A Pictorial Record: Celebrating and Commemorating at the Fred Pearce Memorial Relay

Defying the inclement elements the latest edition of the Fred Pearce Relay proved to be a memorable occasion, mingling inevitably mixed feelings as we remembered the tragic loss of ‘our’ Fred. We were honoured with the touching presence of the Pearce family, Christine, Charlotte, James, Harriet and Bronte, who thankfully had brought enormous umbrellas under which many of us sheltered, a wonderful post-race spread, upon which we gorged and Charlotte’s camera, which gave us the photos that follow. Perhaps the most moving moment of the day came when Christine spoke emotionally of Fred’s love for our sport, to be asked by Dave Evans if she would take over Fred’s position as President of the club. To our delight, suppressing her tears, Christine accepted.

Anxiously awaiting the announcement of the teams for the day
James, hardly dressed for the weather and our new President, Christine, properly attired, sporting the much needed umbrellas.


Are our heroes reluctant to enter the fray?
Eric looks well-prepared, determined and ready.
And they’re off. Four teams show willing in the form of Steve Sargent, Sailash Shah, Andrea Lennon and Peter Crahan You might well ask where are the rest?

1st.  Sailash Shah 31:35, 
       Alan Brooks(Guest) 36:42,
       Tony Malone 29:09.
Total team time:   97 mins 26 secs

Alan Brooks hands over to Tony Malone for his clinching last leg.
Tony Malone powers away, straight as a die, on his race-winning final leg

2nd. Peter Crahan 34:34
         Roy Gunnett 34:07
         Greg Smith 34:46
Total team time:  103 mins 27 secs

Greg balances on one leg in a bid to unsettle Adrian and Russ, who are less than impressed.
Roy hands over to Greg now thankfully with both feet on the ground.

3rd. Pat Evans 33:57
         Ian Hilditch 38:17
        Adrian Edwards 28:32
Total team time:  103 mins 46 secs

Pat Evans hands over to one Ian Hilditch, obscured by the sturdy frame of our Yorkshire visitor, Phil Carroll
Adrian contemplates that there’s only another 96 plus miles to go!!!

4th. Phil McCullagh 33:59
        Phil Carroll 37:54
        Martin Fisher 29:09
Total team time:  104 mins 02 secs

As Pat finishes, over on the left Phil McCullagh and Phil Carroll bow to another at the handover

5th. Steve Sargent 36:28
        Joe Hardy 34:14
        Russ Jackson 33:43
Total team time:   104 mins 25 secs

Joe hands over to Russ, all the way from Australia!

6th. John Payn 43:06
        John Crahan 33:04
       Tony Taylor 26:43
Total team time:   104 mins 53 secs

Tony Taylor and John Crahan discuss tactics or more probably the price of real ale.
Ignoring the tactical debate John Payn gets on with it

7th. Andrea Lennon 40 mins 53
        Tony Bell 32:26
        Sailash Shah 35:43(second time out)
Total team time:    109 mins 02 secs

Andrea thinks, ‘I need to keep that there Sailash in my sights’. Some hope!
Tony Bell battles home in isolation and the worst of the weather.


1. Sailash Shah 31:35(07:25) 24:10
2. Pat Evans 33:57(08:10) 25:47
3. Russ Jackson 33:43(07:10) 26:33
4. Tony Taylor 26:43(scratch) 26:43
5. Joe Hardy 34:14(07:25) 26:49
5. Phil McCullagh 33:59(07:10) 26:49
7. Adrian Edwards 28:32(01:30) 27:02
8. Martin Fisher 29:09(01:35) 27:34
8. John Crahan 33:04(05:30) 27:34
10 Tony Malone 29:09(01:25) 27:44
10 Phil Carroll 37:54(10:10) 27:44
12 Andrea Lennon 40:53(12:55) 27:58
13 Alan Brooks 36:42(08:40) 28:02)
14 Roy Gunnett 34:07(05:55) 28:12
15 Peter Crahan 34:34(05:40) 28:54
16 John Payn 43:06(13:36) 29:30
17 Ian Hilditch 38:17(08:40) 29:37
18 Greg Smith 34:46(04:55) 29:51
19 Steve Sargent 36:28(06:10) 30:18
20 Tony Bell 32:26(02:00) 30:26

James presents the trophy to the winning team, Sailash and Alan minus Tony Malone, who’d done a runner!
I can never eat immediately after a race – not so the stalwarts of the Lancashire Walking Club.
Chris, somewhat surprised, accepts graciously our request that she steps into Fred’s shoes as our President.
Eric Horwill presents a bouquet of flowers to Christine.
In a touching image, Bronte seems to grasp the significance of the Trophy named now after both her great-grandfather and grandfather.

More of Charlotte’s photos and a race report will appear soon. Heartfelt thanks to everyone, who turned out to make this a very special moment in the club’s history.

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