Andrea Lennon, a well-deserved winner of the Sam Shoebottom Trophy

Andrea triumphant!

SAM SHOEBOTTOM TROPHY 10k held at SIMISTER, February 8, 2020 – RWA Permit 20013 – 1

Dave Evans reports:

The first Lancashire WC event of the year was a tremendous boost to our hopes of starting the year on a high point.  Not only did we see our President in Exile, Tony Taylor, but our great supporters and friends from the Midlands and Yorkshire, Eric Horwill, Glyn Jones and Martin Fisher.

Dave Evans and Eric Horwill sort things out

The weather was cool but not too windy despite the impending storm coming from the Atlantic. 13 aspirants toed the starting line to race the 10k and 3 walked the shorter 5k distance. Tony Taylor, one of three of the same title, led the field to the park turnaround marshalled by Glyn Jones and as the faster walkers arrived at the 5k point the watch was barely over 27 minutes as Tony T recorded a swift 27 10 followed by Adrian Edwards in 29 mins 46, Martin Fisher 29 48 and Tony Malone 29 51. Tony Bell and new club member Martin Payne passed through in a good 32 mins 36 and 33 mins respectively with the remaining seven 10k exponents not too far in arrears. The 5k performers were in the mix at halfway with Greg Smith posting a relaxed 35 18 followed by Pat Evans in 35 20 and Irene Pike 40 02. Irene has spent more than 12 months recovering from a foot problem which although not totally cured has healed enough to allow her to heel and toe again. Welcome back.

Tony Bell pleased to finish!

Tony Taylor continued to extend his lead on the final stage of the race and recorded a tremendous time of 54 42. He was well clear of Adrian (59 44), Martin (60 05)and Tony Malone (60 15). Despite the potentially inclement weather everyone walked well and the handicapper has some material to work with for the next event to be held at Chorley on March 7th.

Andrea Lennon won the handicap by 4 seconds and has waited 17 years to repeat her earlier win. Amongst the spectators was former GB International Chris Harvey who was one of Tony Taylor’s adversaries in the 1970’s. Chris holds the fastest ever 20k time by a Lancashire WC member, clocking an excellent 88:26 over 30 years ago at the 1979 World Cup in Eschborn. Tony is planning to do an interview with Chris about his career in the near future.

Glyn Jones returning from imposing his authority at the Heaton Park turn. Much appreciated.

Many thanks must be given to Eric Horwill for doing the timekeeping and Glyn Jones for foregoing his race to marshal for us. True examples of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Thank you gentlemen.

Roy Gunnett adds:

There was an excellent turnout of 16 walkers for the first club race of the year. The walkers had to cope with cold and windy conditions on the two lap ‘out and back’ course. Thankfully the torrential rain of the preceding few days had abated.

Soon after the start of the race the field sorted itself out into a number of small groups. Out in front, on his own, was Tony Taylor, who put in an impressive performance to come home the clear winner by nearly five minutes. His time of 54 minutes 42 seconds ranks highly in his age group.

There was a tight finish behind with three walkers, namely Adrian Edwards, Martin Fisher and Tony Malone close together. Besides trying to beat one another, all three were vying for a sub-60 minute performance. Adrian achieved this with a 59 minutes 41 second clocking, whilst Martin and Tony were only a few seconds adrift.

John Crahan’s blistering finish had the crowd on its feet!

Guest Walker Martin Payne put in a solid performance in his first LWC club race.

Encouraging debut indeed from Martin Payne

Andrea Lennon’s sterling effort resulted in her winning the handicap and thus the Sam Shoebottom Trophy.


Information in the bracket indicates h’cap allowance; h’cap time; h’cap position; h’cap points and age-graded performance.

I. Tony Taylor M70 LWC 54: 42 (0:00; 54: 42; 2; 24; 95.29%)

2. Adrian Edwards M55 LWC 59: 44 (1:15; 58:29; 7; 19; 74.98

3. Martin Fisher M55 Redcar WC 60:05 (1:45; 58: 20; Guest; 74.53%)

4. Tony Malone M65 LWC 60: 15 (2:30; 57:45; 6; 20; 81.45%)

5. Tony Bell M55 LWC 66: 31 (6:15; 60:16; 9; 17; 73.33%)

6. Martin Payne M55 Unattached 68:16 (0.00; 68:16; Guest)

7. John Crahan M70 LWC 69: 20 (11.45; 57:35; 5; 21; 74.33%)

8. Joe Hardy M75 LWC 69:23 (12.45; 56:38; 3; 23; 80.44%)

9. Phil McCullagh M60 LWC 70:01 [12:45; 57:16; 4 ; 22; 67.12%)

10. Sailash Shah M50 LWC 70: 06 (4:45; 66:29; 11; 15; 63.31%)

Il. Ian Hilditch M75 72: 20 (13:25; 58:55; 8; 18; 79.51%)

12. Roy Gunnett M70 72: 38 (11:15; 61:23; 10; 16; 72.70%)

13. Andrea Lennon W75 82: 23 (27: 4S; 54:38; 1; 25; 83.72%}


Information in the bracket indicates h’cap points and age-graded performance.

1. Greg Smith M65 LWC 35:18) (14; 68.47%)

2. Pat Evans W65 LWC 36: 20 (13: 77.47%

3. Irene Pike W65 LWC 40:02 (12; 68.38%)

Post-race analysis from Adrian Edwards and Tony Taylor

Enormous thanks to Greg Smith for the evocative photos.

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