A Festive Feast of Race Walking at Horwich

Eric Horwill reports:

Record entry 50. Record turn out 47. 8 New Championship Best Performances. Excellent support from Horwich Festival of Racing Committee. Good Weather!
Thanks to everyone who supported and helped at this most successful promotion.

and Trevor McDermot comments:

Excellent turn out at Horwich, a richly deserving tribute to Eric and Pam Horwill as they now sign out after organising this popular event for ten years.  A mighty close battle at the front of the Mens race and some really outstanding performances that would compare well anywhere in the world. Great to see Lisa Kehler out again and giving it her all !

A special mention too for Fred and Adrian, who didn’t have a moment to themselves as they pored over the results, age-gradings and the like. Great support for the event from our club.

1. Lisa Kehler Wolvs & Bilston. 25m 58s**. 1st W45. 85.17%. 1st
2. Penelope Cummings HHH. 29m 20s. 1st W40. 70.10%
3. Carolyn Dyall Nuneaton. 29m. 50s. 1st W35. 66.17%
4. Ann Wheeler Leicester. 31m 07s**. 1st W60. 79.43%. 3rd
5. Agnes Ellis, Scotia. 31s 24s**. 1st W55. 75.32%
6. Julie Bellfield Halesowen. 31m 44s. 2nd W45. 68.55%
7. Fiona Bishop Woking. 32m 29s. 2nd W55. 73.58%
8. Noël Blatchford Abingdon. 32m 54s**. 1st W65. 84.38%. 2nd
9. Hilary Mann Sparkhill. 33m 06s. 1st W50. 70.04%
10. Lynn Bellfield Halesowen. 33m 24s. 2nd W50. 66.82%
11. Jan McCue Lancs. 33m 28s. 3rd W55. 69.97%
12. Pat Evans Lancs. 33m 33s. 2nd W60. 77.35%
13. Karen Davies Birchf’d. 36m 10s. 4th W55. 64.75%
14. Claire Goulden Lancs. 36m 34s. 3rd W50. 61.58%
15. Andrea,Lennon Lancs. 38m 58s. 1st W70. 77.03%

**New Championship Best Performance
TEAM 1st Lancashire Walking Club – Jan McCue, Pat Evans, Claire Goulden. 103m 35sl

1. Patrick Murphy Castle Island Eire. 24m43s. ** 1st M55. 86.58%
2. Mark Williams Tamworth. 25m 08**. 1st M50. 82.96%
3. Ian Richards Steyning. 25m 13**. 1st M65 97.11%. 1st
4. Tony Taylor Lancs. 26m 34s. 2nd M65. 93.16%. 2nd
5. Dwane Butterley Leicester. 26m 47s. 2nd M50. 76.54%
6. Adrian Edwards Lancs. 27m 29s. 3rd M50. 77.20%
7. Bill McFadden Scotia. 27m 31s. 4th M50. 77.11%
8. Colin Turner Nuneaton. 28m 45s. 1st M70. 89.33%. 3rd
9. Andrew Fraser Scotia. 29m 28s. 5th M50. 69.57%
10. Sean McMullin Mullinger Eire. 29m 47s (2nd M70). 84.11%
11. Greg Smith Lancs. 30m 10s. 1st M60. 77.51%
12. Roger Michell Surrey. 30m 23s. 3rd M65. 80.47%
13. John Constandinou B’field. 30m 50s. 1st M40. 63.30%
14. Dave Evans Lancs. 30m 52s. 4th M65. 80.18%
15. Shaun Lightman Surrey. 30m 58s. 2nd M70. 84.02%
16. Dan Maskell Surrey. 31m 11s. 5th M65. 78.41%
17. Roy Gunnett Lancs. 31m 13s. 6th M65. 79.28%
18. Glynn Jones Cov. Godiva. 31m 16s. 3rd M70. 84.33%
19. Simon Pugh N. Masters. 32m 28 s. 1st M55. 67.76%
20. Dave Crompton Lancs. 32m 58s. 6th M50. 63.25%
21. Joe Hardy Lancs. 33m 23s. 4th M70. 76.93%
22. Stuart Edgar DaSH. 33m39s. 1st M45. 58.94%
23. Sailash Shah Lancs. 33m 54s. 7th M50. 67.76%
24. John Softley Scotia. 33m 59s. 7th M65. 71.11%
25, Mark Byrne Redcar. Eire. 34m 22s. (2nd M55). 62.27%
26. Sean Pender E&H. Eire. 34m 27s. (2nd M60). 67.15%
27. Chris Bolton Lancs. 35m 08s. 1st M75. 78.27%
28. Norbert Will N.I.Masters. 35m 32s**. 1st M80. 82.22%
29. Stephen Sargent Lancs. 36m 25s. 8th M65. 68.34%
30. Phil McCullough Lancs. 38m 09s. 2nd M55. 58.24%
31. John Payne Lancs. 38m 20s. 2nd M80. 77.48%
32. Edwin Grocock. Sheffield. 42m 07s.**. 1st M90. 83.30%

TEAMS Over 60. 1st Lancashire Walking Club
Tony Taylor Greg Smith Dave Evans. 87m 36s
2nd Surrey Walking Club
Roger Michell Shaun Lightman Dan Maskell. 92m 32s

TEAMS OPEN. 1st Scotia RWC
Bill McFadden Andrew Fraser John Softley. 90m 58s
2nd Lancashire WC
Adrian Edwards Dave Crompton Sailash Shah. 94m 21s

1st England. Ian Richards Tony Taylor Colin Turner. 93.21%
2nd Eire. Patrick Murphy Sean McMullim Sean Pender 79.28%
3rd. Scotland. Bill McFadden Agnes Ellis John Softley. 74.51%

Top dozen by Age Grade:
97.11% – Ian Richards **
93.16% – Tony Taylor
89.33% – Colin Turner
86.58% – Pat Murphy **
85.17% – Lisa Kehler **
84.38% – Noel Blatchford **
84.33% – Glyn Jones
84.11% – Sean McMullin
84.02% – Shaun Lightman
83.30% – Edwin Grocock **
82.96% – Mark Williams **
82.22% – Norbert Will

** Championship Best performances

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