Barnard Trophy 10k and Northern 10k championship, July 8 and 27

Barnard Trophy 10K @ Macclesfield 8th July 2017

Adrian in dominant form

Roy Gunnett reports:

The 10K race was held over the usual picturesque and hilly course at Macclesfield (comprising 2 large laps and 1 small lap). It was a very pleasant sunny day with a temperature around 22C. Most times for the competitors were a little below the normal, presumably attributable to the warm weather.

Adrian Edwards took a lead from the start which he steadily extended – growing to over 8 minutes by the finish. Tony Bell took second place and lead home a fairly closely contested second pack of walkers. Ian Hilditch won the handicap.

Marshall Barnard and his wife Kath provided excellent refreshments as usual following the race. Marshall presented the Barnard Trophy to Adrian for his win in the scratch race. A huge thank you is due to Dave Evans for all his sterling work involved in the organisation and running of this race.

1 Adrian Edwards Lancs WC M55 59:14
2 Tony Bell Lancs WC M50 67:36
3 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 67:59
4 Dave Crompton Lancs WC M50 68:04
5 Irene Pike Lady Lancs WC W65 68:44
6 Ian Hilditch Lancs WC M75 68:52
7 Pat Evans Lady Lancs WC M65 69:39
8 Sailash Shah Lancs WC M50 70:54
9 Steve Sargent Lancs WC M70 71:26
10 Phil McCullagh Lancs WC M60 71:54
11 Ian Vaughan Lancs WC M60 83:45

Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M70 42:55

Following the race, Tony Bell circulated the following concern and proposal.

I had an enjoyable time at the Lancashire Walking Club race in Sutton Macclesfield. However, I think that we should change the course, the traffic there is getting worse and worse, especially on the hill up from the Garden Centre to the finish. It is an accident waiting to happen.

I suggest that we measure out a 500m out and 500m back course on Parvey Lane in Sutton, part of the big lap of our Sutton course. According to MapMyRun this road is 600m long. Adrian and I recently did a race that was 20 x 500m out and 500m back in Leeds. We could start/finish at the grass triangle at the junction of Parvey and Walker. How about trying this out at our next race there in October?

Interestingly I voiced similar concerns last year and offered an alternative.

After messing around with Google Maps, I’ve got the following frying-pan proposal for your consideration.

Start at the War Memorial as usual to the bottom of Pavey Lane, approximately 0.53 k, then walk the triangle – both ways round need considering – which is approximately 1.37 k and return to War Memorial – approx 2.43 k, leaving us to find 2 x 35 metres for a 2.50k lap. Hence the 10k would be 4 of these frying pan laps, allowing split times to be given, a feeding point at the Memorial, more interaction with officials and spectators.

Are the two Tonies making too much of a fuss?

Northern Area 10k Championship, Dunnington, 22nd July 

Adrian and the club complete the double, winning both the 2017 10 miles and 10 kilometres individual and team titles.

1 Adrian Edwards 59.17

2 Tony Malone 1- 00.50

3 Colin Scott 1-05.28

4 David Crompton 1-06.42

5 Neil Armitage 1-10.08

6 John Crahan 1-10.11

7 Sailash Shah 1-10.45

8 Richard Cole 1-13.08

9 Alan Brooks 1-14.21

10 Mark Byrne 1-16.55

TEAMS Lancashire RWC (1,2,4) 7 Yorkshire RWC (3,5,9) 17

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