The Fred Pearce Relay, July 24 – Advance notice of attendance much appreciated

A lovely photo of Fred Pearce Senior seen here with Jack Tempest on the left, Alf Scorer on the right and a local dignitary in between

Thankfully the Fred Pearce Memorial Relay is to go ahead on Saturday, July 24 at Simister, 1.30 start. All the facilities of the Lady Wilton Hall will be available. We’re pleased and grateful to report that Christine Pearce will be providing the refreshments.

In this context [ how many butties should Chris make?!] and with Dave Evans having to sort out the relay teams it would be enormously helpful if you would let Dave or me know if you are attending and in what capacity.

The Relay is a centre piece in our calendar and is a touching reminder of all that we owe to Fred Snr and Fred Jnr, together with the Pearce family as a whole.

I’m gutted not be with you on Saturday as you know how much the very name Pearce means to me. Flights were booked. I must confess that the government’s refusal to recognise my European Union digital certificate of vaccination irks, especially as I’m less than keen on increasing State surveillance of all our lives. As things stand I must go into 10 days quarantine on my return to England’s green and pleasant lands even though I’ve been innoculated twice with exactly the same experimental drug as used in the UK. This is carrying anti-European, chauvinistic sentiment to a silly end. I can but hope that a measure of good sense will prevail in the next few weeks. Flights are booked now for September!

Less of my whingeing. Here’s to a sunny day, fierce competition and a plethora of personal bests in memory of father and son.

James and Bronte hoping for better weather this year!!
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