Lancashire back on top in the Virtual Series Age-Graded Team competition

Having been knocked off our top perch we’ve bounced back, displaying classic northern phlegm [apologies for the cliches!] to be the leading team in the Virtual Series Age-graded 2 kilometres competition.

The Two Tonys battling it out


1 Lancashire Walking Club (33) (85.00%)
2 Surrey Walking Club (36) (84.73%)
3 Steyning AC (37) (86.25%)
– AUSTRALIA (73) (75.08%)
4 Sarnia Walking Club (91) (72.95%)
5 Quickstep Fitness (127) (65.82%)
6 Scotia Race Walking Club (138) (62.60%)
7 Manx Harriers (173) (54.99%)
8 Winchester AC (215) (47.78%)
9 Birchfield Harriers (254) (36.17%)

Team being:

Tony Taylor

M70  95.15%    Lancs WC    00:10:25.0

Tony Malone

M65  83.19%    Lancs WC    00:11:21.73

Guy Goodair

M80  76.65%    Lancs WC    00:15:08.0 
Guy Goodair in days of yore with Mal Tolley and.Ron Wallwork

In addition we are riding third in the overall Men’s Team race.


1 Surrey Walking Club (39)
2 Sarnia Walking Club (59)
3 Lancashire Walking Club (87)
4 Steyning AC (88)
5 Scotia Race Walking Club (134)
6 Quickstep Fitness (156)
7 Manx Harriers (171)
8 Winchester AC (209)
9 Birchfield Harriers (241)

Meanwhile this week the Open Series distance moved to 3 kilometres and we’ve battled impressively to third overall with young Steve Walker entering the fray.


1 Surrey Walking Club (35)
2 Steyning AC (81)
3 Lancashire Walking Club (104)
4 Scotia Race Walking Club (112)
5 Manx Harriers (119)
6 Winchester AC (152)
7 Sarnia Walking Club (180)
8 Birchfield Harriers (182)
9 Quickstep Fitness (185)

Team being:

Tony Taylor

M70  96.62%    Lancs WC    00:15:37.5    11.526 km/h

Steve Walker

 M60  71.10%    Lancs WC    00:18:44.0    9.609 km/h

Guy Goodair

M80  77.43%    Lancs WC    00:22:51.0    7.877 km/h

The photo below of the full 2k results isn’t very clear, but if you are interested in the overall placings, times etc, of both races go to It’s fascinating.

Latest news ahead of this week’s races over 2 and 3k is that Tony Malone is stepping up to the 3k, Guy and Steve are doing interval training and the hypochondriacal Taylor is nursing a swollen foot – the usual pre-race excuse.

And it’s not at all too late for anyone else to join in and strengthen our bid for World domination.

Thanks as ever to Andi Drake, Helen Elleker and John Constandinou for making this happen with a special word for John, who is shouldering the strain of working in a care home at such a demanding time. Respect.

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