The Alison Trophy beckons in the Spring

A smashing photo taken by Greg of all-comers to the race . Moving to see Eric and Louise present outside St Peters. Good to see too David Lamb, son of Leyland legend, George.

Dave Evans reports and takes photos of the action

Spring had arrived and there was certainly a spring in the step of the 12 competitors who set out on a glorious day of pleasant sunshine if you ignored a coolish wind!

To ensure that most walkers were home within a relatively short threshold they were set off in two groups with the “likely faster” aspirants setting off 2 minutes in arrear. This course has always been a test of grit and determination and all stepped up the plate.

The two Martins lead Tony Bell

At the end of the opening mile Martin Fisher, Martin Payne and Tony Bell were together clocking a solid 10 minutes 26 not too far behind the main group who they eased past on the first of the three 2.4 mile circuits. The “early start” brigade kept in close proximity with each other until they entered the second of the demanding loop whereafter the fitter members stretched away.

Glyn trying to drop Ian on a long climb

The speedy threesome comprising the two Martins and Tony B arrived at the 5.8-mile point with only a second between in 60 minutes. Ian Hilditch and Glyn Jones kept pace with each other passing the same point in 67 minutes 11 as the rest of the field battled the mixed gradients a further 2 or 3 minutes behind.

Sailash out on his own

Given the distance between all of the walkers at this point it was necessary for Eric Horwill and I to return to the start to ensure complete times for all of the competitors. In the intervening period, positions changed and some quite dramatically.

Greg – well wrapped up

As the field completed their 15k it was clear a few had suffered in the latter stages suggesting the course was particularly demanding on this occasion. Andrea Lennon, our 80-year-old, was walking wonderfully well – like a woman half her age – and although deciding beforehand to do only two of the circuits, approached the finish looking fresh and purposeful. Glyn Jones looked very good when we left him at 5.8 miles but a previous back problem caught up with him in the last couple of miles and he looked quite distraught as he strolled into the finish. Martin Fisher accompanied his same start rivals for 6 miles then reduced his pace and helped other walkers complete the course, hence his less than normal time.

Andrea – the epitome of smooth relaxation

Martin Payne retained the handicap trophy for this event and was a worthy winner.  Our host for the event was Eric Crompton who very sadly lost his dear wife very recently and we owe him our very grateful thanks for providing the facility, ably supported by Louise.


Martin Payne retains the Alison Trophy, Ta to Greg for the pic.

1. Martin Payne 95 mins 36
2. Tony Bell 99 mins 36
3. Martin Fisher 101 mins 54
4. Ian Hilditch 105 mins 08
5. Glyn Jones 107 mins 43
6. Phil McCullagh 109 mins 21
7. Sailash Shah 111 mins 53
8. Steve Wilde 113 mins 00
9. Joe Hardy 114 mins 20
10. Greg Smith 117 mins 00
11. Roy Gunnett 118 mins 49

Andrea Lennon (6.8 miles)104 mins 20


1. Martin Payne 90 mins 06
2. Tony Bell 94 mins 36
3. Ian Hilditch 94 mins 38
4. Glyn Jones 94 mins 43
5. Phil McCullagh 95 mins 21
6. Steve Wilde 97 mins 30
7. Sailash Shah 98 mins 53
8. Martin Fisher 100mins 24
9. Joe Hardy 101 mins 20
10. Roy Gunnett 102mins 19
11. Greg Smith 107 mins 30

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