Winter League results and Season’s Greetings

As the year closes I’m posting a couple of Winter League results, where club members have competed. If there any other outstanding results from races outside of our own club fixtures, please send me the appropriate information.

season's greetings

2nd Northern Area Winter League 10km, York, Oct 29

A slightly better turn out at this regular venue reports Alan Brooks. Dave Jones finally turned up to collect his first prize for last year’s series, but didn’t make a great start in the handicap for this year’s. That’s how it works, you see; the handicapper’s blue pencil has been at work!

  1. Colin Scott M55 Yorks RWC 57:35
  2. Martin Fisher M55 Redcar RWC 58:20
  3. Martin Young M45 Hallamshire Harriers 61:12
  4. Denis Jackson M70 York CIU 65:40
  5. David Crompton M50 Lancs WC 66:01
  6. Russel Jackson M70 Yorks RWC 67:59
  7. Mark Byrne M55 Redcar RWC 71:59
  8. Richard Cole M70 York CIU 73:45
  9. Andrew Thacker ? Yorks RWC 77:10
  10. David Jones M65 Redcar RWC 79:11


WINTER LEAGUE RACE 3 and SOUP & ROLL EVENT Dalton, North Yorks 26 Nov 2017

I know I’m getting mard, but as cold as I can ever remember for a race, particularly because of the chilly wind on the outward 2 kilometres+ uphill section. As you can see Pat and I pulled off a Lancashire double. Dave, as ever, was mucking in as a conscientious official. 

10 kilometres



Yours truly, struggling up the last incline on the first half of the opening lap


1 Tony Taylor Lancashire WC M70 55:26  [27:28] 2 Martin Fisher Redcar RWC V55 M 58:17 [29:31] 3 Sharon Gayter North York Moors AC F50 65:16 [32:29] 4 Dennis Jackson York CIU M70 66:19 [32:36] 5  Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC M70 68:04 [33:11] 6 Bill Gayter North York Moors AC/novice M50 73:45 [35:52] 7 6 Mark Byrne Redcar RWC M55 74:48 [37:46] 8 John Paddick Quickstep Striders M70 80:15 [39:59] 9 Yam Gurung Yorkshire RWC/novice M55 80:34 [41:12] 10 Atmaram Dahal Yorkshire RWC/novice M55 80:35 [41:12] 11 Dave Jones Redcar RWC M65 84:46 [41:53]

5 kilometres


Dalton PE1

Pat already to the fore


1 Pat Evans Lancashire WC F65 34:58 2 Alan Brooks Yorkshire RWC M70 35:53 3 Abbie Walker Sedgefield H/novice U15 37:14 4 Marie Walker Sedgefield H/novice F45 39:52  5 Judith Fisher novice F50 41:49 6= Kath Stewart North Shields Poly/novice F70  6=  Ron Stewart North Shield Poly M75 43:29 8= Jenny Walker Sedgefield H/novice U15  8= David Walker Sedgefield H/novice M50 48:37 10= Anita Dahal novice F50  10= Shova Gurung novice F50 55:03


Trevor McDermot reports:

Sunday morning dawned cold, crispy and clear with a few icy patches on the race circuit of undulating, twisting country lanes that required coning off. Otherwise, an interesting 5km route was clear and practically free of vehicle traffic. This small, scenic village nestled in upper Teesdale, was the venue of our first Soup & Roll League promotion nearly four years ago.
Eight different clubs were represented overall, 11 in each 5 and 10km tests, and eleven (precisely half of the walkers) were complete newcomers. A few usual stalwarts were absent. We were delighted to introduce the novel concept of Race Walking to members of the Catterick parkrun volunteer team, and to the Walker family from Sedgefield Harriers who were to eventually earn themselves three prizes to take home including a signed copy of Chris Maddocks’ book.

Travelling an awfully long way to support the promotion (Crete is hardly next door) was the always impressive Tony Taylor. After some technical issues occasioned by an injury-hit year, he visibly relaxed on his second lap to take the 10km (and league handicap win too) by a good margin from 100 Mile legend Martin Fisher. Sharon Gayter got the better of Dennis Jackson for 3rd, and was overjoyed to see husband Bill achieve 1st Novice place in his very first race walk.

In the 5km Pat Evans used her good experience of the course followed by venerable Winter League secretary Alan Brooks of the hosting club. In third was 14 year old Abbie Walker who, having began with homework in hand, and then strolled for a bit admiring the view, thought she might as well give the race some attention too. She was to finish in 37 mins barely out of breath, looking as if it was as much effort as putting the kettle on. One can only wonder at the potential.

Excellent efforts followed by mum Marie and Judith Fisher who thoroughly deserved their prizes. All Novices were presented with certificates by ex-World Record holder Marion Fawkes.
A free lunch of home-made vegetable soup and crusty rolls (that particular Northern delicacy of pie n’ peas also on offer besides chicken drumsticks and a very popular curry brought by the irrepressible Atmaram) left little cleaning up. Our very entertaining parkrun friends from the Gurkha community completely dominated the presentation with their insistence on photos with everything and everybody, and gave a fantastic reminder that family participation and FUN should be keystones in everything.

And the club gained another three new members.

The afternoon saw an EA officials Level 1 module in Race Walking in the village hall meeting room, under the control of top judge Ian Richards; those present were able to get some practical experience from the racing earlier.

So that was it. A ‘taster’ day with fresh air, RW book stall, nice food, an attractive venue, and responses at short notice from local community, Athletic clubs, parkrun brigade, England Athletics and different generations of age / family participation, in order to introduce Race Walking. Much could be done better but It was all privately sponsored and gives an idea of what might be achieved with support from official bodies. The talent is out there waiting.



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