Martin conquers the Chorley hills in the last race at St Peter’s

STOP PRESS TWO – Given the following advice from England Athletics we have called off the April 11 Sutton race, Watch this space for updates and some historical pieces to tickle your palate,

England Athletics advises that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended until at least the end of April.

STOP PRESS – As of Monday, March 16 we have not cancelled the April 11 Macclesfield Shield 10 miles at Sutton. We are the monitoring the fast-moving situation, although one wit has suggested that most of us, being elderly and allegedly vulnerable, are likely to be confined to barracks and unable to attend! It’s a bit rich when politicians, who have spent decades undermining public services and extolling the private sector, discover suddenly that the market and the common good are utterly at odds. In the present crisis, who do we turn to? Nurses and doctors or entrepreneurs? Enough of my ranting, take care of both yourself and others. Watch this space for more info.

Sadly the St Peters Club, which has been our much-loved home in Chorley is to close. However, Eric Crompton believes that the church will offer us the church hall on Harpers Lane as an alternative venue, for which we are most grateful. Hence this last group photo is one for the history books.

Dave Evans reports:

The first race at Chorley in 2020 was a quiet affair with 9 walkers toeing the starting line facing probably one of the hilliest courses in the UK. The weather was cool and breezy with perhaps the threat of rain which did not materialise. With the absence of the fastest club walkers the likely winner of the scratch race was anyone’s guess and this made the race more enjoyable.

Glyn leads the field into the infamous climb at the beginning of the circuit

As the field embarked on the regular 2.4 mile circuit after one mile the top seven exponents were less than 35 seconds apart and then they began the long uphill section which separates the great from the good. Glyn Jones of Coventry Godiva , a very regular visitor, endeavoured to put some distance between himself and his pursuers and managed , save for new Lancashire WC member, Martin Payne, a Centurion in 2015, who shadowed to the end of lap 1 after which he stretched a 2 second deficit to a 45 second lead at the end of lap 2. 

Martin rock solid, beginning to take control

As the walkers passed the 10k , both Glyn and Martin were over 3 minutes in advance of the rest of the field with Joe Hardy and Ian Hilditch leading that trailing group. At the end it was youth over experience as Martin confirmed his superiority with a 4 minute lead over Glyn who was himself nearly three minutes ahead of Ian Hilditch and Joe. Pat Evans and Andrea Lennon walked very well and although walking the lesser distance (2 laps instead of 3) still did very acceptable times.

A determined Sailash making an early bid to drop Joe and Ian

Full results:-

1. Martin Payne  100 mins 48
2. Glyn Jones 104 mins 52
3. Ian Hilditch 107 mins 19
4. Joe Hardy 108 mins 34
5. Phil McCullagh 112 mins 28
6. Sailash Shah 113 mins 47
7. Roy Gunnett 117 mins 00

Is that a smile or pain on Pat’s face?

1. Pat Evans 81 mins 37
2. Andrea Lennon 96 mins 13

Phil beginning to put Roy under pressure

As ever thanks to Greg Smith for the excellent photos.

Roy Gunnett’s report and detailed spreadsheet to follow.

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