Virtual League Racing Series – Race 12 plus a reminder about the June 5k deadline!

The end of June is approaching fast and with it the deadline for your speedy 5 kilometres clockings in our very own Club Virtual Series. Can Lancashire rise to the gauntlet thrown down by Scotia? I’ll accept submissions up to midnight on the first of July to give you a bit of room for manoeuvre over the next few days. Send your result to Tony at

Meanwhile, the battle between ourselves and our Scottish rivals continues in the original Virtual League Series organised by Helen and John.



1 Scotia Race Walking Club (30)
2 Lancashire Walking Club (47)
3 Quickstep Fitness (65)
4 Sarnia Walking Club (83)
– RUSSIA (159)
5 Birchfield Harriers (212)
6 Ilford AC (217)


1 Lancashire Walking Club (86.71%)
2 Scotia Race Walking Club (81.12%)
3 Sarnia Walking Club (74.69%)
4 Quickstep Fitness (73.20%)
– RUSSIA (60.23%)
– AUSTRALIA (50.13%)
5 Ilford AC (43.38%)
6 Birchfield Harriers (39.09%)

Our team as follows:

Tony Taylor M70 96.53% Lancs WC 10:24.8

Stephen Walker M60 79.91% Lancs WC 11:04.0

Tony Malone M65 83.68% Lancs WC 11:17.0

Tony Bell M55 68.63% Lancs WC 12:16.0

Greg Smith M65 71.26% Lancs WC 13:06.0

Guy Goodair M80 76.15% Lancs WC 15:14.0

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