Bringing the site up-to-date – 5k races at Simister and Horwich, May and June

 Fred Pearce 3 x 5k Relay held on 27th May at Simister.

Our Fred, rather informally attired in truth!

Roy Gunnett reports:

It was the 22nd anniversary of this unique and popular event.
The race was held on the usual ‘out & back’ course from Lady Wilton Hall, Simister to Heaton Park. The weather was hot – around 23C and, although rain threatened, it thankfully held off for the race. It was good to welcome four guests from other clubs to this race. The battle for the team prize was closely contested with the lead changing throughout the race. Tony Malone put in a very powerful final leg to secure the team win for himself, Phil McCullagh and Dan Maskall. Adrian Edwards won the scratch race.

1 Adrian Edwards Lancs WC M55 28:00
2 Tony Malone Lancs WC M65 28:43
3 Dave Crompton Lancs WC M50 31:45
4 Greg Smith Lancs WC M60 31:55
5 Glyn Jones Coventry Godiva M70 32:14
6 Dan Maskell Surrey WC M65 32:46
7 Stuart Edgar Dudley & Stourbridge M45 32:50
8 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 33:08
9 Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC M70 33:15
10 Phil McCullagh Lancs WC M60 34:50
11 Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M70 35:56
19 John Payn Lancs WC M80 39:05


Horwich BMAF 5K Race Walk 18th June 2017 – Times, Teams and Age Graded 

Bill and Adrian in close proximity as ever with Adrian edging ahead in the BMAF 5k

Adrian Edwards reports:

Thanks to everyone who came to Horwich. Hope you all enjoyed the day. One or two people couldn’t make it but I’ve included everyone in the e-mail as you may all be interested in the results.
It was a hot day with some hot performances, lots of scores on the age graded tables of over 70%. The age graded results are included at the bottom. (Brothers Crahan – I did double check the results – honest!)
The BMAF racers have been going for 10 years (11 editions) and it seems to be a popular event. We don’t have full control over the event but we are able to feedback to the hosts. If you feel there are any ways the event could be improved please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. Bolton and Horwich councils have continued to support the event despite squeezes on finance and the event should run again next year. We should be able to offer an on line entry option in the future.
How do people feel about chip timing, we’d probably need a manual back up, and it would push up the entry costs? The leisure centre is being rebuilt (due to open later this year) and I’m not sure how this will impact the event. (Parking, registration, etc.)
Thanks Again.

1 Sinead McConnell (W45) Finn Valley AC 28 minutes 32 seconds
2 Carolyn Dyall (W35) Nuneaton 28:50
3 Penelope Cummings (W40) AFD/HHH 29:02
4 Ann Wheeler (W60) Nuneaton 30:44
5 Julie Bellfield (W45) Halesowen 30:48
6 Fiona Bishop (W55) Woking AC 32:07
7 Lynn Bellfield (W50) Halesowen 33:17
8 Irene Pike (W65) Lancs. 33:50
9 Anne Gormley (W50) Donorc AC 35:57
10 Andrea Lennon (W75) Lancs. 42:10

1 Mark Williams (M50) Birchfield 26:05
2 Patrick Murphy (M55) Castleisland 26:23
3 Adrian Edwards (M55) Lancs. 28:03
4 Bill McFadden (M55) Scotia 28:12
5 Peter Boszko (M65) Birchfield 28:23
6 Tony Malone (M65) Lancs. 29:29
7 Roger Michell (M65) Surrey WC. 29:32
8 John Constandinou (M40) Birchfield 29:49
9 Sean Mcmullin (M70) Mullinger Harriers 30:37
10 Peter Crahan (M60) Lancs. 32:20
11 Ian Torode (M60) South West Vets 33:22
12 Stuart Edgar (M45) Dudley and Stourbrige H. 33:23
13 Simon Pugh (M55) Northern Masters AC 33:27
14 Joe Hardy (M70) Lancs. 33:35
15 John Crahan (M65) Lancs. 33:36
16 Ian Hilditch (M75) Lancs. 34:37
17 Sean Pender (M60) Enfield and Haringey 35:13
18 Phil McCullagh (M60) Lancs. 36:30
19 Norbert Will (M80) Northern Ireland M. 37:51
20 John Payn (M80) Lancs. 39:59
21 Edwin Grocock (M90) Sheffield 44:48

1 Birchfield Harriers (Williams, Boszko, Constandino) 14 pts
2 Lancashire Walking Club (Edwards, P. Crahan, McCullagh) 31 pts
Mens over 65
1 Lancashire Walking Club (Malone, Hardy, J Crahan) 35 pts

Age Graded Results
1 Ann Wheeler 81.34%
2 Irene Pike 77.69%
3 Sinead McConnell 77.51%
4 Fiona Bishop 75.23%
5 Andrea Lennon 72.37%
6 Penelope Cummings 71.35%
7 Julie Bellfield 71.20%
8 Carolyn Dyall 70.76%
9 Lynn Bellfield 68.29%
10 Anne Gormley 64.49%

1 Peter Boszko 86.14%
2 Roger Michell 83.60%
3 Sean McMullin 82.85%
4 Patrick Murphy 81.87%
5 Tony Malone 80.22%
6 Edwin Grocock 79.98%
7 Mark Williams 79.94%
8 Norbert Will 78.47%
9 Ian Hilditch 78.33%
10 Joe Hardy 77.47%
11 Adrian Edwards 76.29%
12 Bill McFadden 75.89%
13 John Payn 75.53%
14 John Crahan 72.77%
15 Peter Crahan 72.32%
16 Ian Torode 67.88%
17 Phil McCullagh 67.23%
18 Simon Pugh 66.42%
19 Sean Pender 66.40%
20 John Constandinou 65.46%
21 Stuart Edgar 59.91%

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