Bill Jackson Trophy goes to new President, Tony Taylor

Roy Gunnett writes:

As per usual the Bill Jackson Trophy 5k race at Simister on November 2nd was a yacht handicap. Ten walkers took part on the out and back course to Heaton Park.

Tony Taylor ahead of Tony Bell

Excellent handicapping by Dave Evans ensured there was some close racing in the final kilometre. Tony Taylor put in a superb performance to win the scratch race and the Bill Jackson handicap. The weather was mild with light rain.

Roy Gunnett

Following the race the 112th Lancashire Walking Club AGM was held. This was the first since the loss of our dearly missed President and Chairman, Fred Pearce. Dave Evans did a great job in chairing the meeting. Greg Smith took the minutes, which will be circulated so I will not duplicate the information here. One particular point of note is that all members were delighted that Tony Taylor accepted the position of our new club President.

Andrea Lennon on her way home


The table below indicates in order – Name, age group, actual time, handicap position, handicap points and age graded performance. All competitors were LWC members.

Tony TaylorM7025:51:0012599.37%
Tony BellM5531:46:0081867.99%
Phil McCullaghM6033:22:0022468.26%
Joe HardyM7533:38:0032380.60%
Sailash ShahM50 33:57:00101962.50%
Pat EvansW6534:35:0052167.02%
John CrahanM7034:41:0071972.22%
Roy GunnettM7035:20:0091772.70%
Ian HilditchM7535:34:0062078.46%
Andrea LennonW7544:13:0042279.90%

In addition here are Dave Evans’ welcome thoughts.

John Crahan chased by Sailash Shah

This race is the only yacht handicap on the Lancashire WC programme and presents all competitors with a different challenge.  From the word “Go” every walker understands that his/her final handicap position is based on the order in which you cross the finishing line. Andrea Lennon was the hare and on a drizzly day she walked remarkably well having now recovered from the fall she had some weeks ago. Starting positions on the grid reflected current form or more likely the times walked in the Fred Pearce relays in July when competitors tackled the same 5k distance. Having seen the final walker, Tony Taylor, on his way some 14 minutes or so after Andrea, the officials retired to the warmth of the school headquarters. Emerging 20 minutes or so later informal bets were taken on who would appear at the head of the field. Nobody guessed the leading walker so when Tony Taylor came into view it was quite clear that this was his day. He raced right through to the finishing line and was rewarded with a very impressive 25 minutes 51 aided by the line of lesser mortals on route ! The main group of aspirants came into view a full minute later with last minute improvements etched on their faces. Phil McCullagh produced a swift second half and as a consequence was rewarded with runner up position. The next block of heel toers closed on the finishing line at speed with Joe Hardy a good third just ahead of Andrea  Lennon and Pat Evans. 

Ian Hilditch looking too cheery?!

Thanks to Ian Vaughan, who as well as marshalling at the turn, took the photos.

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