Yesterday, in times past Whit Monday, was the traditional date for the Bradford 50 kilometres organised by the Yorkshire Walking Club. John Cannell has sent me kindly the above YouTube recording of a Yorkshire TV [?] newspiece. I’m not sure of the year.It features the late Geoff Dowling, the historian and committed lover of the sport, the wonderful Jake Warhurst, asked what part of the tough course was the most difficult he replies, ‘none on it’, together with the ever stylish John Paddick. Our local interest is to be found in footage of Dave Crompton and Joe Hardy plus our good friends from across the Pennines, Graham Jackson and Martin Fisher.

I’ll do some more digging as to the overall result and any other gossip/information. Help gratefully received – perhaps from archivist and tireless devotee, John Constandinou, who can be seen finishing.

Result at

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  1. Joyce Harasimiuk says:

    So good to see this video. I competed in the 90th Bradford Walk and was lucky enough to come in first lady. Hugh Neilson helped me, lovely man, first time I’d met him, he fed me during the race. Managed to get Ron Walwork and Ann Sayers autographs. I feel fairly sure I competed in two Bradford Walks, can’t find any evidence though. Happy times, remembering Fred, Dave, Dick and Zena Smith, Bill Maxwell anns many other lovely friends. Brought back so many good memories. Regards to all Joyce

  2. Tony Taylor says:

    Joyce, Lovely memories. Hughie Neilson as your support. Privileged indeed!!
    Take care.

    • Joyce says:

      Oops. Looking through my race records, I met the wonderful, inspirational Hugh Neilson on my first York 50k. J

  3. jconstandinou says:

    The video was filmed at the 104th Bradford Walk in 2006.
    Fantastic video, great memories, and so many old faces and happy memories. What a missed opportunity we couldn’t do it this year during lockdown, when traffic was reduced to almost nothing!

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