At last – back on the road with the Dave Crompton Trophy race at Chorley, May 8

I bring you good tidings of great joy. We have been given the thumbs up from Colin Vesty of the RWA to go ahead with the Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy race over 7 miles on May 8th in Chorley.

Dave Crompton on the shoulder of Guy Goodair and Dave Jones

The venue will be the St Peters Church meeting room, Harper’s Lane, Chorley PR6 0HP.  The start at 1.30 p.m. will be from the usual point outside our previous home in the St Peter’s Club. There is a possibility that in fact we will still use the Club itself but we will advise ahead of the day.

However, given the circumstances of our return to live action there are a number of considerations for everyone to bear in mind.

  1. II you intend to race it is necessary to inform either Dave Evans or Tony Taylor in advance by midnight, Wednesday, May 5th at the latest. For this first return to the road there will be no exceptions to this request. We hope you will understand.
  2. It will be expected that masks will be worn by everyone indoors – athletes, officials and supporters.
  3. Sadly, given the usual high standard of our post-race catering this will not be provided at our first event. Thus you are asked to provide your own sustenance for the occasion.

The race itself will be a yacht handicap. Staggered starts the name of the day.

Sincere thanks are due to Roy Gunnett for doing the leg work to ensure the go ahead.

Contact emails

Dave Evans at

Tony Taylor at

For my part I will be chuffed to bits and suffused with jealousy as you meet one another anew in mortal combat! I look forward to the race report and photos.

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