In between the turkey butties, sprouts, pudding and sherry you might relax and peruse this fascinating glimpse into the year 1957 put together by Ron Wallwork, to whom we are very grateful. I’ve acquired a new printer, which has allowed me to scan in Ron’s originals. Although I know a bottom line is missing here and there. I’ll do better next time. Next time around I’ll ask Ron to use a larger font on his originals.

In the meantime, I wish you a joyous Christmas Day in spite of the renewed efforts to spread gloom and anxiety. Next week I’ll put together some memories of 2021 and stare into the crystal ball.

The Kentish Marshes in winter painted by Marilyn Taylor


In Ron’s original, he documents two club races in January. Didn’t scan properly.

January 5th Goodwin Cup 10 miles at West Didsbury- 18 finished. Won bu Joe Barraclough in 80:09 from john Grocott 90:14 and Alan Pugh 91:30.

January 19th at St. Helens 7 miles Handicap – 14 finished. Won by Cliff Royle: H’cap time 49:20 Actual 72:05. Fred Pearce Junior was 8th H’cap 53:30 Actual 67:30.

  1. In fainter type within the scans Ron notes that “Sam Morgan is recorded in the 07/01/1914 Sporting Life as finishing second in North Manchester Harriers 4 miles and was still serving the sport in the early 60s”.
  2. He notes too, ”A remarkable 35 days for Joe Barraclough, 1st June, 1st Lancs AAA 2 miles in 14:17; 10th June, 2nd Bradford 50kms in 4:48:06; 15th June, 12th in National 5okms in 5:18;45; 22nd June, 3rd Manchester-Blackpool 51.75 miles in 8:44:18 and finally 4th London and Back 100 miles in 19:03:34. Long distance races in hot conditions, much travelling – what a feat!

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