Tony Bell sprints to victory in the AGM 5km

Three years on it was great to be back on the road again with everyone. In the photo below taken by Dave Evans, it looks as if I know what I’m doing with my watch but I pressed all the wrong buttons. As for the weather, I must confess to being mard and finding it a touch cold!!

On your marks

Dave Evans reports:

Tony Bell sprints away

No fireworks on this occasion but some healthy competition from a baker’s dozen on the usual “out and back” course. Tony Taylor, our former international, was visiting the UK from Crete and certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons as despite some ongoing muscle problems he made his way to the head of the field at halfway.

Tony Taylor chases in vain

Martin Fisher and Adrian Edwards normally vie for honours in this event but as the 13-strong ensemble turned for home it was the bandanaed Tony Bell who charged to the front with Tony Taylor in close attendance. Given that Tony is carrying an injury at present he did well to match strides with his much younger opponent but the final half a mile or so became a bit problematic as a long steepish section met them towards the end.

Metronomic Martin

Martin Fisher walked with his usual metronomic style and was rewarded with a sub 30-minute time only 17 seconds adrift of the second place.

Centurion Adrian

Adrian Edwards is still recovering from his Centurions 100 mile so his time was a bit behind his normal clocking.

Andrea’s performance of the day

One of the best walks of the day was by Andrea Lennon, a very sprightly octogenarian, who has recently completed the Manchester half marathon. Her 40 mins 57 was tremendous and one of her best times ever over the distance.

Roy ‘Heel and Toe’ Gunnett
Steven and Glyn keep close company


  1. Tony Bell 29:19
  2. Tony Taylor 29:24
  3. Martin Fisher 29:41
  4. Adrian Edwards 30:42
  5. Roy Gunnett 33:46
  6. Glyn Jones 33:59
  7. Steven Wilde 33:59
  8. Ian Hilditch 35:02
  9. Sailash Shah 36:13
  10. Pat Evans 36:19
  11. Phil McCullagh 37:47
  12. Joe Hardy 38:22
  13. Andrea Lennon 40:57
Ian’s stylish gilet
Sailash holds off Pat


  1. Tony Bell 25:59
  2. Roy Gunnett 26:16
  3. Glyn Jones 27:09
  4. Martin Fisher 27:41
  5. Steven Wilde 27:44
  6. Adrian Edwards 28:12
  7. Andrew Lennon 28:27
  8. Sailash Shah 28:58
  9. Tony Taylor 29:24
  10. Pat Evans 29:24
  11. Ian Hilditch 30:32
  12. Phil McCullagh 30:37
  13. Joe Hardy 32:02
‘Day-glo[ Phill
Our retiring President, Joe

Thanks to Martin Payne, sidelined by a hamstring injury, for the photos.

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