Virtual League Racing Series – Final Race 60 of a unifying initiative

Messages from John and Helen, the co-organisers of the Virtual Series, to whom we owe a deep debt of gratitude.

John Constandinou

The finishing line has been crossed, and the race is finally complete. We have done it. Whether you did 1 race or 60, thank you for helping to make this one of the most amazing sporting events to take place over the past year. 350 of us took part, and the distance we covered was enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean twice.To protect race walking, please do now try and support and enter real races.

A list of fixtures is now published online. It will be kept updated, so please send any corrections and additions.Current racewalk events can be seen here:

Thank you all for taking part, and I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck, and I look forward to racing alongside you all again soon! 🙂

Helen Elleker

Thanks to everyone who has kept us company throughout. Hope to see you all in real life sometime soon.

As it is we leapt back to the top of the Age-Graded team category. Great credit is due to everyone, who has been involved in the Series. I think we should take pride in our both our performances and our commitment to this important initiative. I’ve a feeling that John might well come up with some interesting statistics re the Series in the coming weeks.

ITony Bell , who completed 55 of the 60 races in the Series. Bravo!

Virtual League Racing Series – Final Race 60 

1 Lancashire Walking Club (88.48%)

2 Birchfield Harriers (78.40%)
3 Manx Harriers (77.39%)
4 South West Veterans AC (76.93%)
5 Quickstep Fitness (65.81%)
6 Steyning AC (60.80%)
7 Derbyshire & South Yorkshire Harriers (45.14%)
8 Sarnia Walking Club (44.85%)

1 Manx Harriers (22)
2 Lancashire Walking Club (33)
3 Birchfield Harriers (38)
4 South West Veterans AC (51)
5 Quickstep Fitness (87)
6 Derbyshire & South Yorkshire Harriers (172)
7 Steyning AC (186)
8 Sarnia Walking Club (208)

Our team as follows:

Tony Taylor M70 92.81% Lancs WC 10:49.0

Dave Evans M70 90.40% Lancs WC 11:15.0

Greg Smith M65 82.23% Lancs WC 11:29.0

Tony Bell M55 72.85% Lancs WC 11:40.0

Martin Payne M60 72.34% Lancs WC 12:06.0

Stephen Walker M60 70.45% Lancs WC 12:41.0

Roy Gunnett M70 69.58% Lancs WC 14:37.0

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