What about a Lancashire WC team at the 2023 Nijmegen Walks ?!?!

Further to Chris Bolton’s excellent report on his recent Nijmegen experience, he cheekily asks if we could raise a team for next year’s 4 Days event. The dream is inspired by Ron Wallwork unearthing a couple of nostalgic photos from 1961.

LWC team Nijmegen 1961

We made it!
???. Bill Cowley, Bert Butterworth, RonW, Martin Trotman, Ted Watkins, ???
Piet DeBree, Johnny Grocott, Dick Smith, Eddie Blakemoor, Chris Bolton, Tommy Dunn
I understand that Piet was a Dutch LWC member and I know that Martin Trotman was 1st Claim Surrey WC
Outside Amsterdam central station
Tommy Dunn, RonW, Johnny Grocott, Martin Trotman, Dick Smith,??, Ted Watkins & Bill Cowley
Carol Smith (Joe Smith’s daughter), Zena Smith, ???

And returning to 1958 and 1960 with more names

LWC with RWA at Nijmegen 1958

Leader: Joe Lambert
Front Row; L to R. Horace Ball (Birmingham), Fred Plumb (Brighton), Arthur Spicer.
Second Row. Bill Lashmar (Brighton), Tommy Dunn (LWC), John Burns (Leyland)
Third Row. Harry Holmes (Yorkshire), Forgotten, Fred Griffiths (Surrey & South London Harriers)
I am behind Harry Holmes and Pete DeBree is behind Fred Griffiths.

LWC with RWA at Nijmegen 1960

Horace Ball, Harry Tetlow, Reg Andrews, Jim Marriott, Fred Plumb, Ernie Ludlum (Yorkshire),
Tommy Dunn, Bill Watson.
Seated, Chris Bolton, Pete DeBree, Ron Wallwork, Eddie Blakemore.

Sincere thanks to Chris and Ron for the research.

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