Virtual League Racing Series – Race 46 – Mary Worth Memorial Race

Virtual League Racing Series – Race 46 – Mary Worth Memorial Race 

RIP Mary Worth, a member of Steyning AC, who died on 20th January aged 92. She was 78th on the British All-Time list for 20km and a Veteran record holder and European medallist at 3km, 5km and 10km in several age groups. Mary was the widow of former RWA President Peter Worth (Centurion 491),Centurion Vice President and former Captain, RWA Treasurer & RWA Southern Area Treasurer. He raced for both the Borough of Enfield Harriers & Verlea AC.

Ron Wallwork comments: I didn’t appear on the Enfield Scene until the turn of the century so I didn’t know Mary all that well, but whenever she came along to Enfield Race Walking League fixtures, she was so pleasant and insisted on helping in some capacity. Wearing Steyning AC colours she competed in half a dozen Enfield Open 7’s, winning it in 1981 and finishing in the first three twice.


In a very competitive week we slipped to third but less than 1% in arrears. It’s smashing to see Chris Harvey, one of the club’s outstanding performers, being involved despite continuing health issues.

1 South West Veterans AC (77.44%)
2 Birchfield Harriers (76.91%)
3 Lancashire Walking Club (76.56%)
4 Quickstep Fitness (74.36%)
5 Manx Harriers (73.73%)
6 Leicester Walking Club (70.01%)
7 Steyning AC (59.73%) – USA (52.78%)
8 Sarnia Walking Club (44.20%)

1 Manx Harriers (40)
2 Birchfield Harriers (45)
3 Quickstep Fitness (46)
4 South West Veterans AC (55)
5 Lancashire Walking Club (61)
6 Leicester Walking Club (72) – USA (176)
7 Steyning AC (190)
8 Sarnia Walking Club (210)

Our team as follows:

Tony Taylor M70 91.96% Lancs WC 10:55.0

Guy Goodair M80 69.42% Lancs WC 16:59.0

Roy Gunnett M70 68.29% Lancs WC 14:42.0

Martin Payne M60 67.17% Lancs WC 12:54.0

Tony Bell M55 64.35% Lancs WC 13:05.0

Chris Harvey M60 56.32% Lancs WC 16:02.0

Full results at

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1 Response to Virtual League Racing Series – Race 46 – Mary Worth Memorial Race

  1. jconstandinou says:

    Virtual League 2020-2021 so far:
    46 Races.
    330 total athletes have taken part.

    41 races Tony Bell
    38 races Tony Taylor
    37 races Guy Goodair
    32 races Greg Smith
    20 races Stephen Walker
    19 races Martin Payne
    16 races Roy Gunnett
    15 races Dave Evans
    14 races Tony Malone
    6 races Pat Evans
    3 races Chris Harvey

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