The Race Walking World goes Virtual – more results and news

Firstly, despite my return, we slipped to third in the Virtual Series 2 kilometres Age-Graded team competition.

Nothing virtual about this February 1969 Club 10 kilometres line up, Leverhulme Park Bolton. I can vouch that it was freezing. How many can we name?


1 Steyning AC (86.97%)
2 Surrey WC (86.59%)
3 Lancashire WC (84.12%)
– AUSTRALIA (77.60%)
4 Sarnia WC (73.99%)
5 Quickstep Fitness (71.05%)
6 Scotia RWC (68.90%)
7 Ilford AC (62.89%)
8 Birchfield Harriers (60.20%)
– USA (58.63%)
9 Manx Harriers (54.68%)
10 Enfield & Haringey AC (52.57%)
11 Winchester AC (47.39%)
12 Cardiff AC (41.09%)
– NEW ZEALAND (34.51%)

TONY TAYLOR M70  92.78%    Lancs WC    00:10:41.2    
TONY MALONE M65  80.48%    Lancs WC    00:11:44.8
STEPHEN WALKER M60  68.30%    Lancs WC    00:12:49.0+ 
TONY BELL M60  68.30%    Lancs WC    00:12:49.0+ 
GUY GOODAIR M80  79.09%    Lancs WC    00:14:40.0

Stephen and Guy also contested the 4 kilometres distance organised through Andy Drake clocking 25:38 and 30:57 respectively. This week sees the distance shift to 5 kilometres.

Meanwhile over in the USA Dave and Erin Talcott have taken the following initiative.

Dave and Erin Talcott

USA Masters Race Walking Virtual Race Series

Hello Masters race walkers! and in fact all walkers. Our races for the summer have been mostly cancelled, motivation can be hard to come by.

Dave and I, in collaboration with the Masters race walk committee, are hosting a virtual race series for race walkers!

Let’s do something fun to bring us together and give us motivation.

Here’s what’s entailed: There are three distances being contested. Throughout the month of June test yourself at one or all of the following distances; 1,500, 3,000 and 5,000. You can enter one, two or all three of the distances. You can try multiple times and submit your best performance.

This race is honour system. We hope and expect everyone to adhere to the rules of race walking, absolutely no running. Please try your best to correctly follow the rules of race walking. Times can be submitted based on your time on a track, treadmill or GPS watch, wherever you can get an accurate time for the distance.

Awards will be special certificates. We’re really going to have fun with categories for this! Awards/recognition will be for the following male and female.

Top three overall. Top three age group. Top three age graded. Top three co-ed teams

Top three overall for all three races. Top three age graded for all three races. Top three age group for all three races. Top three co-ed teams for all three races

In addition Dave and I will present awards for the following:

Most enthusiastic! Most improved! Most inspirational!

To register email Erin Talcott at Please include the following information.

Name / DOB / Mailing address / Club (if applicable)

Have fun with it! Try each distance as many times as you want in the month of June. Tell us all your times, this will help us determine most improved performances.

This competition is funded by the US Race walking master’s committee for our masters race walkers.

However we gladly welcome junior, open and foreign athletes! The main difference is certificates for open, juniors and foreigners will be emailed as opposed to being pressented.

Stay healthy! Yours in sport, Erin and Dave Talcott

Bearing in mind the start of our own Club Virtual Series this month and the fact that the distance to be timed in June is 5 kilometres it would be straightforward to join in with the US Masters by signing up as above with Erin and submitting your 5k performance[s]. Or you might be so motivated you muck in at all the distances. Whatever getting involved will add an international dimension to our collective efforts to stay fit and healthy ahead of our return to racing in the flesh.

Let me know if you do sign up withe the US Masters initiative.

To close by saying I’ve already had 3 kilometre times submitted for the May challenge. Word has it that young John Crahan has caused quite a stir on Blackpool promenade, leaving the trams in his wake. And he threatens to go even faster!

Make sure you submit your times to me before the end of the month. Seeing it’s 38 degrees here on Crete I might wait a day or two before going for it!

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