Surviving the pandemic in one piece – Dave and Guy reveal all

Firstly, our indefatigible Chair, Dave Evans writes:

This could easily be Dave doing one of the lonely Virtual Series efforts. Ta to Linda M. for the photo.

Club colleagues,

First let me thank everyone who has supported our club Virtual Series and also the World Virtual variation.  I know there are colleagues who have given the virtual walks a bye for a whole variety of reasons but as long as you are with us in spirit it’s enough. Tony T, our President in off shore residence, has done a great job stimulating participation from the club in the virtual events and this together with the regular articles on walkers past and present has kept us together. I have been very surprised at just how good some of our regular walkers have been in the early days and but for Tony’s well written presentations their feats would be hidden away in the minds of our oldest members.  Very proud to know these were in the colours of the Lancashire Walking club and of course, International vests.

Like others I have mixed my exercise between running, race walking and low level fell walking just to keep a focus over the long winter but within the bounds of the Covid guidelines. I also have a treadmill which has a mind of its own but it certainly helps me to maintain a more correct walking action until it speeds up ! With poor weather it is the ideal substitute for getting drenched outdoors. Having contacted a number of club members across the last couple of months it is clear that none of us have access to really good circuits for training or time trials  and in some cases the change of weather outside has complicated suitable courses and underfoot conditions. Recent snowfalls have made walking very precarious and hopefully no one has had any accidents while out training. 

Although we are now in the Coronavirus vaccine scenario the likelihood of any live events is still some distance away. Trevor McDermot has promoted some activity days whilst following the Covid guidelines and this workaround has fulfilled the needs of some club walkers . Alas all the present attempts have to be strictly to the EA guidelines and rely on organisers like Trevor and Linda to find a suitable venue which is very difficult at present. We will be keeping in contact with our regular venue accommodation holders but my feeling is that it will be May at the earliest before we hit the road walking at a club level. Chris Pearce rang me recently and sends her very best wishes to club members and will continue to sponsor Fred’s relay and visit our events as time permits.

It would be great to hear from club members so please drop a line to Tony and tell us what you’ve been up to.  I think we would also like to hear from colleagues about their walking story. How did you start and where you active in other sports previously. Don’t be shy and share your history with us.

A bit late I know but Happy New Year and let’s hope our first proper get together is not too far away.

Meanwhile our White Rose friend, Guy Goodair challenges us to go orienteering!!

Never seen before! Guy off the ground! Ta to Steve Rush, who had to use superfast shutter speed to catch Guy in mid-air even when running.

In 2019 Judith & I did over 100 orienteering races but last year got in 20 before first lockdown and a further 9 when racing started again briefly in August, so 29 in total.  During Lockdown we go out for a walk every day, usually for between 60 and 90 minutes. My son left an exercise bike here when he left home but using it bores me out of my skull so I tend to use it only for Michael Mosley’s  ‘Fast Exercise’ which involves   a couple of minutes warm-up  then speeding up and cranking up the resistance, start to sprint all out for 30 seconds. Lower the resistance and gently pedal for 2 minutes before repeating the sprint again. I can manage about 5 or 6 before I’m completely shattered. I use the bike about 3 times a week

There is an App to download onto your Smartphone called  MapRunF

This offers courses all over the country for you to try. You don’t have to run, many people just walk round. There are two types of course – one being linear where you visit points (or controls) in numerical order, the other is a Score where you have a set time, usually 45 or 60 minutes to visit as many controls as you can but you must get back to the start within the time limit.

There are a lot on the Navvies website

Select an event  then print off a paper copy of the map but also load it onto your phone

Once you’ve download the app onto your phone it will ask you to ‘Select Event’ – scroll down to UK – Manchester – Navvies – your course choice

When you get to the event start some courses are ‘live’ as soon as you get to the start triangle, other will ask for a 4 digit pin number which is shown on the paper map. Once at the start your phone will ‘beep’ the clock starts and you’re off when you get to the first control (although there’s nothing physically there your phone will beep again to record your visit).

Do this all round the course and when you get back to the finish it will show your elapsed time

And at top right of the phone there are 3 bars, click this, and it will ask you to download your result (sometimes you need to go home to do this if the local signal is not strong enough0.

You’ll probably find new parts of an area that you’ve never been to and deciding which way to go to the various controls will keep your brain so occupied you don’t notice the time passing

They have been a welcome diversion and managed we’ve 38 of those with lots still to try.

This orienteering lark looks painful and a touch insane coming down some steep steps in Kendal

Find below two two typical courses to show two different map styles.

Enjoy & keep safe


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