Adrian Edwards continues his 100 miles preparations in winning the Barnard Trophy

Barnard Trophy 10k race, Sutton Macclesfield – July 6, 2019

Roy Gunnett reports:

Ten walkers lined up for the start of the Barnard Trophy 10k race on July 6 at Macclesfield. Thankfully the very hot weather experienced earlier in the week had abated and it was pleasant and warm.

The race was held over the new tough and hilly 3 lap course.

Adrian Edwards took an early lead, which he maintained to the finish, his winning margin being over 7 minutes. Adrian is currently in heavy training for his first attempt at becoming a centurion in the 100 miles race in the Isle of Man this August. Sailash Shah, another of the day’s competitors will be joining Adrian in the 100 miles challenge.

For most of the race Stuart Edgar was a clear second. However, Dan Maskell put in a late burst on the last lap to nearly catch him, missing out by only one second.

Pat Evans leads the way

Pat Evans walked well in her first 10k for quite a while and was the first lady home.

In addition to winning the scratch race Adrian won the handicap and thus the Barnard Trophy.

Following the race all enjoyed the excellent refreshments that Marshall and Kath Barnard provide for all the Macclesfield races.


After the bracket the numbers relate to the handicap allowance, the handicap time,

handicap position, handicap points and the Age Graded %.

  1. Adrian Edwards LWC M55 58:38 [03:10; 54:38; 1; 25; 76.37%]
  2. Stuart Edgar LWC M45 66:09 [08:45; 57:24; 7; 19; 63.21%]
  3. Dan Maskell Surrey WC 66:10 [12:45; 53:25; Guest; 78.77%]
  4. Roy Gunnett LWC M70 67:10 [09:45;57:25;8 18;78.61%]
  5. Paul McCullagh LWC M60 69:17 [12:30; 56:47; 6; 20; 67.83%]
  6. Joe Hardy LWC M75 70:01 [15:15; 54:46; 2; 24; 78.58%]
  7. Sailash Shah LWC M55 70:29 [15:30; 54:59; 3; 23; 61.88%]
  8. Pat Evans LWC W65 71:11 [15:30; 55:41; 5; 21; 80.02%]
  9. Ian Hilditch LWC M75 72:52 [17:15; 55:37; 4; 22; 78.93%]


  1. Andrea Lennon W75 55:50 [17 h’cap points]

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