Catching up yet again with results and news


In catching up we must first send our very best wishes to Fred Pearce, the heart and soul of the club, who is battling against illness. We are all looking forward to seeing him back at the helm in the very near future.

FRED informal

Our Fred, rather informally attired in truth!


Tony Bell and Sailash Shah represented the club.


1  0:58:47 Bill McFadden Scotia RWC (Guest) V55 M   2 01:01:39 Martin Fisher Redcar RWC V55 M 3 01:02:18  Ray Robinson Redcar RWC V40 M   01:02:22 Graham Jackson Yorkshire RWC V45 M   01:02:50 Colin Scott Yorkshire RWC V55 M 6 01:03:22 Dennis Jackson Yorkshire RWC V70 M  7  01:05:56 Tony Bell Lancashire WC V45 M  8 01:07:48 Neil Armitage Yorkshire RWC V55 M  9 01:10:54 Sailash Shah Lancashire WC V50 M 10 01:12:47 Atmaram Dahal Yorkshire RWC V55 M  11 01:13:01 Gerard McConnell Scotia RWC (Guest) V55 M  12 01:16:01 Dave Jones Redcar RWC V65 M  13 01:18:20 Mark Byrne Redcar RWC V55 M 14  01:23:00 Mary Thompson (Fitmums & Friends) V40 

Fred Pearce Senior Memorial Relay 2x5k, 28th July 2018 @ Simister

Roy Gunnett reports:

It was the 23rd anniversary of this unique and popular event.
The race was held on the usual ‘out & back’ course from Lady Wilton Hall, Simister to Heaton Park.
The weather was squally – the competitors had to contend with strong winds and heavy downpours of rain, particularly on the second leg.
It was good to welcome three guests from other clubs in this race.
The battle for the team prize was closely contested – good handicapping resulted in the first 5 teams coming in within just over a minute of each other.
Tony Bell put in a powerful final leg to secure the team win for himself and Ian Hilditch.


Tony Bell leads Martin Fisher in the Ken Munro 10 miles, 2016

Martin Fisher won the scratch race.

1 Martin Fisher Redcar WC M55 28:41 75.3
2 Tony Malone Lancs WC M65 28:48 84.26
3 Adrian Edwards Lancs WC M55 28:52 74.82
4 Tony Bell Lancs WC M55 29:17 73.1
5 Greg Smith Lancs WC M65 31:31 75.82
6 John Crahan Lancs WC M65 33:19 74.27
7 Steve Sargent Lancs WC M70 33:30 75.7
8 Sailash Shah Lancs WC M50 33:45 62.33
9 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 33:48 78:01
10 Dan Maskell Surrey WC M70 33:57 73:78
11 Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC M70 34:37 76:17
12 Ian Hilditch Lancs WC M75 35:45 76:92
13 Pat Evans Lady Lancs WC W65 36:07 74:74
14 Ian Vaughan Lancs WC M65 36:17 65:13
15 Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M70 36:17 69:89

The final column above is the age-graded performance as a percentage.


Goodwin Cup 10k at Chorley – 18th August 2018


The race was held over the usual hilly 2 lap course on a heavy/sultry day. The weather took its toll on the competitors with nearly all posting slower times than normal.
Adrian Edwards took an early lead which he maintained to the end thereby winning the scratch race. The rest of the field quickly became strung out and it remained this way throughout the race.
Adrian also won the handicap and therefore the Goodwin Cup.
Louise and Eric provided the facilities, refreshments etc. and everyone participating was extremely grateful for this.

1 Adrian Edwards Lancashire WC M55 60:26
2 Joe Hardy Lancashire WC M70 69:42
3 Sailash Shah Lancashire WC M50 71:03
4 Ian Hilditch Lancashire WC M75 72:32
5 Roy Gunnett Lancashire WC M70 75:24
6 John Crahan Lancashire WC M65 78:46
7 Andrea Lennon Lady Lancashire WC W75 87:25
1 Pat Evans Lady Lancashire WC W65 41:06
2 John Payn Lancashire WC M85 43:20


  1. Jonathan Hobbs Ashford AC 4:43:35
  2. Dale Farquhar Manx AC 5:37:46
  3. Adrian Edwards LWC 5:39:38


I think this is the fifth successive year in which Adrian has finished in the medals. Congratulations indeed.

One Hour Challenge Track Race @ Bury 8th September 2018

Roy Gunnett reports:

There was a turnout of 11 walkers for this race (9 men and 2 women), this included the welcome entry of 3 guest walkers.

Throughout the whole race, there was steady rain.

Tony Taylor, over from Crete, and Martin Fisher together took an early lead. Both Tony and Martin were in recovery mode for this race – Tony recovering from an injury caused by his horse treading on his foot and Martin recovering from his recent 100mile race in the IOM. Tony gradually pulled away from Martin and went on to win the race. Martin came second.

There was a close battle for 3rd, 4th and 5th places. For most of the race Joe Hardy, Russ Jackson and Dan Maskell walked round together and it was only at the end the 3 split with Dan taking 3rd followed by Joe then Russ.

After the race Tony was presented with the Lambert trophy.


Dave Evans deserves more than a handshake for his valuable work whilst Fred is absent

The running of an hour track race necessitates a heavy workload on officials and all the walkers were greatly indebted and thankful for the excellent support provided by the helpers.

1 Tony Taylor Lancs WC M70 9905
2 Martin Fisher Redcar RWC M55 9890
3 Dan Maskell Surrey WC M70 8869
4 Joe Hardy Lancs WC M70 8856
5 Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC M70 8852
6 Roy Gunnett Lancs WC M70 8694
7 John Crahan Lancs WC M65 8630
8 Sailash Shah Lancs WC M50 8381
9 John Payn Lancs WC M85 7471
10 Andrea Lennon Lady Lancs WC W75 7267
5K Challenge Time
1 Pat Evans Lady Lancs WC W65 38:28.2

It is fitting to pay tribute to Martin Fisher’s achievement in finishing his 29th 100 miles in this country a couple of weeks ago in the Isle of Man. Huge respect from all of us.

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