Last month we decide to test out whether having a monthly time trial would be interesting, fun and an incentive to keep including in our differing training regimes a ‘fast’ session. Hence here are the clockings from May. For those involved last Saturday in Bury it’s interesting to compare these with times achieved in the Dick Smith 10 track kilometres.

The 3,000 metres distance replaced the classic 2 miles of yesteryear. In those days local galas would host athletics meeting including the 2 miles race walk. I couldn’t resist posting this 1950 photo of Leyland’s George Lamb in exemplary action on a grass track. My feeling is that the race is taking place around the perimeter of a cricket field – location unknown. George came close to winning the Blackpool in 1953 finishing 2nd in LWC colours to Vic Stone of the Polytechic Harriers.


Information about your 3k is most welcome – the type of course, how you were feeling and so on.

Glyn Jones

On Saturday (30th) in view of the arrival of summer sunshine and nice warm temperatures, I had planned to get out early and do the 3km along the lanes which I use.

However at 8am I was contacted by my daughter who only lives no more than 10minutes away and who is a Marketing Manager for West Midlands Safari Park that she was unexpectedly having to work from home until 12 noon regarding issues arising at the safari park.

Hence granddad Glyn was delegated for the early pram walk with granddaughter aged 14mths to the local park. There and back and twice round the park lake was about 3 and half miles I guess and so a bit of training mileage at pram walking speed!!!

Back home later and the garden needed some intense TLC after all the recent rain so an hour and half spent bending, kneeling removing numerous unwanted weeds.

Early evening feeling rather aching to say the least, I decided now or never the best time to go and do the 3km series. A gentle warm up of 1km before the start and then off. The lane was quiet, just 2 cars who gave me plenty of room. The evening was quite warm with clear sky and no wind.

The stiffness soon wore off and I finally managed to just get under the 21mins with a time of 20mins 54secs. Would have liked to get more closer to the 20mins but I guess the days activity bore some resemblance. On the other hand I was saving myself for Bury on Saturday (5th).!!!

Ian Hilditch

An early submission of my 3km time for May at 20m 17s. It’s earlier than normal because I’m off to start the Pennine Way walk tomorrow morning which will take me nearly 3 weeks. Will miss the Bury track walk in June which I always enjoy unfortunately.

Tony Bell

Greetings from Sheffield where it is pouring down. 

John Pouncy

Thank you so much for organizing these 3k virtuals — it is greatly appreciated and is a huge help to many.

Stephen Walker

Seeing as I appear to be getting better if you want to let people know about the recent cancer treatment then that’s okay. Hoping to be at the race in July.

[Steve had asked me to hold back on letting members know of his battle with cancer. I’m sure we are all chuffed to hear about his recovery and look forward very much to seeing him in July. He is in our thoughts.]

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  1. david lamb says:

    I have just seen the photo of my dad George Lamb on a grass track. The walk is at the annual Leyland Motors Sports Day. Other walkers known to you who would also be in the race, would be Joe Derrick, Joe Billington and Ted Sharp.

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