The start at Bury in less stressful times!

We are faced with a range of issues and dilemmas in considering whether or not we can proceed with the One Hour race in just over a fortnight. Dave and Roy with advice from Adrian and Greg are in the midst of negotiating with the national bodies as to what might be the best way forward.

To give you some sense of the situation see the following points. Bearing these in mind it would be enormously helpful if you could indicate if you are committed to attending if the race goes ahead. As things stand the Corvid 19 situation limits our flexibility and until we get final confirmation from the RWA we are unable to issue a final notification of the event.

Roger at Bury has confirmed our booking, but we are uncertain as to what notice he needs if we are unable to hold the event.

The facilities at Bury will be very limited. The changing rooms and hall will be closed, but there will be toilet access. Walkers will need to come changed and bring their own refreshments.

After the race competitors will have to leave immediately before results are announced.

Colin Vesty on behalf of the Race Walking Association adds,

All track race walking events should be carefully planned to comply with all national,
local and venue imposed restrictions and advice (e.g. social distancing, hygiene etc.). This will need to include a fully detailed Covid control action plan. Before applying for a permit (race licence), the organiser should secure permission from the venue and conformation of attendance by a full cohort of officials. To assist with “track and trace”, it is expected that all events will need to be pre-entry only and a register maintained of names and addresses for all attendees (athletes, officials, volunteers, supporters and spectators).

In addition Adrian Edwards, who has been involved in coaching over the last month or so, sends these thoughts.

With current infection rates the chances of coming into contact with someone who has active covid is one in several thousand; depending on where you live. Manchester’s infection rate is a little high at the moment; so whereas in some areas thirty people can meet up indoors for a wedding, not so here. But, any number of people can meet up OUTSIDE as long as they stay two metres apart. If all those people with covid stay at home the chances of giving it to someone outside your family should be nil. Because some people can be asymptomatic, and some people are ignoring advice, there is a small chance of infection. However, most of the deaths from covid have occurred in the over forty fives, which is the majority of our members; with some added risk for being male, smokers and overweight. So if our members are sensible and stay away if they have any symptoms we should be safe.

We can cut risk by travelling in private vehicles and not using public transport.

We can cut risk by not using numbers.

We can cut risk by not using markers on the ground. People can just stand where they are until their distance has been measured at the end of the race.

We could potentially cut risk by combining the walk with Fred’s relay. Two times half an hour so we have less people on the track at any one time. Add two peoples score together. Then everyone can have a walk and swop walkers for officials?

We can cut risk by asking people not to walk together; either go past someone or keep two metres behind. All walkers to stay in lane one unless over taking; over take wide; although the risk is lower if not face to face.

We could cut risk by not taking any money. As it’s supposed to be a voluntary contribution, if anyone wants to make a contribution they could include it with their annual subs later in the year. Or we could ask everyone to bring the right money place it in a box and then if the money isn’t touched for three days it should be covid free.

By going straight home afterwards we can reduce risk of spreading the virus if someone does unknowingly have it; but we’ll then miss the social side, which may be important to some people.

With all this in mind we need to repeat that we need you to confirm that you would attend if the event is given the green light

Email either Tony at tonymtaylor@gmail.com or Dave Evans at daveevans08 @hotmail.co.uk

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  1. martin payne says:

    Tony, so long as I’m well then I’d be keen to go to Bury and try out the track event. Shame about not being able to socialise after but beats not doing it at all. Happy to bring cash or leave till subs at end of year, whatever fits in with the majority. Best wishes Martin

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  2. tony.... says:

    I would be tempted to come and walk, I have the trophy from last year! However, I usually travel to LWC events in the Manchester region by public transport. For Bury I would take the train to Piccadilly and then tram to Bury. However, I would be reluctant to travel that far by public transport, I haven’t been on public transport since the end of March. The trains to Manchester on Saturday are normally jam packed. If I were to come by car it would be a 160 mile round trip from Sheffield to Bury with at least 2 recharging stops for my electric car at the motorway services.

    I will have to think about this, my heart says yes but my head says no.

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