Tony Bell strides to victory in the One Hour Lambert Trophy race at Bury

What did we do before smart watches? Dave sounds the klaxon, Eric starts his watch and John prepares to record the exploits

Dave Evans reveals all, while Roy Gunnett’s report and detailed results sheet remains trapped in our post box in the village square, to which we have lost the key. A replacement in Greek time is allegedly on its way!

The weather was kind with pleasant sunshine and no wind. The line up was interesting with Adrian on the sidelines still recovering from his centurion challenge. Tony Bell was the likely winner with Roy and Glyn Jones vying for minor honours.

Tony Bell on his way to victory

Dan Maskell, our regular south coast support squad member, made the long journey from Brighton and walked very fluently and fairly, to squeeze between Roy and Glyn mid race and at the end the pre race favourite was first with 9420 metres, Roy Gunnett a disciplined second with 9040 metres and Dan third with 8920 metres.

Dan Maskell, chased by Glyn Jones, displaying good technique

Glyn slowed a little in the last couple of miles but was still a solid 4th with 8834 metres. John Crahan started steadily but by halfway was picking off adversaries. He was in 5th place at the close recording a distance of 8667 metres. Joe Hardy is ultra consistent but the track is not his natural home aside from mentioning that he joined the Centurions brotherhood by covering 100 miles on a track in just shy of 22 hours. His 8476 metre distance was fine hanging onto 6th place from fellow septuagenarian by only 56 metres. Ian Hilditch was the pursuer and his 8420 metres was a good walk reflecting his return to fitness.

Hopefully a hydrated Sailash

Sailash Shah, despite hospitalisation during the Centurions 100 miler in the Isle of Man, walked well and was taking fluid for most of the race, to ensure he did not suffer the same problems as in the 100. Phil McCullagh always applies himself but on this occasion his usual second half speed was absent but he still covered 8271 metres.

The irrepressible, indomitable Andrea

Andrea Lennon, our lady septuagenarian, stepped onto to the track with her arm in a sling. An operation for carpal tunnel syndrome could not deter her from supporting the event and her final distance of 7131 metres was excellent in the circumstances although not pain free.

Metronomic Pat acknowledges applause before dashing off to make the tea!

With catering duties calling her, Pat Evans decided to do the 5k and with metronomic precision she rattled off every lap but the last two in either 2 50 or 2 51.

Thanks to Eric Horwill (timekeeping), Adrian Edwards, John Payn, Irene Pike and Greg Smith for doing the lap recording so efficiently. A successful day all round. Cheers.

PS For the record Adrian’s bold effort to join the Centurion ranks fell foul of badly blistered feet caused by an excess of Vaseline in his socks and shoes.

Last but not least, thanks to Greg Smith for the photos.

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