The Club Archives; The Next Step

At the AGM the Club will be asked to decide about the future of the paper Archive, at present being kept by Ian Vaughan, who has photographed nearly all the documents (over 1300 pages).

The Archive comprises:

  • Four Certificates of Cliff Royle’s from 1948 and 1950, and a letter from Cliff to Fred.
  • Trophy Signature Book: 1951 – 1974.
  • Minutes of LWC meetings: 1981 – 1993.
  • Magazines.
  • NARWA Meetings: 1990 – 1992.
  • Manchester to Blackpool and Blackpool 50: Documents 1982 – 1996; Trophy Signature Books
  • 1977 – 1989 and 1998 – 2005.
  • Morecambe Open Walk documents: 1990 – 1994.
  • Income and Expenditure Book: 1996 – 2008.
  • Bank Statements: 1995-2008.
  • 40 joining forms: 1983 – 1993.
  • Results: 2000 – 2007.
  • Documents from 1989 – 1995.
  • England Athletics documents: 2007 – 2009.

The law and archives

The law allows archiving of records of historical interest, but says that personal information must be protected. The general rule is not to allow public access to sensitive personal information during a person’s lifetime: it is assumed that the person referred to in a record may have been as young as 16 at the time and that they might live to 100 years of age (unless the person’s age is known and/or it is known if they are alive). See ‘Data Protection and Personal Information’, The National Archives, May 2016, reviewed June 2019. At , Seen September 2019.

The LWC Archive includes many documents with addresses and other sensitive personal information: these pages could only be put online if the sensitive information were redacted.

What the Club needs to decide:-

What happens to the physical paper archive?

  • Offer all or some of the documents to Lancashire Archives, either i) unconditionally, or ii) on condition they intend to keep the paper copies and/or take the whole archive.
  • All or some of the paper archive is kept by a Club member.
  • All or some of the archive is destroyed.

Does the Club agree that the following documents can be disposed of securely?

  • The England Athletics handbooks. They are recent and likely to be available elsewhere.
  • The bank statements. They do not show items of income and expenditure. Instead, the Income and Expenditure Book could be kept.
  • A business diary with names, addresses and phone numbers in the back.

Three magazines have not been photographed. Which of these would the Club like to be backed up?

  • ‘The Bradford Walk’, Yorkshire Race Walking Club, May 2002.
  • ‘Yorkshire Race Walking Club: The First Seventy Years’, Yorkshire Race Walking Club, April 1982.
  • Northern Veterans Newsletter 20, June 2007.  (Running, not Race Walking).

Should the following documents be kept? Backed up?

  • British Athletics Federation Rules For Competition, 1994-95, (pp.156).
  • British Athletics Federation Handbook 1994.
  • North of England Athletic Association Handbook 1995.
  • North of England Athletic Association Constitution (Amended 15 October 1994).

Which documents would the Club NOT be interested in viewing online? (Preparing documents for online viewing and redacting personal information is very time consuming.)

Where will the digital backup be kept (if at all)? How will it be secured?


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