32:45 [G]
  6. Tony Bell 32:57
  7. Glyn Jones 34:06 [G]
  8. Joe Hardy 34:21
  9. Pat Evans 34:29
  10. Martin Payne 34:33
  11. Marco Bernatzki 35:06
  12. Grace Gilpin 35:14 [G]
  13. Ian Hilditch 36:02
  14. Roy Gunnett 36:51
  15. Stephen Walker 39:47
  16. John Pouncy 42:33
  17. Andrea Lennon 46:20
An overcoated Alf is centre stage with the besuited great Tommy Green to his right. Over Alf’s left shoulder are the two Smith brothers Dick and Joe while Matt Clarke sports the knotted handkerchief. Number 26 is Jim O’Neill.


  1. Glyn Jones 34:06; 8:45; 25:21 [G]
  2. Greg Smith 32:08; 6:45; 25:23
  3. Tony Bell 32:57; 7:30; 25:27
  4. Dave Evans 32:40; 7:00; 25:40
  5. Graham Jackson 32:45; 7:00; 25:45 [G]
  6. Joe Hardy 34:21; 8:15; 26:06
  7. Pat Evans 34:29; 8:45; 26:16
  8. Ray Robinson 29:30; 3:00; 26:30 [G]
  9. John Pouncy 42:33; 16:00; 26:33
  10. Ian Hilditch 36:02; 9:00; 27:02
  11. Grace Gilpin 35:14; 7:55; 27:19 [G]
  12. Tony Taylor 27:22; 0:00; 27:22
  13. Martin Payne 34:33; 6:25; 28:08
  14. Roy Gunnett 36:51; 8:35; 28:16
  15. Andrea Lennon 46:20; 16:15; 30:05
  16. Marco Bernzatki 35:06; 4:00; 31:06 [G]
  17. Stephen Walker 39:47;8:00; 31:47

Given we are back on the road this coming Saturday the above 5 kilometres challenge marks the end of our Club Virtual Series. By all accounts it has been a helpful initiative, both keeping us in touch with one another and providing a measure of motivation in lonely times. Indeed it is proposed that, alongside the return of ‘live’ racing, we continue to offer a 3 kilometre challenge every month. Thus at the end of each month – as a piece of fun and as an incentive – we would post a list of the 3k times achieved. What do you think?

On a personal note yesterday an authoritarian and corrupt Greek government was pressured finally in allowing us to meet together in the open air in our village taverna. The concensus was enough is enough. This is an area where families risked execution for harbouring Allied troops in the Second World War. These people know what taking risks means. It was agreed the virus of unchecked power, the rule by so-called experts, who set out to worry us silly from the very beginning, is far more frightening than COVID itself. Time to take our lives back. Time to kiss and hug one another. Time to be human, which, of course, means we will care for each other, young and old alike without being ordered to do so by the State.The thing we have to fear most is fear itself.

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Be Prepared for the Chorley Challenge in the form of the Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy, May 8

We will be back on the roads this coming Saturday with Dave willing us on.

Latest information

Eric Crompton has now confirmed that we will be using the traditional venue at the St Peters Club on Saturday and not the church hall but this will be for the last time. Eric and Louise are going to the club during the week to get things sorted.

All those attending should bring a mask for use in the club. Those intending to compete should come changed ready for the start at 1.30 p.m. On this occasion you should bring your own refreshments. The toilets will be accessible but not the main lounge.

The race will take the form of a yacht handicap with all walkers setting off at intervals, courtesy of the devilish decisions of our inteprid handicapper, Dave Evans.

From afar I will seethe with jealousy but look forward to seeing photos and receiving reports on this long awaited return to ‘live’ competition.



Further to the photo of a race starting from the Leyland Motors HQ we have researched and confirmed it was the 1957 National 50 kilometres championship.


From a Lancashire point of view it is sobering to note that Joe Barraclough, who had been prominent in the above race before falling back to 12th position, competed in four long-distance competitions in less than a month.

