Roy Gunnett reports:

The Dick and Zena Smith 10 & 5k Trophy races took place at the Bury Track a week later than originally planned. The event was initially scheduled for June 4th – however, the lack of numbers resulting from the Queen’s Jubilee necessitated a postponement.

Six walkers lined up for the start of the 10k race and 1 for the 5k (Greg Smith). The walkers were very ably assisted by Eric Horwill as Timekeeper and Sailash Shah, Irene Pike and Martin Payne as lap recorders.

Thanks as ever to our band of officials

Both Dave and Pat Evans could not attend the race as they are participating in a ’30 days x approximately 20 miles a day’ Civil Service challenge. More news to follow.

The promised BBC weather forecast of dry sunny weather did not fully materialise. The first third of the race was in light rain – the remainder was warm and overcast with occasional sunny spells. 

The tightly packed peleton

All the 10k walkers for the first 5k stuck together and went through the 5k mark in 35m 56secs.

Tony on his second-half surge

A lap later Tony Bell broke away from the ‘peloton’ and walked strongly all the way to a scratch victory – with a second-half negative split time. 

Ian about to overtake Roy

Shortly after Tony’s breakaway Roy Gunnett also drew away from the others. However this was short-lived and Ian Hilditch overtook Roy and then, towards the end of the race, he was also overtaken by Phil McCullough. 

Phil passes Roy on his way to taking the trophy

Phil McCullough won the handicap race and was presented with the Dick Smith trophy.

Try taking it off me!!
The organisers, Eric and Roy

A special thank you to Eric Horwill must be made as without his help in timekeeping etc it would have been very difficult to manage this race.


10 kilometres

  1. Tony Bell            68m 28secs
  2. Ian Hilditch         70m 21secs
  3. Phil McCullough 71m 39secs
  4. Roy Gunnett.      72m 15secs
  5. Steven Wilde.     73m 17secs
  6. Joe Hardy.          73m 53secs
Steven Wilde

5 kilometres

1. Greg Smith.         35m 41secs

Greg Smith

Handicap Race

  1. Phil McCullough 58m 09secs
  2. Steven Wilde.     59m 47secs
  3. Ian Hilditch         60m 51secs
  4. Greg Smith.        60m 52secs [using a formula based on 5k time]
  5. Tony Bell             61m 28secs
  6. Joe Hardy.           61m 53secs
  7. Roy Gunnett.       62m 45secs

Thanks to Greg Smith and Martin Payne for the photos Much appreciated.


A couple of results you might find of interest – thanks to Dave Ainsworth

The first is of the classic Moulton 5 miles organised by the Lancashire Walking Club legend, Ron Wallwork

A photo of Steve Uttley, Ron and myself taken in 2021 at Moulton
2022 Enfield Race Walking League
21st Anniversary Moulton Five11th June 
1George WilkinsonEnfield H ACSM36.55
2Steve UttleyIlford ACM6548.34
3Dave WalshEnfield H ACM6049.00
4Mike GeorgeVets ACM5050.45
5John ArthurIlford ACM6052.01
6Simon MorganIlford ACM5053.26
7John Borgars ©Loughton ACM7553.44
8Mark CulshawBelgrave HM5556.22
9Tony WilkinsonunattachedM6059.48
10Dave HobenSurrey WCM6561.30
11Chris Flint ©Surrey WCM7561.34
12Paul FirmageRyston RM6564.00
13Paul ForshawF.E.RunnersM6571.52
14Chris WarnerMoulton WM6572.45   
15David Ainsworth ©Ilford ACM7078.44

1Melanie PeddleLoughton ACW5045.32
2Jacqueline BensonAshford ACSW46.37
3Emma DyosIlford ACW4547.42
4Maureen NoelBelgrave HW5552.54
5Fiona BishopEnfield H ACW6054.11
6Sue BarnettEnfield H ACW7054.35
7Alison WilsonunattatchedW5555.20
8Diana BravermanEnfield H ACW7061.22
9Phyllis PopeMoulton WSW65.33
10Elizabeth EdgellMoulton WSW72.45
11Viv HoughtonunattachedW7072.45
12Shaeda ArthurIlford ACW6086.51

The second is of the British Masters 3,000 metres walk track championship

British Masters Track & Field Championships 


11 June 2022 

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