Saturday, May 9 should have witnessed the very first Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy event to be held on his home patch in Chorley. Sadly it had fallen foul of the virus-induced lockdown on public sporting activity. Dave is held in such high regard that it struck in our collective craw to see the race postponed.

Lest we forget. Dave and Fred ‘both in their element’.

However, a few days ago, John Crahan suggested that in our different ways we could remember Dave by agreeing to walk seven miles or thereabouts this weekend. A host of members and friends rose to the challenge.

Pride of place to John for setting the initiative in motion.

Before setting off, John’s message reads: DAVE – HONESTY, INTEGRITY WITH A SMILE. RESPECT FROM TEAM CRAHAN

John informs : At the halfway stage I saw my coach [ Alexis, his 6 year old grandaughter!] and swapped some lollies for a bag of flour.

I was not sure what Dave drank so I brought home a selection of beers to make an appropriate toast.

I greatly miss Dave and the small but sincere dedication of my walk to his memory is only the third such time I have done it. When I say the others were for George Kirby and Fred, that is pretty good company.

Stephen Walker up early on Saturday to finish his 7 miles stint

Martin and Judith Fisher : We will be out this morning for a walk remembering Dave. It’s a challenging time for us all  but am sure we will be back all the fitter soon.

Glyn Jones : On Saturday I shall be out on the country lanes near to where I live and I will be in race walking mode for  a 7 mile training session (or near enough) in memory of Dave Crompton. A really good idea in memory of a beloved member of Lancs W.C.

Peter and Marion Fawkes : Even Marion and I will be out on a walk today in memory of Dave, slowly of course as that’s all we can manage now. Such a nice man – still can’t believe he’s gone but good to know he’s still in our memories along with Fred.

Dave and Pat Evans : Logging in our effort this morning. We had to chose a hilly course locally which we had on both the out and back. I gave Pat a 3 1/2 minute start and she wore her orange parkrun t shirt so I could see her in the distance! She walked very well and did 1 hour 26 minutes and I was about a minute or so faster. Great weather for our walk and we are now knackered and sitting in the conservatory having a coffee. 

Roy Gunnett – My memorial picturesque route took me along the coastal path near my home in Formby and was a good 7 miles. 

Guy Goodair : Judith and I went out this morning and did a 7km memorial walk for Dave.

Bill McFadden: I completed the 7 mile walk yesterday.  Slow but worth it for the memories. Now carrying a couple if injuries/strains. But people have more worries.

Chris Bolton : I am very envious of all the members opting for seven mile outdoor walks in memory of Dave. 
I am not allowed to cross my doorstep for at least another six weeks. However I do have my own treadmill which has been a saviour. 
This morning I did manage seven miles on the treadmill to honour Dave’s memory. I’m sure Eric must must be proud that so many members walked for Dave today. 
See you all one day. 

Ron Wallwork, a club legend, completes 70 minutes on gravel in memory of Dave

Ian Vaughan :  I walked 7km early this morning (I know, not 7 miles).  The time was nothing to write home about, but Dave’s walk has nudged me back into training, and I will be posting a 3km time in a few weeks.

Tony Bell : I racewalked a bit further than usual today, I managed 8.1km on the treadmill in just over an hour, not up to 7 miles yet. Slowly getting over a back injury,

Tony Malone: This morning I did 7 miles timed during my 14 km training session in Woodbank Park. My 7 mile time was a very slow 72.13. While I was going one round the lap Ian Vaughan was going the other way round!

Greg Smith: On Saturday afternoon in memory of Dave Crompton I race walked up to Affetside Cross, the highest point local to me. I have many warm recollections of Dave, a great club mate and a very fine person. In the picture are yours truly, Affetside Cross and a bemused member of the public.

Alistair Shand: Very moving, Tony, to read of all the tributes to Dave. Proof – were it needed – of the high regard, respect and affection in which Dave was held by everybody. I’m not race walking now (I eventually got the message that I was a lost cause!), but I have great memories of a fantastic man. Take care in these bizarre times.

Irene Pike : Well done everyone. A wonderful tribute to lovely Dave. I will never forget my first race at Chorley when Dave saved me from going the wrong way and kept with me, giving much appreciated encouragement. I did a 5 mile gentle walk along the river yesterday, so a little over 7k, thinking about Dave, Louise and all our great team members. Very best wishes to everyone

Jan McCue –

Such a lovely tribute to Dave!!! What A Wonderful Idea!!!

I had a stunning walk around Entwistle and Turton Reservoirs sorry but I did not take any selfies!!!

I have been in touch with Shirley, Dave’s sister she lives on the next street to my dad, we were in the same class at primary and secondary school, she wasn’t aware of anything taking place and she was really touched. Unfortunately Shirley doesn’t have an email address or mobile phone so I am going to print of the tributes and post it through her door when I go to Coppull on Thursday, I shall also make a copy for Eric. I bumped into Eric months ago in the doctors surgery when I was taking my dad, he stopped and had a chat with us,

‘Bad Back’ Taylor about to set off with shepherd’s crook in hand needing to hike rather than race walk

And a final word to Christine Pearce:

Sorry I have not been in touch, I have had the Coronavirus since the lockdown, but managed to avoid hospital so consider myself very lucky. After having three courses of antibiotics I am feeling much better and more energy now, so please accept my apologies for not being in contact.

Dave Crompton was a very special man and meant a lot to Fred and I and he is certainly missed but will never be forgotten. Happy memories of happy times. 
Hope everyone has been managing to get their one hour of exercise a day and I am sure some of you will have had some fast times with your walking!

Looking forward to the next race when hopefully we can see each other again, even from a 2m distance. 

Love and best wishes to you and all your families and keep safe.


A final image of Dave at the British Masters

And a last word from Louise.

Just a little note from the family to say a big thanks to everyone who did their own lockdown versions of the walk at the weekend. We’ve all seen the comments on the LWC website and it means so much to us that people have taken the time out to walk and remember Dave in this way.

Hopefully we will get it done properly sometime this year!

Much love,

Louise, Emma and all the family

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  1. Peter & Marion Fawkes says:

    Brilliant! A fitting tribute to a well respected and loved friend. Everyone should be proud of their efforts.

  2. Graham jackson says:

    Well done everyone on remembering dave I will do.mine on the treadmill today I’ve been at work all weekend so not been able to do it .alister no body is a lost cause when it comes to walking

  3. irene pike says:

    Well done everyone. A wonderful tribute to lovely Dave. I will never forget my first race at Chorley when Dave saved me from going the wrong way and kept with me, giving much appreciated encouragement. I did a 5 mile gentle walk along the river yesterday, so a little over 7k, thinking about Dave, Louise and all our great team members. Very best wishes to everyone. Irene

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