Adrian Edwards medals yet again in the National 50k

Adrian completed his set of National 50k medals over in the Isle of Man, However Roy Gunnett’s long-standing injury problems meant he couldn’t start the race. Hence we were unable to defend our team title. Conditions were wet and windy – basically bloody miserable! However, everyone involved praised the excellent organisation and friendly environment. Credit for the photos to Steve Partington – much appreciated.


Adrian Edwards reports:

A group of 5 Manx walkers; Adam Cowin, Richard Gerrard, Matthew Haddock, Dale Farquhar and David Walker; set off at high speed, going through the first kilometre in about 5 and a half minutes. I knew I just had to let them go and walk a steady race; just ahead of James Quirk. Richard was DQ’d, whereas Adam and Matthew dropped out, all before half way. David Walker was out in front with Dale Farquhar struggling behind, I caught Dale but was a lap behind David at about 35K. I felt I was walking OK but slowed almost a minute per mile over the second half and James came past me in the last 10K.
It was the most comfortable I’ve felt in a 50K, the endurance was in place but I lacked the speed to trouble the winner. I’ve struggled with a sore knee since doing the 15 miles at Chorley in May, so hadn’t maintained the speed work enough over the summer.
It was very wet and at times windy, but that meant I didn’t need to take on so much fluid, so it probably didn’t make any difference to the result.


 British Athletics and Race Walking Association 50km Championships
1 David Walker Manx Harriers M45 05:29:12
2 James Quirk Manx Harriers M45 05:37:20
3 Adrian Edwards Lancashire W.C. M55 05:42:45
4 Jayne Farquhar Manx Harriers W45 06:01:31
5 Dale Farquhar Manx Harriers M35 06:04:58
6 Stewart Jones Manx Harriers M45 06:05:50
7 Louise Hollings Isle of Man Veterans W35 06:08:21
8 Rebecca Greatbatch Manx Harriers SW 06:24:55
9 Sharon Cain Western A.C. W45 06:32:39
DQ Richard Gerrard Manx Harriers M45
DNF Mark Byrne Redcar R.W.C M55
DNF Matthew Haddock Manx Harriers M35
DNF Adam Cowin Manx Harriers SM
DNS Roy Gunnett Lancashire W.C. M70



Michael George illustrates the conditions!


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