MAKING A START : Raiding your lofts, cellars and craniums!

LWC 1 Ron

The idea of  bringing back to life the rich and diverse history of the Lancashire Walking Club founded in 1907 has been around for quite a few years. However to do so has seemed an uphill task. Stalwarts of the past have passed away with the club records seemingly accompanying them into oblivion. However the idea has been sparked once more into life ironically by the death of a great clubman, Cliff Royle, who a decade ago had sent Ron Wallwork an evocative recollection of his athletic days. Following Cliff’s funeral Ron shared these memories with a number of today’s club members. Such has been the impact of Cliff’s tribute to ‘The Tough Men of the Road’ that we have decided to have a crack at collecting together on this site anything and everything pertaining to the club’s history, be it photos, articles, results or simply a personal memory you want to share.  For the time being we will post stuff as it arrives with no sense of trying to put it in any logical order. If that happens down the line, it will be a bonus. Thus we would encourage you to raid your lofts and your minds – send stuff to Tony at  If we get our act together we might also begin using a facility called Drop Box, which allows folk to send bigger files. So watch this space.

Thanks to Ron Wallwork for the first of several photo montages. Attempted answers to the question gratefully received! I’ll have a go in the next few days.

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2 Responses to MAKING A START : Raiding your lofts, cellars and craniums!

  1. Tony Taylor says:

    Top left photo – Fred Pearce Senior in full stride under the watchful eye of Jack Tempest.
    Top right photo from left to right:
    Dick Smith, Joe Lambert, Mike Hatton, Chris Bolton [hidden], Graham Abley, Frank O’Neill, Alf Taylor [hidden], Fred Pearce Jnr, Fred Pearce Snr, Johnnie Grocott, Ron Wallwork [partly hidden], Ivor Percival, Tony Taylor, John Todd, Dick Rattigan – photo taken outside the old Leigh Harriers track on Holden Road.

  2. Well done for backing your words with action Tony.
    Hoping to peruse with avid interest and to contribute, in some small way, if we can.

    The Cliff Royle tribute was fascinating, not just for the light it shed on Lancashire WC’s rich heritage, but also as a historical and social document of the sport and the great people who made it a sport.
    These memories and stories are such treasures when they’re shared in this way.

    our very best wishes

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