June 10 – 2nd to Albert Johnson [Sheffield UH] in the Bradford 50 kilometres in 4:48:05

June 15 – 12th as above

June 22 – 3rd in the Manchester- Blackpool in 8:44:16

July 5th – 4th in the Bath to London 100 miles in 19:51:56

Mind-boggling to a dilettante such as myself!

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Virtual League Racing Series – Race 56

As we look forward to racing ‘live’ next Saturday here’s a great picture of the start of a Northern Championship [perhaps 50k?] held at the Leyland Motors HQ in the early 1950s [?]. Looks like it was going to be a warm one.

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 56  

We were a bit down on numbers as I was unable to survive racing in a shroud of Saharan sand and Dave Evans was struggling with an ankle problem. Nevertheless our team still put in a strong collective performance. There are now only four more Virtual Series races before this much needed and admired initiative comes to a close in Week 60! Let’s hope we can finish with a flourish, heads held high in terms of our overall contribution to the Virtual League.

1 Birchfield Harriers (80.08%)
2 Manx Harriers (71.99%)
3 Lancashire Walking Club (71.61%)
4 South West Veterans AC (50.70%)
5 Surrey Walking Club (50.29%)
6 Sarnia Walking Club (45.85%)
7 Quickstep Fitness (68.80%)

1 Birchfield Harriers (21)
2 Manx Harriers (32)
3 Quickstep Fitness (47)
4 Lancashire Walking Club (61)
5 Surrey Walking Club (169)
6 South West Veterans AC (189)
7 Sarnia Walking Club (193)

Our team as follows:

Greg Smith M65 76.05% Lancs WC 12:25.0

Guy Goodair M80 70.11% Lancs WC 16:49.0

Roy Gunnett M70 68.68% Lancs WC 14:37.0

Martin Payne M60 67.51% Lancs WC 12:58.0

Tony Bell M55 64.06% Lancs WC 13:16.0

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Virtual League Racing Series – Race 55 – Joyce Heath 100th Birthday Celebration

This week we celebrate Joyce Heath, a national champion race-walker from the 1950’s who had many famous racing battles with Beryl Randle, Betty Jenkins and Norma Blaine. She celebrated her 100th birthday on 12th April.

Joyce leads the 1950 Women’s AAA championships

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 55 – Joyce Heath 100th Birthday Celebration  

1 Lancashire Walking Club (79.56%)

2 South West Veterans AC (77.02%)
3 Birchfield Harriers (73.51%)
4 Sarnia Walking Club (70.62%)
5 Quickstep Fitness (65.76%)
6 Maidenhead AC (54.02%)
7 Manx Harriers (44.70%)

1 Lancashire Walking Club (37)

2 Birchfield Harriers (40)
3 South West Veterans AC (45)
4 Sarnia Walking Club (46)
5 Quickstep Fitness (67)
6 Manx Harriers (177)
7 Maidenhead AC (195)

Our team as follows:

Tony Taylor M70 93.67% Lancs WC 10:43.0

Greg Smith M65 74.54% Lancs WC 12:40.0

Guy Goodair M80 70.46% Lancs WC 16:44.0

Martin Payne M60 69.38% Lancs WC 12:37.0

Roy Gunnett M70 68.68% Lancs WC 14:37.0

Tony Bell M55 64.22% Lancs WC 13:14.0

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Despite my enforced absence we held on to our top spot in the Age-Graded team competition – a tribute to our ageing strength in depth! Congratulations all round.

Finally thanks to our dear Fred Pearce and Dave Evans we’ve access to an archive of images from the past, which i’ll explain in a future post. For now I couldn’t resist putting up this group photo from 70 years ago taken outside our grand headquarters at the Midland Hotel, West Didsbury.

Amongst many things note the club’s crest on the wall of the pub and as it happens my dad, Alf is to be seen standing directly behind the little girl. Officials and supporters outnumbering competitors it would appear!

