We’ve received the following message from our ever resourceful friends, Trevor and Linda McDermot.

Hi Friends and Colleagues,

Linda and I found ourselves getting too ‘stir-crazy’ and thought of how the current crisis could also provide OPPORTUNITY over the coming months, while observing the important guidelines of course. Hopefully we now offer an interesting diet of regular, friendly, low key events. These will take place every 3-5 weeks and continue until Spring next year at the minimum.


  1. A series of time trials, starting at intervals throughout each of the mornings.
  2. Quiet, popular road circuit that many of you will have previously experienced.
  3. 10 mins away from A1(M) junction.
  4. UKCM certified, gently undulating 5km lap on country and village lanes, marked every 1km. Signed and marshalled.
  5. Register by email with your chosen time slot (bespoke requirements catered for)
  6. Select any multiple of 5km (no upper limit). All split times recorded.
  7. Neither preference is set in stone and easily amended, say if arriving early/late, or wishing to do an extra lap etc . . . 
  8. Option for training partners / club mates to set their own handicaps for additional interest.
  9. Secure, safe environment. Both standard H+S and COVID risk assessed.
  10. Any group starts done by colour-coded ‘wave’ operation.  
  11. Zero facilities which means zero points of hand contact.
  12. Race licensed and insured.
  13. Black Horse Inn on the course is open for refreshments (and toilets) if required. Details for more local cafes available.
  14. Confirmation for each event sent out in the preceeding week with Start listings and Briefing
  15. Full Results circulated later same day, followed by Report and Photos. 
  16. Completely FREE (donation bucket available, the odd £1 or two will help cover costs)
  17. Family orientated, residents already taking part and future plans for local schools and groups (see below)
  18. Non-virtual, in fact Real 🙂 and tried and tested with excellent feedback

We warmly invite RACE WALKERS

As can be seen, positions are done by separate Age Grading which puts everyone on an equal footing and rewards comparative ability (regardless of age, gender, distance or whether running or walking). This very much highlights the performances of walkers in a way not usually seen ! The few who took part in our trial event all scored in the top half of the table against mostly runners.

Far too often we find race walking hidden away from public view, on closed circuits, in its own insular bubble with little or no prospect of outside interest, understanding or appeal. The ‘Fleetham Cup’ series is therefore intentionally based to fill the gap left by our beloved, much-missed Catterick parkrun, and can only happen due to our many friends from there and, above all, the support and help of a quite wonderful core team of enthusiastic volunteers. 

Furthermore, we are currently working with a thriving local junior Athletic club to add grass track running for Under 11 kids before the end of this year, using the wide and scenic village green. This also offers us Multi-Event potential for kids (all disciplines) which we are particularly excited about, and hope to develop with contributions from other T+F clubs in the region. With something fitness-related for Mums + Dads.

As discussions with the Parish and County Councils reach finalisation, and we are satisfied that every conceivable box has been ticked, an additional RWA Permit will be applied for.

Thank you for your patience in reading this and feel free to ask any questions. We look forward to offering all an interesting, customised race experience.

Understandably given the current Public Health situation some of you now find yourselves under mainland Tier 3 or higher restrictions and cannot travel at present.

Hope to see you in the very near future instead !

Meanwhile all stay safe

Yours in Sport

Trevor McDermot

SECRETARY –  YORKSHIRE RWC Tel –  07702 890067  /  07437 762171

Good to see we had a presence at the first outing with the appearance of Martin.

Martin arriving at Fleetham. Ta to Linda

Martin Payne was ranked 16th on Age-Graded performance (from an overall entry of 44 Runners and odd Walker) with his 10km time of 68:36.

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