Allison Trophy 15K result and Macclesfield Shield 10 miles Saturday 7th April 2018


Doing no more than keeping up with results. Hoping you are enjoying Easter despite the cold. Sadly I’m not sure when I’ll be appearing in person.  The latest news on my broken foot has not lifted my spirits, recovery being talked about in terms of months. For my sins, I’m in a choir,  who are rehearsing ‘Always look on the Bright Side’ as a comic number for a variety show. Finding it difficult to be in harmony with the sentiment! Take care, keep training and beware careering horses!

White Coppice

The bottom of the descent into White Coppice


Roy Gunnett reports:

We had a good turnout of 13 for the race – this included 2 guests from the Midlands, Stuart Edgar and Glyn Jones.

The usual course was used, comprising 1 mile out, 3 laps of a hilly circuit and then 1 mile home.

It rained incessantly throughout the race.

Peter Crahan took an early lead and the rest of the field was soon strung out once the first of the hills was hit.

Stuart Edgar had an excellent race – he caught Peter and overtook him to win the scratch race.

John Crahan won the handicap race and therefore the Allison Trophy. John walked a particularly strong final 2 miles and picked up a number of places.

1 Stuart Edgar Dudley & Stourbridge M45 100:40
2 Peter Crahan Lancashire WC M65 100:54
3 Joe Hardy Lancashire WC M70 102:03
4 Glyn Jones Coventry Godiva M75 103:58
5 John Crahan Lancashire WC M65 104:47
6 Irene Pike [Lady] Lancashire WC W65 105:08
6 Ian Hilditch Lancashire WC M75 105:08
8 Pat Evans [Lady] Lancashire WC W65 106:48
9 Roy Gunnett Lancashire WC M70 107:41
10 Steve Sargent Lancashire WC M70 108:04
11 Sailash Shah Lancashire WC M50 108:22
12 Dave Evans Lancashire WC M70 108:34
13 Phil McCullough Lancashire WC M60 109:57




EVENT. Macclesfield Shield DISTANCE. 10 miles



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