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 54 

1 Lancashire Walking Club (78.77%)

2 South West Veterans AC (77.13%)
3 Birchfield Harriers (74.21%)
4 Sarnia Walking Club (72.24%)
5 Maidenhead AC (71.83%)
6 Quickstep Fitness (65.17%)
7 Surrey Walking Club (51.22%)

1 Birchfield Harriers (46)
2 Lancashire Walking Club (47)
3= South West Veterans AC (54)
3= Sarnia Walking Club (54)
5= Quickstep Fitness (78)
5= Maidenhead AC (78)
7 Surrey Walking Club (167}

Our team as follows:

Dave Evans 86.05% Lancs WC 11:40.0

Greg Smith M65 77.08% Lancs WC 12:15.0

Roy Gunnett M70 73.19% Lancs WC 13:43.0

Guy Goodair M80 71.02% Lancs WC 16:36.0

Martin Payne M60 69.20% Lancs WC 12:39.0

Tony Bell M55 65.63% Lancs WC 12:57.0


Meanwhile Tony Bell and I plus our dear friend, Gly Jones submitted times to the Virtual Essex Race Walking League. This month you could kill two birds with one stone and do a 5k this weekend , which could be submiited to the Essex and our own Virtual Series.

  1. David Crane (Surrey WC) 24.50 M40
  2. Tony Taylor (Lancs WC) 27.22 M70 6. Glyn Jones (Coventry Godiva) 33.26 M75 7. Tony Bell (Lancs WC) 33.27 M55

Virtual Essex RWL Next Fixture: 24th/25th April

Distance choice: 5km, 8km or 10km

Performance to be registered by Midnight on 25th April to r.emsley@btopenworld.com


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At last – back on the road with the Dave Crompton Trophy race at Chorley, May 8

I bring you good tidings of great joy. We have been given the thumbs up from Colin Vesty of the RWA to go ahead with the Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy race over 7 miles on May 8th in Chorley.

Dave Crompton on the shoulder of Guy Goodair and Dave Jones

The venue will be the St Peters Church meeting room, Harper’s Lane, Chorley PR6 0HP.  The start at 1.30 p.m. will be from the usual point outside our previous home in the St Peter’s Club. There is a possibility that in fact we will still use the Club itself but we will advise ahead of the day.

However, given the circumstances of our return to live action there are a number of considerations for everyone to bear in mind.

  1. II you intend to race it is necessary to inform either Dave Evans or Tony Taylor in advance by midnight, Wednesday, May 5th at the latest. For this first return to the road there will be no exceptions to this request. We hope you will understand.
  2. It will be expected that masks will be worn by everyone indoors – athletes, officials and supporters.
  3. Sadly, given the usual high standard of our post-race catering this will not be provided at our first event. Thus you are asked to provide your own sustenance for the occasion.

The race itself will be a yacht handicap. Staggered starts the name of the day.

Sincere thanks are due to Roy Gunnett for doing the leg work to ensure the go ahead.

Contact emails

Dave Evans at dave.evans08@hotmail.co.uk

Tony Taylor at tonymtaylor@gmail.com

For my part I will be chuffed to bits and suffused with jealousy as you meet one another anew in mortal combat! I look forward to the race report and photos.

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Virtual League Racing Series – Race 53

The first virtual race of a new year finds us on top of both the Open and Age-Graded team events, a tribute to our commitment and consistency.

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 53 

1 Lancashire Walking Club (84.73%)

2 South West Veterans AC (77.59%)
3 Surrey Walking Club (71.11%)
4 Birchfield Harriers (71.07%)
5 Quickstep Fitness (67.98%)
6 Leicester Walking Club (46.17%)
7 Sarnia Walking Club (45.56%)

1 Lancashire Walking Club (38)

2 South West Veterans AC (41)
3 Surrey Walking Club (48)
4 Birchfield Harriers (52)
5 Quickstep Fitness (74)
6 Leicester Walking Club (193)
7 Sarnia Walking Club (197)

Our team as follows:

Racing at a leafy Hammersley a few years ago. Ta to Linda McDermot

Tony Taylor M70 92.95% Lancs WC 10:48.0

Dave Evans M70 87.67% Lancs WC 11:27.0

Greg Smith M65 73.58% Lancs WC 12:50.0

Martin Payne M60 65.90% Lancs WC 13:17.0

Tony Bell M55 63.74% Lancs WC 13:20.0

Guy Goodair M80 71.24% Lancs WC 16:33.0

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