2023: Health the First Wealth

Writing from Greece, the above is roughly translated as ‘May you have many good years’

A Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone at the club and beyond, who follow our website.


Tony Bell enjoying clearly race walking in the Millhouses Park Run on New Year’s Day
  1. Greg Smith 35:30 less 06:00 = 29:30

2. Tony Taylor 30:02 less 00:15 = 29:47

3. Marco Bernatzki 34:56 less 04:45 = 30:11(Guest)

4. John Crahan 37:32 less 07:15 = 30:17

5. Glyn Jones 35:50 less 05:15 = 30:35 (Guest)

6. Pat Evans 37:20 less 06:30 = 30:50

7. Roy Gunnett 36:10 less 05:00 =31:10

8. Phil McCullagh 39:22 less 07:30 = 31:52

9. Dave Evans 36:08 less 04:15 = 31:53

10. Martin Payne 34:41 less 02:30 = 32:11

11. Tony Bell 32:42 less 00:00 =32:42

12. Steven Wilde 39:38 less 05:30 =34:08

13. Steve Walker 38:13 less 03:15 = 34:58

A breezy Dam Flask reservoir where Marin Payne did his 5k

Thanks to everyone for mucking in despite the bitter weather and the conditions underfoot. Dave Evans took a tumble but after his effort not during! This caveat does not apply to a lucky beggar on Crete and to Stephen Walker in Portugal! Great to have Stephen back with us after his health issues. Plus a special mention for Mario over in Germany. And a later welcome to John Crahan, whose time was lost in the post.

A January Virtual 5 kilometres was already on the fixture list. Hence we will follow the same process this month. Clockings to be sent to Tony by midnight, Tuesday, January 31 at the latest. All being well a few days later we will be racing in reality at the Sam Shoebottom event.

Lancashire Walking Club New Year’s Day race 1910!!
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