Roy Gunnett and Ian Hilditch, the winners at Chorley

GOODWIN CUP 1OK, CHORLEY, AUGUST 17 (Race Permit RWA 9032-1)

Roy Gunnett reports:

The turnout for this race was down on usual for a number of reasons, including Adrian Edwards and Sailash Shah taking part in the IOM 100 miles race.

Roy Gunnett racing at Bury a few weeks later

Those who did enter had a very enjoyable race over the tough Chorley course – with the first 4 finishers in close proximity to each other throughout the race. John Crahan was not going to walk due to injury – gladly, however he took part to make up the numbers.

John Crahan defying injury, pictured here at Bury

Times were a little down on the usual due to the warm weather and hilly course. Roy Gunnett won the scratch race and Ian Hilditch the handicap and Goodwin Cup.

Ian Hilditch, winner of the Goodwin Cup, pictured here at Bury

Dave Evans, our handicapper, remarks:

Nice weather but a very small field as Adrian and Sailash were in the Isle of Man and others decided to give it a miss. The race was almost more interesting as Roy Gunnett, Joe Hardy, Ian Hilditch, Pat Evans and John Crahan toed the starting line. At the end of the first lap (2.8 miles)only 42 seconds separated the first 4 and everyone was in sight. As the second lap unwound the places stayed more or less the same but Roy managed to squeeze out a small gap and finally outwalked the field by 12 seconds. Ian and Pat had a bit of a battle in 3rd and 4th place.


  1. Roy Gunnett M70 LWC 71:36 [H’cap 11:00 H’cap time 60:36 H’cap Pos 4 Points 22 Age Grade% 73.75]
  2. Joe Hardy M75 LWC 71:48 [14:00 ; 57:48 ; 3 ; 23; 76.63%]
  3. Ian Hilditch M75 LWC 72: 0l [17:00; 55: 01; 1 ; 25; 79.86%]
  4. Pat Evans W65 LWC 72: 45 [15:00; 57: 45; 2 ; 24; 72.16%]
  5. John Crahan M70 LWC 79:06 [10:45; 68: 21; 5 ; 21; 65.06%]

A big thank you to Greg Smith for the photos, which he took a few weeks later at Bury. Much appreciated and more to come.

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