Xmas spirit arrives early at the Dick Maxwell 10k

Santa’s Little Helper and assembled Xmas 10k field

Dick Maxwell Memorial 10k Race @ Simister 1st December 2018
Roy Gunnett reports:
The race was not held over the advertised Nightmare course as this was flooded.
Instead, it was held on the 2 lap out and back course to the park.
Weather for November was fairly good – a mild day with little wind and a slight drizzle.
Adrian Edwards walked strongly throughout and won the scratch race with Martin Fisher just under 40 secs behind.
Roy Gunnett won the handicap and was awarded the Dick Maxwell trophy.
Following the race, all enjoyed a meal of Pie and Peas prepared by Pat and the ‘Secret Santa’.
[ Tony Taylor is reliably informed that anyone revealing the identity of Santa’s Little Helper will receive a severe penalty at the hands of the Club Handicapper!]
10 kilometres
1. Adrian Edwards Lancs WC 57:59
2. Martin Fisher Redcar WC 58:38
3.Tony Bell Lancs WC 63:32
4.Stuart Edgar D&S 64:09
5.Roy Gunnett Lancs WC 65:41
6.Dan Maskell Surrey WC 66:58
7.Glyn Jones Cov. Godiva 67:42
8. John Crahan Lancs WC 69:15
9. Joe Hardy Lancs WC 70:03
10. Sailash Shah Lancs WC 72:04
11. Ian Hilditch Lancs WC 73:07
12. Ian Vaughan Lancs WC 76:41
13. Andrea Lennon Lancs WC 83:41
5 kilometres
1. Pat Evans LancsWC 35:00
2. Greg Smith Lancs WC 36:29
3. Arthur Wilson Unattached 38:48
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