Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy 7 miles, Chorley on May 7

All being well we will be in Chorley on Saturday, May 7 racing our hearts out and remembering with great affection, Dave Crompton in the Memorial Trophy event named after him.

Dave, ‘safe as houses’ in the 2 hours walk at Bury 2016

Our new changing facility is to be found at St Peter’s Church Hall on Harpers Lane, PR6 0HP. It is only a stone’s throw from our old stomping ground, the St Peter’s Social Club. Indeed the race will start at 1.00 p.m. at the usual place outside the Social Club.


See the above map and directions to the Church Hall.


Further to our tribute to the late Eric Hall

A photo of a group of those gathered together to honour his memory – thanks to Dave Ainsworth for circulating and to Joan Wallwork for recording the image. From left to right: Dave Ainsworth, Glyn Jones, Amos Seddon, Jon May, Ron Wallwork, Carl Lawton, Gerry O’Doherty (Essex County AA President), Lance Williams & Pam Ficken.

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