There’s been a good response to our June 3 kilometres time trial. Hence it looks as if the notion is proving useful and motivating. Thanks are due too for the accompanying messages, which add spice and interest in maintaining our contact with one another.

Another blast from the past shows from the right, Ken Matthews, Stan Vickers and Eric Hall in either the 1959 or 1960 National 10 miles. In both races they finished in that order.. Ken clocked 70:57 in 1960 when Ron Wallwork raced his first National 10 finishing 20th,

Ian Hilditch – Tony, the temperature this morning was only 21 degrees so only half of what you have been experiencing.

Marco Bernatzki – under hot and sweltering conditions. Greetings from Germany.

Greg Smith – Walked on a 760 metres circuit on an industrial estate that used to be knownas the Bury ground. It was done on a warm summer’s day on one of the few bits of flat land in these parts. Please note my time of 18:34 (an improvement on last month). Am now recovering from hernia surgery. Hope to get along to the Fred Pearce relays on 24th July to watch/marshall/photograph.

Martin Payne – Tony, you talked me into it! [Martin had indicated he might not do a 3k as he was focusing on longer distances. I begged him to think again.]

Glyn Jones – After my disappointing performance at the Bury track 10km, things went a bit downhill during the earlier and mid part of June. Whether it was the heat at Bury or some other cause I am not sure, but I came down with a very heavy head cold, a cough and a runny nose and  wobbly on the legs. All in all it felt like flu, but of course I regularly have the flu injection and also I have had both vaccinations. Anyway I just felt like a damp squib and on the advice of my daughter went to the local Covid test centre and which I am pleased to say came back ‘negative’ and the same for a lateral home test some days later which I needed as I was officiating at the British Championships in Manchester last weekend. (27th.June) My co-walks officials said I looked tired but I didn’t want to let the side down and make them short.

Consequently race walk training was non existence until this week when feeling much better and stronger I was putting my Addidas shoes back on and went out along the lanes to get back into the mode of training again. I have only been out twice, the second time today (Thursday) and did the June virtual 3km. My time was 20mins 35secs for 3km which in the circumstances I was happy with.It was late afternoon, quite sunny, warm with no breeze at all and no traffic whatsoever along the lanes.When I am back next week, will start to get some longer walks to get ready for the Fred Pearce Relays at Simister when I hope to be there.

John Crahan – Cavendish emulates Crahan. Bob Monkhouse once said “They laughed when I said I was going to be a comedian -they are not laughing now”.On a day when my coach had to race behind closed doors at her school sports I did a 3k in 20 mins 33 sec.I am really tired after training fairly hard but 3k has always been my best /least worse distance.My walk finished at the War Memorial -amongst the many names is the man I am humbled to be to named after. I hope that my change from Stella to Peroni aids my return to a less sloth like progression.

Tony Taylor – A real struggle, not just on account of the furnace-like heat. I was chatting to Greg a few months ago about continuing back and hip problems, saying it might be a good idea to have a few months just rambling around our country lanes. However I kept going, mainly because of the Virtual Series. I could cope with just 2 kilometres! As it stands the hip is really sore so a rest of sorts is on the cards. Hoping to be back for the Lambert Trophy.

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