Catching Up and Good Luck : Sutton and Chorley

My apologies for not being on top of things. I’ve been laid low with a chest infection, which has been resisting antibiotics. Anyway I’m just making sure the Sutton Macclesfield 20k result is on the blog, along with wishing everyone the best for tomorrow’s gruelling 15 miles at Chorley.


Macclesfield Shield 20k @ Macclesfield, 9th April 2016 (Race Permit No:RWA6049-1)

Pos. Team. Time.
1 Adrian Edwards Lancs WC M50 2:02:06
2 Tony Bell Lancs WC M50 2:12:11
3 Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M65 2:12:19
4 Glynn Jones Coventry Godiva M70 2:14:40
5 Dan Maskell Surrey WC M65 2:19:53
6 Ian Hilditch Lancs WC M70 2:20:52
7 John Crahan Lancs WC M65 2:21:19
7 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 2:22:04
9 Sailash Shah Lancs WC M50 2:27:04

1 Pat Evans Lady Lancs WC W60 68:37
2 Irene Pike Lady Lancs WC W60 70.46
3 John Payn Lancs WC M80 79.40

Phil McCullagh 14.4K Lancs WC M55 1:43:04
Greg Smith 10.8K Lancs WC M60 1:17:13

The Sutton course meant an inevitably tough 20k. Fortunately the inclement weather rolled in after the finish. Adrian probably bit off more than he could chew, setting off 15 minutes in arrears. Hence he led an isolated existence in contrast to the rest of the field, where a number of hard-fought races within the race ensued. Ian Hilditch won the Macclesfield Handicap Trophy in a greatly improved performance. A significant feature in the later stages was the shortened stride of many competitors. This would be something we could explore and work on if we could organise a training day. Obviously, given I was marshalling at the right hand turn beyond the garden centre, I’d have to register my concerns about the safety of the course. As it was we were blessed with a number of helpers, Dave and Eric with Trevor and Linda, sponges in hand at the crossroads. Fred was freed up to follow the race more closely than usual.

After the race I meant to have a walk round the  Walker/Pavey Lane triangle, but the heavens opened. However, after messing around with Google Maps, I’ve got the following frying-pan proposal for your consideration.

Start at the War Memorial as usual to the bottom of Pavey Lane, approximately 0.53 k, then walk the triangle – both ways round need considering – which is approximately 1.37 k and return to War Memorial – approx 2.43 k, leaving us to find 2 x 35 metres for a 2.50k lap. Hence the 10k would be 4 of these frying pan laps, allowing split times to be given, a feeding point at the Memorial, more interaction with officials and spectators.

If this seems worth exploring and we can get our hands on a wheel I’d be happy to check it out end of May or June. Thoughts appreciated.

And to repeat good luck to everybody in the Chorley and White Coppice foothills!


DATE:                            SATURDAY 30 APRIL 2016


VENUE:                         ST.PETERS CLUB, EAVES LANE, CHORLEY. PR6 0DX

START TIME:                1.30PM




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