Ron Wallwork interviewed – his humanity shines through

Sincere thanks to Dave Ainsworth for pointing me towards this fascinating and revealing interview with a club legend, Ron Wallwork. I remain proud and privileged to have been one of his closest training partners in the late 1960s and early 70s. Interestingly too Ron refers at many points in the interview to his dedicated endeavours as a youth worker. By twist of fate both Ron and I following different paths entered the youth work world in the mid-70s.

In my opinion the title of the interview is misleading. Indeed Ron was a great competitor and wanted to win but he wasn’t a self-centred obsessive. What comes across most is Ron’s humanity, his concern for others, fuelled by his journey from being the last person to be chosen in the playground picking of sides to becoming a Commonwealth champion.

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  1. Peter & Marion Fawkes says:

    An unassuming Gent in both Race walking (where he is held in great esteem) and Horse Racing, where his tireless work with apprentice Jockeys has been recognised by other legends such as Piggott, Dunwoodie and Detori amongst others. Marion and I are honoured to be regarded as friends of both Ron and his lovely wife Joan.

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