21st Anniversary of the Fred Pearce Relay, 2016

Video and photos of the 2015 Race, courtesy of Trevor and Linda McDermot


Roy Gunnett reports on the 21st anniversary of this unique and popular event.

There was a good turnout of 20 walkers – comprising 16 Lancashire walkers plus the very welcome inclusion of 4 guests who had travelled long distances to take part.
In order to make up 7 teams of 3,  Adrian Edwards walked two 5k legs in his relay team.
The team award was won by Claire and Adrian.
The weather was mild with a little rain during the middle of the race.


1 Adrian Edwards Lancs WC  M50  27:24
2 Dave Evans  Lancs WC  M65  28:08
3 Tony Malone  Lancs WC  M60  29:03
4 Glyn Jones  Coventry Godiva  M70  30:47
5 Roy Gunnett  Lancs WC  M65  31:10
6 Simon Pugh  Rotherham Harriers  M65  31:32
7 Russ Jackson  Yorkshire RWC  M70   31:40
8 Dan Maskell Surrey WC  M65  31:44
9 Greg Smith Lancs WC  M60  32:02
10 John Crahan  Lancs WC  M65  32:07
11 Peter Crahan  Lancs WC  M60  32:35
12 Pat Evans  Lady  Lancs WC  W60  32:47
13 Tony Bell  Lancs WC  M50  32:50
14 Joe Hardy  Lancs WC  M70  32:57
15 Sailash Shah  Lancs WC  M50  33:39
16 Phil McCullagh  Lancs WC  M55  33:46
17 Alastair Shand  Lancs WC  M50  33:58
18 Claire Goulden  Lady  Lancs WC   W50 34:53
19 John Payn  Lancs WC  M80  37:56
20 Andrea Lennon  Lady  Lancs WC  W70  38:25

Team Pos Teams
1 Claire Goulden
Adrian Edwards
Adrian Edwards   94:34
2 Sailash Shah
Glynn Jones
Tony Malone   95:14
3 John Payn
Simon Pugh
Dave Evans   97:36
4 Alastair Shand
Russ Jackson
Dan Maskell   98:52
5 Pat Evans
Joe Hardy
Roy Gunnett   99:54
6 Phil McCullagh
John Crahan
Greg Smith   100:10
7 Andrea Lennon
Peter Crahan
Tony Bell   104:05
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1 Response to 21st Anniversary of the Fred Pearce Relay, 2016

  1. Roy Gunnett says:

    Thanks Tony, I’ve noticed that there is a mistake in my maths, John Crahan, Greg and Phil’s total time is 97:55, not 100:00. Cheers, Roy

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