Yorkshire RWC Xmas Walks – 8th December 2019 – Kirkby Fleetham

Yorkshire RWC Xmas Walks – 8th December 2019 – Kirkby Fleetham

Trevor McDermot reports:

Pictured below are Denis Jackson, RWA Hon. Secretary Colin Vesty and RWA President Helen Elleker as they approach halfway during the Xmas Walks at Kirkby Fleetham. There were many puddles around those country lanes.

On behalf of Linda and myself, sincere thanks to everyone who travelled so far to attend on a blustery, wet, sunny day (with the odd rainbow thrown in) , to Alan Brooks for arranging the awards, and to our officials and helpers who made sure that the event proceeded nicely.

Very well done to Kim Forbes who travelled all the way from Edinburgh for her first ever race walk. I was chatting to her husband and, to my delight , suddenly realised that it was ex-800m international Paul Forbes.

Sheltering before the start

Everyone took at least one spot prize, including Adrian Edwards who had taken on an arduous Sunday journey via public transport to get there in time for the ensuing Area AGM.

Lancashire’s festive Phil McCullagh in his second race of the weekend

Our best wishes go to departing Yorkshire RWC President and stalwart walking official Russ Jackson and wife Jean who leave our shores for good shortly. A moving letter of support, advice and encouragement from Russ was read out in his absence.

At an impromptu club committee meeting later –   Marion Fawkes was nominated and accepted that role as his successor.



1 –  Natalie Myers  (2DASH)  60.14

2 – Graham Jackson (Northern Masters)  61.32

3 – Helen Elleker  (2DASH)  64.55

4 – Colin Vesty  (Leicester WC) 65.08

5 – Denis Jackson (Yorkshire RWC) 65.34

6 – Neil Armitage (Yorkshire RWC) 68.27

7 – Phil McCullagh  (Lancashire WC) 70.54

8 – Mark Byrne (Redcar RWC)  80.27



1 – Colin Scott (Yorkshire RWC) 31.43

2 – Kim Forbes (Scots Vets) 36.00

3 – Alan Brooks (Yorkshire RWC) 37.40  

Officials –  Sailash Shah, Peter + Marion Fawkes, Izzy Wilkinson, Melva Steckles, Rita Peacock, Linda + myself

Kind regards and wishing a Happy Festive season to all

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