John Constandinou and Helen Elleker are pledged to overseeing the continuation of the ‘World’ Virtual Series League, for which we are very grateful. The weekly distance will remain at 2 kilometres. It’s never too late to join in either by visiting the Facebook Race Walking Group at or if you prefer do so through me on Helen needs simply your name, age and club, together with your 2k time for that week and I can act as go-between if you are averse to or don’t use Facebook.

Helen Elleker battles with Denis Jackson and Colin Vesty

For what it’s worth I would recommend being involved in the 2k series .My suspicion is that most of our members don’t do a fast session every week or indeed fast sessions at all. However signing up to the Series does provide an incentive to fit in the 2k bash even as the body suggests otherwise. My feeling is that if we pursue this challenge over the next few months. it will pay handsome dividends when we’re back on the track or road together – hopefully the Lambert Trophy in September.


1 Lancashire Walking Club (86.05%)
2 Scotia Race Walking Club (76.40%)
3 Sarnia Walking Club (74.73%)
– AUSTRALIA (73.96%)
4 Quickstep Fitness (71.71%)
5 Ilford AC (62.98%)
– RUSSIA (59.00%)
6 Surrey Walking Club (58.08%)
7 Steyning AC (52.80%)
8 Cardiff AC (43.01%)
9 Birchfield Harriers (38.86%)


1 Scotia Race Walking Club (53)
2 Sarnia Walking Club (58)
3 Lancashire Walking Club (73)
4 Quickstep Fitness (99)
5 Ilford AC (120)
6 Surrey Walking Club (153)
– RUSSIA (163)
7 Cardiff AC (186)
8 Steyning AC (205)
9 Birchfield Harriers (217)

Our team comprised:

Tony Taylor M70 97.94% Lancs WC 00:10:15.2

Tony Malone M65 82.95% Lancs WC 00:11:23.9

Guy Goodair M80 77.25% Lancs WC 00:15:01.0

Results have dominated in the last few weeks but there are more Reminiscences in the pipeline plus what we hope will be the beginning of Ron Wallwork’s Recollections. Watch this space.

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