Sam Shoebottom results plus Captain’s honour for Greg

The special Club Captain’s badge unearthed by Chris Harvey

Dave Evans reports:

Wet, wet, wet. Another race with no respite and rain throughout. The Lancashire walking club aquanauts are now used to this weather so did what they always do and that’s get stuck in and race.

Quite a few club members were unavailable with a wide assortment of difficulties including colds, COVID, family celebrations, warm weather training(!)and injury. Despite this, we had a great day including a surprise entry in the form of Martin Fisher(Redcar), one of the country’s elite centurions with many 100’s under his belt. Nice to see his wife Judy, who for many years has been a valuable supporter at walking events.

Martin Fisher a few years back at Kirkby Fleetham

To ensure a relatively short afternoon’s officiating the 11 strong field was split into two with the faster group giving the main body of 7 walkers a 4-minute start. It was no real surprise to see Martin Fisher powering up the finishing straight at the end of the first of the two out and back sections with his very efficient cadence honed through many years of practice. Martin passed the timekeeper, Eric Horwill, in 31 mins 23 some two minutes clear of Tony Bell and Martin Payne. The remaining walkers were through almost together with 5 clocking 36 minutes and some seconds. At the 5k point, Pat Evans and Andrea Lennon decided to “retire” with times of 36 minutes 47 and 44 minutes 10 respectively having given notice of their intention before the off.

The second half of the race saw Martin Fisher extend his lead followed home by Tony Bell and Martin Payne who were in a close competition right up the finishing line. The rest of the walkers were content with their times given the damp conditions and will no doubt look forward to the day when they do not finish with wet feet and everything else.

Results(10k) with 5k splits

  1. Martin Fisher 61 mins 59 (31 23/31 36)
  2. Tony Bell 65 mins 38 (33 36/32 02)
  3. Martin Payne 65 mins 53 (33 37/32 16)
  4. Phil McCullagh 71 mins 24 (36 15/35 09)
  5. Sailash Shah 72 mins 23 (36 02/36 21)
  6. Steve Wilde 72 mins 40 (36 13/36 27)
  7. Joe Hardy 72 mins 42 (36 46/35 56)
  8. Greg Smith 73 mins 53 (39 08/34 45)
  9. Roy Gunnett 74 mins 33 (36 14/38 19)


  1. Pat Evans 36 mins 47
  2. Andrea Lennon 44 mins 10

Handicap results(10k)

  1. Tony Bell 59 mins 38
  2. Steve Wilde 60 mins 55
  3. Phil McCullagh 61 mins 24
  4. Sailash Shah 61 mins 38
  5. Martin Fisher 61 mins 59
  6. Martin Payne 62 mins 23
  7. Joe Hardy 62 mins 42
  8. Roy Gunnett 64 mins 03
  9. Greg Smith 65 mins 23

Chris Harvey, a former GB international, and hopefully returning to the fray, has found a rather special badge at home in his sporting war chest which was awarded many years ago to the Captain of the Lancashire Walking Club. It appears to be a one-off and Chris has asked if this could be awarded to Greg Smith this year and presented to a different individual each year thereafter. The audience at today’s event fully supported the nomination.

Chris Harvey presents the Captain’s badge to Greg Smith

The next club event is due to be held at Chorley on the 5th March. Whilst the course will be the usual one, the new changing facility will be at a local church hall, a short distance from the St Peter’s club. A notice of the race will be issued in due course with directions to the new ‘clubhouse’. Many thanks to Eric Crompton for arranging this alternative venue.

Members are reminded about the Centurions 100 at Middlesborough in August(20/21) so if you are intending to enter or support, please let us know.

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1 Response to Sam Shoebottom results plus Captain’s honour for Greg

  1. Chris Harvey says:

    Very pleased with photos. So chuffed to present Greg with the Captain’s pin. Keep on walking.

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