Dave Crompton Memorial Trophy, May 13th

Dave in full flow

It’s a special day on our calendar, come the 13th of this month. We’ll be remembering with great affection the much-missed Dave Crompton as we contest over 7 miles the trophy honouring his name. As usual, it will be very helpful if you could let Dave Evans at dave.evans08@hotmail.co.uk know if you are able to attend and in what capacity. The event will start at 1.00 p.m. The venue will be the St Peter’s Church Hall, Harpers Lane, PR6 0HP.

Word on the streets is that we may have friends from the Scotia RWC competing, certainly the club’s mainstay, Bill McFadden. We dearly hope so.

Bill sharing a joke with Dave Evans, About what we might never know!?

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